Comprehensive Guide to Mastering Charlie in Reverse: 1999

Comprehensive Guide to Mastering Charlie in Reverse: 1999
Last updated:
February 13, 2024
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Charlie, a five-star character, stands out not just for her adorable appearance but also for her electrifying power as a Mental damage dealer.

This guide dives into why Charlie is a top-tier DPS, even rivaling 6-star units, and offers tips on maximizing her potential.

Comprehensive Guide to Mastering Charlie: Best Builds and Team Compositions

Charlie's Electrifying Kit

in game charlie skill ultimate details in reverse 1999

Ultimate: I Stand Alone on the Stage

Charlie's Ultimate is a mass attack that not only deals significant mental damage but also has the unique utility of dispelling all positive status effects from them.

This dual-functionality makes Charlie invaluable in battles, allowing her to weaken the enemy's defenses while simultaneously dealing heavy damage.

Timing this Ultimate is key. Use it to counter enemies who rely heavily on buffs to strengthen their defenses or boost their attack power.

It’s particularly effective in boss fights or against groups that stack positive buffs.

Skill 1: Thunder to Thee!

Thunder to Thee targets a single enemy, delivering a potent blast of mental damage.

The skill becomes even more lethal if Charlie is under the influence of any positive status, boosting the damage further.

To optimize this skill fully, ensure Charlie is frequently buffed by her teammates.

Skill 2: Tempest to Thee!

Similar to her first skill, Tempest to Thee is another single-target attack that shines under specific conditions—when Charlie's HP falls below 50%, the damage inflicted is significantly increased.

This skill encourages a playstyle that balances risk and reward. Keeping Charlie's HP just below the threshold can unleash her full DPS potential, but it requires careful management to avoid losing her prematurely in battle.

Insights Overview

in game charlie insight details in reverse 1999

Insight I: Enhanced Survivability Below 50% HP

When Charlie's HP is below 50% at the start of a round, she receives a 20% reduction in damage taken and a 20% increase in Critical Defense for one round.

This Insight significantly enhances Charlie's survivability when she's at lower health, allowing her to stay in the fight longer and continue dealing damage.

It synergizes well with her Skill 2, Tempest to Thee, which deals increased damage when her HP is below 50%.

Insight II: Attack Boost Upon Entering Battle

Charlie gains a 5% increase in Attack when she enters battle.

This straightforward boost to her Attack stat enhances her overall damage output from the get-go.

Insight III: Damage Increase Above 50% HP

At the start of a round, if Charlie's HP is above 50%, she deals an additional 20% damage for that round.

This Insight complements Charlie's offensive capabilities by providing a significant damage boost under safer health conditions.

It encourages a balanced approach to health management, rewarding you for keeping Charlie's HP in the upper range without needing to hover around the lower threshold to activate her Skill 2's bonus damage.

Recommended Psychubes

in game charlie psycubes details in reverse 1999


Increases incantation damage by 12% and ultimate damage for each enemy defeated by Charlie, stacking up to 4 times.

This stacking mechanic is particularly powerful during wave battles, enabling Charlie to incrementally increase her damage output as she clears enemies.

Brave New World

Provides a flat increase to ultimate damage (ultimate might) and further boosts the damage of the next incantation following an ultimate cast.

This synergizes well with characters who rely heavily on their ultimate for damage output.

Brave New World is design-made for characters like Charlie, whose ultimate not only dispels buffs but also deals significant AOE mental damage.

The additional damage to the next incantation after using an ultimate ensures that Charlie's follow-up attacks hit even harder, making her an ongoing threat in combat.

Resonance Build

Charlie's resonance build should be mainly focused on ATK and DMG bonuses to improve her DPS capabilities. Crit stats are not an optimal choice for her resonance build.

Two optimal builds at resonance level 10 are:

Charlie Attack Focused Resonance Level 10 Build Reverse 1999
Less Optimal
Charlie Optimal Attack Focused Resonance Level 10 Build Reverse 1999
Most Optimal

Crafting the Perfect Team

in game charlie team setup in reverse 1999

Debuffer: Enhancing Charlie's Damage Output

Setup: Baby Blue or Twins Sleep

These characters specialize in reducing the enemies' mental defense, making them more vulnerable to Charlie's mental DPS attacks.

Baby Blue, being a five-star debuffer, can significantly lower mental resistance, boosting Charlie's damage.

Twins Sleep offers a more accessible alternative, with skills that similarly debuff mental defense, ensuring that Charlie’s attacks hit even harder.

Support: Providing Buffs

Setup: Sonetto (Early Game), Pickles, An-an Lee

Early in the game, Sonetto can provide valuable damage buffs, making her a good pairing with Charlie.

If you have Pickles or An-an Lee, their buffs and sub-DPS capabilities make them outstanding units for a Charlie team.

Healer or Additional DPS: Flex Slot for Team Balance

Setup: Depending on the scenario, this slot can vary between a dedicated healer for sustain like Medicine Pocket/Dikke, or another DPS for increased damage output.

A character that provides healing ensures Charlie stays in the fight longer, especially important given her skill that increases damage output when her HP is below a certain threshold.

Another DPS character can help in clearing mobs faster or focusing down high-priority targets, reducing the pressure on Charlie and ensuring a balanced approach to combat.

Portray Enhancements

in game charlie portrait information in reverse 1999

Portrait 1: Amplified Ultimate Damage

Charlie's ultimate now deals 350% Mental DMG, up from its original damage, marking a decent increase in her AOE damage capability.

Portrait 2: Enhanced Single Target Damage

Thunder to Thee! now additionally deals up to 150% Mental DMG at three stars, significantly increasing its single-target damage output.

Portrait 3: Lower HP Threshold for Increased Damage

Tempest to Thee! now triggers its additional damage when Charlie's HP is below 80%, making it easier to activate the skill's enhanced damage.

This lower threshold for HP means Charlie can deal increased damage more reliably without having to manage her health as precariously close to the danger zone.

Portrait 4 & Level 5: Ultimate Damage Enhancements

The damage for her ultimate is further increased to 425% at P4 and then to 500% at P5.

These enhancements solidify Charlie's role as a primary source of AOE mental damage.

Final Thoughts on Charlie

Charlie's role as a mental DPS in Reverse: 1999 transcends her five-star rating, offering a top-tier damage output.

By understanding her skill set, optimizing Psychube selections, and building teams that complement her abilities, you can unlock Charlie's full potential, making her a cornerstone of any effective team composition.