The Ultimate Guide to Medicine Pocket in Reverse: 1999

The Ultimate Guide to Medicine Pocket in Reverse: 1999
Last updated:
March 6, 2024
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Reverse 1999 introduces a plethora of characters, each with unique abilities and roles, but she stands out as one of the best healers in the game: Medicine Pocket.

Not only does she excel in healing, but her capacity for dealing a notable amount of damage sets her apart.

This article explores Medicine Pocket's skills, insights, and the best Psychubes to enhance her abilities, solidifying her position as a top-tier healer.

Complete Medicine Pocket Guide: Best Build and Team Synergies

Medicine Pocket's Abilities

in game medicine pocket ultimate details in reverse 1999

Ultimate: 26 Secondary Reactions

This powerful single-target attack deals a whopping 450% Mental Damage and inflicts [Daze] on the target for 1 round, while also granting Medicine Pocket an additional Moxie point.

The ability to daze an opponent, rendering them unable to act, is invaluable, allowing for strategic manipulation of the battlefield.

The bonus Moxie point further enhances her utility by speeding up the accumulation of Moxie, thus enabling faster execution of her ultimate skill.

First Skill: Inherent Habit

At its base level, this skill delivers 150% Mental Damage to a single target, increasing their damage taken by 20% for a round.

This setup skill is crucial for coordinating attacks, especially when followed by heavy hitters.

Progressing through its stages, the damage escalates to 250% and then 450% Mental Damage while maintaining the damage taken increase at 20%.

By weakening an enemy's defenses, she sets the stage for devastating follow-up attacks from allies.

Second Skill: Alchemy Ware

Starting with healing based on 80% of her attack and providing a [Sturdiness] stack, this skill epitomizes her role as a healer.

As the skill levels up, the healing potency increases to 120% and then an impressive 200% of her attack, underlining her effectiveness in sustaining her team.

Each [Sturdiness] stack reduces damage taken by 25% for all allies, a defensive boost that can turn the tide in tough encounters.

This buff not only heals but fortifies her team against incoming attacks, demonstrating her dual role in offense and defense.

Insights Details

in game medicine pocket insight details in reverse 1999

Insight I: Ultimate Restoration

After casting her ultimate, Medicine Pocket restores HP to all allies.

This effect synergizes with her ability to generate extra Moxie, allowing her to cycle through her ultimate more frequently.

This Insight solidifies Medicine Pocket's role as a crucial healer, ensuring her team remains in fighting shape after crucial ultimate exchanges.

It encourages strategic use of her ultimate, not just for the damage and daze effect but also for its healing potential, making her a versatile asset in prolonged engagements.

Insight II: Enhanced Damage

Grants an 8% damage increase when Medicine Pocket enters the battle.

While Medicine Pocket is primarily known for her healing capabilities, this Insight boosts her offensive output, making her a dual threat on the battlefield.

Insight III: Emergency Healing Boost

If Medicine Pocket's HP falls below 50%, her healing done is increased by 10%.

This Insight acts as a safety net, enhancing Medicine Pocket's healing output in critical moments when she is most vulnerable.

It ensures that even when under threat, she can provide significant healing to keep her team in the fight.

This makes her especially valuable in battles where sustained damage can put constant pressure on your team.

Recommended Psychubes

in game medicine pocket psychube details in reverse 1999

That Inquisitive Dear

Increases healing efficiency by 12% and, upon casting a basic debuff incantation, heals the ally with the lowest HP based on 24% of Medicine Pocket's attack.

This Psychube is designed for Medicine Pocket, enhancing her core as a healer by significantly boosting her healing output.

The additional healing effect triggered by debuff incantations aligns perfectly with her ability to deal damage and debuff enemies, ensuring that her offensive actions also contribute to team sustainability.

It's particularly effective in teams where Medicine Pocket is the primary source of healing, ensuring that even her offensive skills have a healing benefit.

Resonance Build

Medicine Pocket's resonate build should be focused on ATK, as her healing abilities scale off this stats.

Here's how your resonate build should look like at level 10 for maximum efficiency:

Medicine Pocket Attack Resonance Build Level 10 Reverse 1999

Team Synergy

in game medicine pocket team setup in reverse 1999

Teams Focused on Sustained Battles

For teams aiming to deal significant damage in short periods while maintaining sustainability and long fights, Medicine Pocket's healing and utility shine brightest. She fits basically into any team as the primary source of healing and extra debuffs.

Your team should look like this:

  • Medicine Pocket as main healer.
  • Primary DPS: Choose a character that deals consistent damage over time like Kaalaa Baunaa or Melania. Medicine Pocket's healing ensures the DPS can withstand long fights.
  • Buffer/Debuffer/Control: Include a character that can boost the team's damage or apply extra debuffs to increase your overall damage output, like Pickles or Shamane.
  • Flex Slot: Depending on the encounter, this slot can be adapted to include another DPS, a secondary healer for redundancy, or a character with specific abilities needed for certain challenges.

Portray Overview

in game medicine pocket portray info in reverse 1999

Portrait 1

Bell of the Forest's healing effect is upgraded to HP + (Medicine Pocket's ATK x120%).

This upgrade significantly boosts Medicine Pocket's ultimate healing output, making her heal even more strong.

The increase in healing based on her attack stat means that building Medicine Pocket with a focus on ATK not only enhances her damage capabilities but also her healing efficiency, offering a dual benefit that can be crucial in tight situations.

Portrait 2

Alchemy Ware's healing effect is enhanced to provide HP + (ATK x90/135/220%) for all allies, scaling with the skill's star level.

The substantial increase in healing percentage makes Medicine Pocket's AoE heal one of the strongest in the game, ensuring her team can recover more health from her healing skills.

Portrait 3

Inherent Habit's damage output is increased to 170/280/500% Mental DMG, depending on the skill's star level.

This enhancement solidifies Medicine Pocket's role as a significant DPS threat in addition to her healing duties.

Portrait 4

26 Secondary Reactions ultimate now deals 500% Mental DMG.

This Portray transforms Medicine Pocket's ultimate into a devastating attack, capable of inflicting severe damage on top of its daze effect.

Portrait 5

Inherent Habit now increases DMG Taken by the target by 30%.

The increase in DMG Taken debuff enhances Medicine Pocket's utility, making enemies even more vulnerable to attacks from her and her teammates.

This upgrade is particularly valuable in teams focused on high burst damage, as it ensures that targets remain susceptible to follow-up attacks, potentially leading to quicker eliminations.

Final Thoughts on Medicine Pocket

Medicine Pocket's unique blend of healing, damage, and utility cements her status as one of the most valuable characters in Reverse 1999.

Whether through her potent healing abilities, her strategic debuffs, or her damage output, Medicine Pocket proves to be a game-changer in any team composition.

Her versatility and efficiency make her a must-have if you're looking to complete Limbo and UTTU challenges in Reverse 1999.