The Ultimate Guide to Character Progression in Reverse: 1999

The Ultimate Guide to Character Progression in Reverse: 1999
Last updated:
February 13, 2024
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Maximizing your characters in Reverse: 1999 is based on understanding its unique progression systems.

Here's an in-depth analysis to guide your journey.

The Ultimate Guide to Character Progression in Reverse: 1999

Regulus Insight 3 Reverse 1999

Understanding the Core Upgrade Systems

Reverse: 1999 offers three primary character enhancement systems:

  1. Level Up and Breakthrough Insight: Critical for basic character growth.
  2. Resonate: Enhances character abilities.
  3. Psychube Level Up and Amplification: Boosts character stats significantly.

Attack and Defense Mechanics

The game's damage formula is distinctive, with enemy defense directly subtracting from your attack.

This setup makes attack stats crucial, especially against high-defense enemies.

For example, increasing your attack from 1000 to 1100 against an enemy with 500 defense actually results in a 20% damage increase.

Deep Dive into Upgrade Systems: Inheritance Levels

The Significance of Insight III

Regulus Insight 3 Passive Details Reverse 1999

  1. Critical Tech Enhancement: Insight III significantly boosts a character's critical chance and damage.
  2. Passive Abilities: Unlocks new passive abilities that can drastically change a character's performance.
  3. Gameplay Impact: The enhancement of critical abilities and new passives can alter your strategies and effectiveness in battles.

Insight III Priority List

  1. Melania: Her Insight III doubles buff stacks from her ultimate, transforming her into a significantly more powerful unit.
  2. Lilya: Reaching close to 100% critical chance hinges on her Insight III, making it a pivotal upgrade.
  3. Sotheby: Insight III allows more frequent and effective healing, doubling healing output when needed.
  4. A Knight: Provides up to 40% penetration, translating to substantial attack boosts.
  5. Regulus: Her Insight III grants free moxie with passive procs, enhancing her DPS capabilities.
  6. Charlie: Only active above 50% health, but it's a substantial boost if she's your main DPS.
  7. Eternity: Important for solo play, enhancing survivability and damage.
  8. Voyager: Useful for sealing enemy ultimates, but requires strategic planning.
  9. An-an Lee: Boosts damage but needs timing with Exorcism Time buff.
  10. Druvis III: Increases survivability for plant units, ideal for specific mono-plant team compositions.

Insights Beyond III

  • Further Leveling: Post-Insight III, leveling provides diminishing returns. The recommendation is to target level 30 for a balanced return on investment.
  • Stat Growth Curve: Each level up grants a percentage of a character's maximum stats, but the increases drop significantly at Insight III.
  • Stamina-to-Stats Efficiency: Insight III is efficient up to level 30. Beyond this, the cost-to-benefit ratio decreases.

Strategic Considerations

  • Balanced Progression: Prioritize upgrading characters that significantly contribute to your team's functionality. DPS characters typically come first, followed by supports and utility characters.
  • Long-term Planning: While Insight III upgrades are crucial, consider the broader context of your team composition and game stage.

Resonate Breakdown and Optimization

Regulus Resonate Level 9 Reverse 1999

Resonance is a pivotal system for character enhancement in Reverse: 1999.

Understanding its intricacies is essential for optimizing your team's performance.

Let's dive into the mechanics of Resonate, best leveling practices, and strategies beyond level 10.

Understanding Resonate

Resonate Types: Resonate is divided into four sets based on the main piece:

  1. Cross Set: Focuses on critical chance and damage.
  2. T Set: Geared towards higher damage bonuses.
  3. Z Set: Balanced, often used for healers and supports.
  4. U Set: Defensively oriented, suitable for tanky characters.

Stat Boosts: The largest piece in a board contributes significantly to stats. These boosts are calculated using a character’s base stats at Insight 3, level 60.

