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March 8, 2024
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Kanjira, a five-star sub-DPS character in Reverse: 1999, stands out for her ability to debuff enemies and apply poison.

A key member of the poison meta team, she synergizes exceptionally well with the six-star character, Jessica.

This guide dives into Kanjira's skills, optimal teammates, and recommended Psychubes, providing a detailed look at how to maximize her potential in the game.

Kanjira Guide: Best Build and Team Composition

Kanjira's Skill Set

in game kanjira ultimate details in reverse 1999

Song of Wandering (Ultimate Ability)

This attack hits all enemies with a significant 300% mental damage, which deals extra damage with its +10% ultimate might.

When Kanjira is in the Agate Fortune status, this skill receives an additional 15% boost in the ultimate modifier.

Hey, Punji! (First Skill)

Delivers a powerful single-target attack with a maximum potential of 450% mental damage.

Inflicts a poison status on the target for two rounds.

The poison inflicts a standard damage of 30% of Genesis damage at the end of each round.

If Kanjira is in Emerald Fortune status, this skill adds an additional stack of poison, effectively doubling the poison effect on the target.

Oh, Divination! (Second Skill)

Capable of dealing up to 500% mental damage to a single enemy.

Under the Pearl Fortune status, Kanjira adds a stack of confusion to the target.

This debuff is somewhat unconventional for Kanjira’s typical team compositions, as they generally don't prioritize critical resistance. However, it still provides an extra layer of damage potential.

Although the added critical resist debuff from confusion doesn't directly benefit Kanjira’s primary role as a sub-DPS, it can be situationally useful to increase damage, especially when focusing down a single enemy.

Inheritances and Fortunes

in game kanjira insights or inheritance details in reverse 1999

Insight 1

At the start of each round, Kanjira performs one of her divinations, cycling through a set sequence of fortunes: Emerald, Pearl, and Agate.

The sequence always follows the order of Emerald -> Pearl -> Agate.

This cycle is predictable and consistent, allowing players to plan their moves accordingly.

Understanding this cycle is essential, as each fortune activates specific bonuses for Kanjira's skills and ultimate, influencing her effectiveness in different combat scenarios.

Insight 2

Provides an 8% reduction in damage received.

This inheritance is particularly beneficial given Kanjira's five-star status, which may imply a slightly lower durability compared to some six-star characters.

Insight 3

When attacking a target with a negative status (like poison or confusion), Kanjira receives an additional 10% ultimate might boost.

This further increases her ultimate's damage output, making her an even more formidable sub-DPS character.

Psychube Recommendations

in game kanjira psychube details in reverse 1999

Optimal Psychube Choices

Blasphemer of Night

Increases the might of Kanjira’s incantations, amplifying her single-target damage potential.

Provides a significant damage increase when the target is under two or more negative statuses, which Kanjira can easily apply.

This Psychube complements Kanjira's role in poison-based team compositions, maximizing her debuffing and damage-dealing capabilities.

Yearning Desire

Enhances damage when targeting enemies with negative statuses.

This Psychube aligns perfectly with Kanjira’s ability to inflict poison and confusion, allowing her to deal increased damage to debuffed enemies.

It’s a great choice for players looking for effective yet accessible psychube options.

Specialized Psychube Recommendations

Brave New World

Offers additional boosts to both ultimate and skill damage.

While not the primary recommendation, it’s a good fit for Kanjira, especially if she is used in a more damage-oriented role rather than just for her debuffing capabilities.


Though it provides benefits, Hopscotch is generally less impactful due to Kanjira’s focus on single-target attacks rather than mass enemy elimination.

Best Team Composition

in game kanjira team comp combat in reverse 1999

Key Teammates for Synergy with Kanjira


Primary DPS character, specializing in poison-based attacks.

Jessica's poison attacks harmonize with Kanjira’s debuffing skills, creating a powerful poison-focused team that can consistently apply and increases poison damage to enemies.

Supportive Healing Characters

Characters like Tooth Fairy, Medicine Pocket, Balloon Party or Dikke are effective healers to improve overall team sustainability without taking too many actions.

They ensure Kanjira has enough AP to use her skills effectively and keeping her health in optimal condition.

Optimal Team Composition for Kanjira

Jessica, Kanjira, and a support/healer like Medicine Pocket or Balloon Party.

Concentrate on rapidly stacking poison on a single target, leveraging both Jessica’s and Kanjira’s poison abilities.

Portray Efficiency

in game kanjira portrait info or details in reverse 1999

Key Portrait Levels

Portrait 1 (P1)

Improves Kanjira's ability to inflict poison, allowing for an extra stack of poison.

This is particularly valuable in poison-centric teams, where maximizing poison damage over time is crucial.

Portrait 2 (P2) and Beyond

Subsequent portrait levels further increase the damage output of her abilities.

These enhancements, while individually may seem minor, can increasingly make a significant difference in Kanjira's effectiveness in battle.

Final Thoughts: Should You Pull for Kanjira?

Kanjira's value depends on your team composition and goals.

She excels in poison stacking and synergizes well with certain characters, making her a considerable option if you're looking to improve your poison-focused teams.

While not indispensable due to other characters like Sotheby, Kanjira remains a strong choice for those seeking to try out poison comps in Reverse: 1999.