The Ultimate Guide to Psychubes: Stats and Farming Tips

The Ultimate Guide to Psychubes: Stats and Farming Tips
Last updated:
November 20, 2023
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Welcome to the definitive guide on Psychubes in Reverse: 1999.

This article aims to give you a comprehensive understanding of what Psychubes are, how to unlock them, and which ones are best suited for various roles and characters.

Let's get into it!

The Ultimate Guide to Psychubes in Reverse 1999: Stats, Unlocks, and Farming Tips

What Are Psychubes?

Psychubes serve as unique pieces of equipment that can be attached to a character.

They provide both stats and special effects, enhancing your character's abilities and overall performance.

Unlike other games where gear farming can be stressful, Psychubes offer a straightforward approach to powering up.

How to Unlock Psychubes

Psychubes become available at stage 2-10 in the main storyline.

Once you've reached this stage, you can unlock the capability to equip and farm Psychubes.

Farming Psychubes: A Daily Routine

Within the main story panel, you'll find a specific stage designated for Psychube farming called Pneuma Analysis.

You get two free runs daily, so don't miss out.

Farming this stage daily is highly recommended, not just for the Psychubes but also for experience and orbs which are critical for leveling and purchasing more Psychubes.

Orbs earned from the Psychube farming stage can also be used in the Psychube shop to purchase five-star and six-star Psychubes.

Psychube Stats and How to Upgrade Them

Main Stats and Effects

  • Attack
  • HP
  • Reality Defense
  • Mental Defense
  • Extra Stat: Crit Rate, Incantation Might, Ultimate Might, DMG Bonus, etc...
  • Amplification: Special Effect that can be raised up to Level 5

How to Upgrade Psychubes

  1. Leveling: Use "light bulbs" to increase their level up to 60.
  2. Ascending: Max out the level, then use special items to ascend.
  3. Amplifying: Use unique materials to boost the Psychube's special effect. This only works for 5-star and 6-star Psychubes.

Tip: Be resource-smart. Don't upgrade everything; focus on what you truly need.

The Different Types of Psychubes

4-Star Psychubes: The Starting Lineup

Key Types
  • Crit Boosters: Useful for characters like Regulus and Lilya who rely on critical hits.
  • Heal Enhancers: Important for support characters to amplify their healing abilities.
  • Damage Reducers: Helpful for survival, especially for characters like Eternity and Centurion.

Tips for 4-Star Psychubes
  1. Transitional: Use these as placeholders until you acquire higher-tier Psychubes.
  2. Don't Overinvest: Level them up but don't waste too many resources as they don't have access to Amplification passives.

5-Star Psychubes: The Middle Ground

  1. An Afternoon Nap: Boosts crit rate by up to 13% and stacks crit damage. Ideal for Lilya and Regulus.
  2. A Free Heart: Enhances HP and offers damage reduction when HP is below 50%. Perfect for tanks.
  3. Decode: Increases healing done by up to 15%. Also offers damage reduction against ultimates, making it excellent for healers.

5-Star Strategies
  1. Specialization: These are great for targeted character builds.
  2. Resource Allocation: Worth investing in if they align with your primary characters.

6-Star Psychubes: The Endgame

Hopscotch 6-Star Psychube Reverse: 1999

  1. Thunderous Applause: Offers up to 16% crit rate and gets extra crit damage on single-target when scoring a critical hit.
  2. Blasphemer of Night: Provides up to 18% incantation might and extra damage for targets with negative statuses.
  3. Brave New World: Boosts ultimate might by up to 18% and provides up to a whopping 40% incantation might after using an ultimate.

Tips for 6-Star Psychubes
  1. Long-Term Investment: These require substantial resources but offer the best stats and effects.
  2. Build Synergy: Match these with your primary characters for maximized effectiveness.

Final Thoughts

Psychubes are more than just stat-boosters; they're game-changers that can define your character's role and effectiveness.

Be strategic in your choices, and you'll see a huge difference in your gameplay.

So go ahead, farm those Psychubes and improve your Reverse: 1999 experience.