Best Practices for Leveling Resonate Level

Resonate Level 10 Upgrade Reverse 1999

  1. Initial Steps: Start by getting everyone up to Resonate level 5. This provides a solid stat foundation.
  2. Prioritizing DPS: Next, push your DPS characters to Resonate level 9 or 10. The casket availability can influence this decision.
  3. Support Characters: Finally, bring your support characters to Resonate level 9.
  4. Balanced Upgrading: The goal is to have all frequently used characters at Resonate level 10 for optimal defense stats.

Advancing Resonate Beyond Level 10

Resource Allocation: Post level 10 upgrades are resource-intensive. Prioritize characters who will benefit most from additional stats.

Incremental Upgrades: Smaller pieces receive upgrades between levels 11 to 13, while the main piece gets boosted at levels 11, 13, 14, and 15.

Selective Advancement:

  1. T Set: Stop at Resonate 13 for a critical damage bonus.
  2. Cross Set: Consider advancing to level 15 for maximum stat boosts, or stopping at level 11 if not enough materials.
  3. Z Set: No significant boost spike; stop at your preferred level.
  4. U Set: Recommended to not go beyond level 10 unless needed for defensive strategies.

General Resonance Guidelines

  • Cost-Benefit Analysis: Weigh the resource cost against the potential benefits of advancing beyond level 10.
  • Team Synergy: Ensure your Resonate upgrades complement your team composition and strategy.
  • Focused Upgrades: Avoid spreading resources too thin. It's better to have a few well-upgraded characters than many marginally upgraded ones.

Psychube Amplification

Psychube Amplification is a critical aspect of character progression in Reverse: 1999.

Proper amplification can significantly enhance a character's abilities and overall team performance.

Here's a detailed look at how to approach Psychube Amplification effectively.

Understanding Psychube Amplification

  1. Functionality: Psychubes provide unique boosts to characters, impacting their combat effectiveness.
  2. Amplification Limits: Players can only obtain a limited amount of amplification resources per month, making strategic selection essential.

Key Psychubes for Amplification

Brave New World Psychube Amplification Reverse 1999

  1. Brave New World & Luxurious Leisure: Ideal for characters whose damage relies heavily on their ultimate. However, Luxurious Leisure is more suited to single-target ultimates.
  2. Hopscotch: Generally beneficial for most DPS characters, but less effective in stages without mobs or for characters like Melania, whose damage depends on their ultimate.
  3. Blasphemous of Night: Highly effective if you can trigger its passive frequently (target has 2 or more Neg Status effects). Best suited for teams that can consistently proc it.
  4. Thunderous Applause: Specifically effective for Lilya. Amplify this Psychube if she is a key part of your team.
  5. His Bounden Duty: Great for early-game due to high attack value and damage bonus. However, its passive effect doesn't boost damage, making it a lower priority for amplification.

Amplification Strategy

  1. Focus on Versatility: Amplify Psychubes that are beneficial across multiple DPS characters.
  2. Resource Allocation: Given the scarcity of amplification resources, prioritize Psychubes that offer the most significant return on investment.
  3. Consider Team Composition: Amplify Psychubes that complement the strengths and compensate for the weaknesses of your team.

Practical Tips & Advanced Strategies for Efficient Progression

  1. Initial Focus: Aim for Insight 2, Level 50 for all characters.
  2. Resonance vs. Insight: Prioritize Resonate upgrades to Level 10 before pushing for Insight 3.
  3. Balancing Teams: Upgrade DPS characters first, followed by supports.
  4. Leveling Beyond Insight 3: Target Level 30 for the best return on investment.
  5. Beyond Resonate Level 10: Consider advancing beyond this level only when you have a well-rounded team.
  6. Psychube Amplification: Opt for Psychubes that benefit multiple DPS characters.

Final Thoughts About Character Progression

This comprehensive guide to character progression in Reverse: 1999 offers a roadmap to efficiently use your resources.

By understanding the nuances of each system - from Insight upgrades to Resonate levels and Psychube amplification - you can build a solid team capable of tackling the game's challenges.

Remember, strategic planning is key to maximizing your characters' potential without wasting precious resources.