Comprehensive Guide to Tooth Fairy in Reverse 1999

Comprehensive Guide to Tooth Fairy in Reverse 1999
Last updated:
February 13, 2024
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Tooth Fairy, a highly anticipated character in Reverse: 1999 (at least for my Regulus team), is set to make her debut in the game's 1.2 phase one.

Renowned for her role as a star mental healer, she's a character that's been eagerly awaited by most players.

Let's dive into the intricacies of her kit, recommended psychubes, and how to effectively build teams around her.

Comprehensive Guide to Tooth Fairy in Reverse 1999

Tooth Fairy Character Details Reverse 1999

Ultimate Ability: Song for the Bad Tooth

  • Description: Deals 500% mental damage to the target with a 30% increased critical hit rate.
  • Purification Feature: Purifies all allies of negative statuses if a critical hit is scored.
  • Note: Although reliant on RNG for critical hits, various strategies and psychubes can enhance critical chances.

Skills and Abilities

  • Empty Gums (Debuff): Inflicts 450% mental damage and adds a confusion stack to the target.
  • Lullaby (Healing Card): Heals all allies based on 200% of Tooth Fairy’s attack, with a 30% critical rate for potential higher healing.

Insights and her Debuff Baby Tooth

  • Insight 1 (Baby Tooth Collector): Enhances critical capabilities, reducing enemy critical defense and critical resist rate by 15%. Gains 3 Baby Teeth stacks when entering battle and 1 every time an ally uses skills. When reaching 5 stacks, they are consumed at the start of the round to trigger the debuff.
  • Insight 2: Increases healing effectiveness by 10%, making her healing more potent.
  • Insight 3: Gains 2 extra Baby Teeth when entering battle. When triggering the Insight 1 effect, all allies are healed 10% of their missing HP.

Tooth Fairy Full Kit Reverse 1999

Portraits - Where to Stop?

At Portrait 2, Tooth Fairy's critical resist and reduction effects last an extra turn, enhancing the loop of her Baby Tooth passive.

This leads to a continuous application of critical debuffs on enemies, amplifying her and her team's performance.

If you want to go all-in, her P5 amplifies the debuff, reducing enemy critical resist and defense by 25%, enhancing the team's damage output.

Recommended Psychubes

Tooth Fairy Best Psychube Beyond Wonderland Reverse 1999

Beyond Wonderland

  • A critical choice for Tooth Fairy, this psychube increases her healing rate and critical chance, aligning perfectly with her kit.
  • Enhances her ability to land critical hits with her ultimate, ensuring the purification effect is more consistent.
  • It also boost Max HP by up to 16%.

Inquisitive Deer

  • Boosts healing done by up to 18%.
  • Triggers additional healing on the lowest HP ally when casting a basic incantation debuff.
  • Offers an alternative route for healing, beneficial in scenarios where immediate healing is crucial.

Thunderous Applause as an Option

Thunderous Applause could be a viable psychube option for Tooth Fairy, mainly for its substantial 14%-16% critical rate increase. This enhancement can help in achieving more consistent critical hits for both healing and ultimate abilities.

However, this comes at the cost of potentially reduced overall healing efficiency, as it shifts focus away from healing enhancement.

This psychube choice might be more suited for Tooth Fairy setups where she serves more as an off-healer or debuffer, rather than the primary healer.

Comparison to Other Characters

Medicine Pocket as a Comparison Point:

  • Tooth Fairy and Medicine Pocket differ in their healing and support styles.
  • While both have mass healing capabilities, Tooth Fairy edges out with her critical heal potential and higher healing rate.
  • Medicine Pocket offers damage mitigation and Moxie drain, useful for different scenarios.
  • Tooth Fairy is the superior choice for healing, while Medicine Pocket excels in support.

Resonance Builds for Tooth Fairy

For resonance builds, the focus should predominantly be on critical rate enhancements to ensure the effectiveness of her healing and ultimate abilities.

Some considerations include:

  • High critical rate to ensure reliable healing and purification.
  • In cases where her critical rate is sufficiently high, shifting some focus to attack for enhanced healing might be beneficial.
  • The critical rate is crucial for both her healing capabilities and her ultimate’s purification ability.

Attack Build (R10):

Attack Build Tooth Fairy Reverse 1999

Critical Hit Build (R10):

Critical Hit Build Tooth Fairy Reverse 1999

Ideal Partners

Tooth Fairy pairs excellently with characters who have a reasonable balance of critical chance and damage.

She is particularly effective with characters like Regulus, who benefit from her critical boost.

Top choices to pair with her are:

  • Regulus & Eagle: Benefits from Tooth Fairy's crit debuffs, making a perfect DPS combo. Crit Resist Rate debuff gives her crit rate that counts towards excess crit rate mechanics.
  • Voyager: Enhances the critical chance and provides sturdiness, synergizing well with Tooth Fairy’s debuffing and healing.
  • Lilya: Boosts her critical chances, which complements with Tooth Fairy’s crit debuffing skills.
  • Any other DPS (Centurion, A Knight, Melania, Eternity...): Tooth Fairy’s ability to ensure reliable critical hits makes her valuable in most team setups.

Tooth Fairy's Big Problem

Tooth Fairy, while a potent healer and debuffer, faces a significant issue regarding her survivability.

She's notably fragile, comparable to other squishy characters like Charlie, with around 1,000 to 1,200 less HP than similar units.

This vulnerability needs careful team composition and strategy to ensure she remains effective and isn't easily targeted or taken down in battles.

Should You Pull for Tooth Fairy?

Tooth Fairy Banner The Fairies Shining At Night Reverse 1999

Tooth Fairy is a highly recommended character to pull for her outstanding healing abilities.

While one copy is enough for free-to-play players, competitive players or spenders should consider acquiring more duplicates for higher-end content.

Her utility in healing and debuffing makes her a valuable asset in various gameplay scenarios, including Limbo and future events.

In conclusion, Tooth Fairy in Reverse 1999 stands out as a highly effective and versatile healer.

Her critical-dependent skills, coupled with her ability to debuff enemies and her dispelling ultimate, make her a unique and valuable addition to any team.

Her synergy with characters who enhance critical chances or benefit from her debuffs further elevates her utility.

Given her capabilities, pulling Tooth Fairy is highly advisable for players looking to strengthen their lineup, particularly in healing and support roles.