A Complete Guide to A Knight: Builds, Teams, and Psychubes

A Complete Guide to A Knight: Builds, Teams, and Psychubes
Last updated:
February 13, 2024
Reverse 1999 Ad LDPlayer - GachaGuru

Welcome to the ultimate guide for A Knight, a 6-star character featured in one of the game's release banner.

He's known for being the only Spirit unit on release and his high damage output.

Let's dive into what makes this unit so unique, and how you can optimize your gameplay with him.

A Complete Guide to Mastering A Knight: Best Builds, Teams, and Psychubes

A Knight Character Summary Reverse: 1999

Elemental Advantages and Disadvantages

Spirit is one of the game's unique elements, with its pros and cons.

In the game, elements follow a cycle: Mineral > Beast > Plant > Star > Mineral. It's crucial to be aware of these relationships to switch units in and out according to the enemy's element.

Spirit counters Intelligence but is also weak against it.

While A Knight doesn't always face Intelligence units, knowing elemental matchups is vital for team composition.

A Knight’s Skill Set

The Unique Buff: Rousing Morale

A Knight offers a +50% damage buff to all allies through his ultimate skill, which is massive. It triggers when an enemy is defeated by this ability.

The ultimate also deals 400% Reality Damage to all enemies, making him a strong DPS unit.

A Knight Ultimate Details After AD 778 Reverse: 1999

Card Skills: Justice and Glory

His cards, Justice and Glory, offer Moxie bonuses when defeating enemies.

Leveling these cards up through fusion enhances the Moxie gain, allowing for quicker ultimate activations.

Basically, he's built to spam his ultimate.

Insights and Ascension

A Knight gains various buffs through his three Insights, unlocked through character ascension.

The first Insight makes A Knight hit harder the lower the enemy's HP, while his third Insight boosts his penetration rate the lower the enemy's HP.

Also, his second Insight gives him a permanent damage reduction from battle start.

A Knight's Build: Psychube Choices & Resonance Stats

Best A Knight Psychube Reverse: 1999

Here are the best Psychubes you can equip on A Knight:

Top-Tier 6-Star Psychubes

  • What it does: Increases Ultimate Might by 4%, stacking up to 4 times (16% at Amplification level 1). Boosts card damage too.
  • Why it's great: Since A Knight's ultimate is key to his kit, boosting its damage is a no-brainer. The more enemies you defeat, the stronger your next skills/ultimate becomes.
  • Strategy: Focus on generating Moxie as quickly as possible to spam your ultimate. Pair with a buffer to maximize damage.

Brave New World
  • What it does: After using an ultimate, increases Incantation Might (essentially, card damage) by 20%-40% depending on Amplification level. Boosts ultimate damage too.
  • Why it's great: If you're looking for balance between your ultimate and regular card skills, this is it. It makes your Justice and Glory cards hit harder.
  • Strategy: Use this when you want balanced damage between your ultimate and your regular cards. Still focus on Moxy but know that your cards will hit harder post-ultimate.

Solid 5-Star Choices

The Footloose
  • What it does: Increases damage against enemies with more than 40% HP. Boosts ultimate damage too.
  • Why it's great: Think of this as a budget version of Brave New World. If you don't have the 6-star option, this psychube is a solid alternative.

Her Bright Future
  • What it does: Boosts damage if A Knight is buffed when using his ultimate.
  • Why it's great: If you have buffers in your team, this psychube is great for amplifying A Knight's damage.

Resonance Stat Focus

A Knight Resonance Builds Level 10 Reverse 1999

Attack (Left Image): Your primary focus should be on maximizing A Knight's attack stats.

Crit Rate (Right Image): While not a crit-focused unit, boosting this can give you some surprising burst damage, especially if running with an ally who lowers enemy crit resistance.

Team Building Strategies: Flexibility is Key

A Knight as a Flex Unit

A Knight is incredibly flexible, fitting into various team compositions.

The primary focus should be buffing his damage output and having a healer for support.

Best Teammates

Pickles: The Versatile Flex Support
  • What She Does: Boosts damage dealt, dispels enemy buffs and deals a good amount of damage.
  • Why They're Great: A Knight lives and dies by his damage output. Pickles makes sure enemies are not buffed while greatly buffing A Knight.

Sonetto/An-an Lee: The Buffers
  • What They Do: Boosts damage dealt and reduces damage taken for all allies.
  • Why They're Great: A Knight lives and dies by his damage output. Sonetto and An An Lee ensure he takes less damage while buffing his key stat mechanic: damage output.

Bkornblume: Reality-Specific Debuffer
  • What She Does: Increases reality damage taken by enemies.
  • Why She's Great: Bkornblume amplifies A Knight's reality damage, making him even more deadly.

Tooth Fairy/Medicine Pocket/Sotheby/Balloon Party: Best Healers
  • What They Do: Heals and provide some utility.
  • Why They're Great: All of these are decent healing options to keep A Knight up and running, but specially Tooth Fairy to help him land more crits.

Voyager: The Versatile sub-DPS
  • What She Does: High single-target damage and some AOE damage too.
  • Why She's Great: Serves as an excellent secondary DPS and counter support, ensuring that A Knight's ultimate can finish off weakened enemies for the damage buff.

Ms. New Babel: The Shielder
  • What She Does: Offers some shielding and damage.
  • Why She's Great: She isn't the best at either role but can fill in the gaps if you're lacking a specialized unit.

Example A Knight Team Compositions

Pure Damage Team: A Knight, Sotheby, An-an Lee. The goal is to maximize damage output and sustainability.

Double DPS Team: A Knight, Medicine Pocket, Voyager. High versatility against enemies with mixed defenses.

Budget Team: A Knight, Dikke, Sonetto. A balanced approach for those with limited options.

Self-Destruction Team: A Knight, Door, Necrologist. A niche team focused on sacrificing and reviving Door to get A Knight's ultimate faster.

Conclusion: The Moxie-Generator DPS Powerhouse

A Knight is an exceptional unit, offering unique team buffs and strong DPS capabilities.

His unique Moxie mechanic allows him to spam ultimates, creating a powerful damage loop.

While his Spirit element might not always give him a 30% damage advantage, it doesn't make him less valuable as your main DPS unit.