Your Ultimate Guide to Sotheby: Skills, Teams, and Psychubes

Your Ultimate Guide to Sotheby: Skills, Teams, and Psychubes
Last updated:
February 13, 2024
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As Reverse 1999 continues to gain traction, we'll be reviewing each top tier unit.

Sotheby is a plant healer specialized in Reality damage and her poison mechanics make her an interesting late game unit.

Let's dive into her skills, ideal team compositions, and the Psychubes that best complement her abilities.

Sotheby in Reverse 1999: Your Ultimate Guide to Her Skills, Best Teams, and Psychubes

Sotheby Character Details Reverse: 1999

Sotheby's Skill Set: A Deep Dive

Her Mechanics: Poison and Cure

What's the deal with Poison?

At the end of a round, enemies inflicted with Poison take Genesis Damage based on 30% of Sotheby's ATK.

And what's the deal with Cure?

When a round starts, allies with Cure status restore HP based on Sotheby's ATK and card level.

Also, Poison and Cure are stackable, which means that you can apply them via skills multiple times.

Ultimate Skill: Mix Them All Up!

Sotheby Ultimate Details Mix Them All Up! Reverse: 1999

  • Type: Mass Attack
  • Damage: 350% Reality Damage to all enemies
  • Status Trigger: Activates all existing Poison and Cure statuses on characters immediately

Use the ultimate when you have multiple poison statuses on enemies and cure statuses on allies. It maximizes the healing and damage output.

Timing is crucial; use it as a finishing move or as a pre-emptive strike before a major enemy attack.

Skill 1: Triple the Dose

  • Type: Debuff Mass Attack
  • Damage: Deals 80% to 200% Reality Damage depending on card level
  • Status Infliction: Inflicts Poison status for 2-5 rounds depending on card level

This skill allows you to apply poison to enemies, setting them up for increased damage from other characters or from Sotheby's ultimate.

The card level matters. Fusing two level one cards creates a level two card, increasing damage and effectiveness.

Skill 2: Concentrated Essence

  • Type: Mass Healing
  • Healing: Provides Cure status for two rounds to all allies
  • Immediate Trigger: At Insight level 3, this skill triggers existing Cure statuses immediately

This skill provides valuable healing over time (HoT). It becomes even more potent when you've reached higher insight levels.

Use this skill strategically to either set up future healing or trigger existing Cure statuses instantly (at i3).

Sotheby's Inheritance Levels

  • Insight Level 1: Adds one more round to Poison duration
  • Insight Level 2: Increases healing by 10%
  • Insight Level 3: Triggers existing Cure statuses immediately when using Concentrated Essence

Best Psychubes for Sotheby: Maximize Your Efficiency

Psychubes are the gear of your characters in Reverse 1999.

For a specific character like Sotheby, the right Psychube can make a world of difference.

Let's dive into the top choices.

That Inquisitive Dear

That Inquisitive Dear Psychube BiS for Sotheby Reverse 1999

  • Effect: When casting a basic incantation that inflicts Poison, it heals the ally with the lowest HP.
  • Healing: 25% to 48% of Sotheby's attack, depending on the level.

This is essentially Sotheby's custom Psychube.

You're essentially getting two benefits for the price of one action: Poison and healing.

Ideal for multi-tasking within a team, especially one that relies on poison for damage.

Laughter and Laughter

  • Effect: Increases healing when a round begins, stacking up to 4-8 times.
  • Bonus: At level one, gives a 12% healing bonus if max stacked.

If you find Sotheby's healing to be lacking, this is the Psychube for you.

It gradually increases your healing power, making Sotheby more effective as the battle drags on.

Her Second Life

  • Effect: After casting the mass ultimate, heals all allies.
  • Healing: 32% to 64% of Sotheby's attack, depending on the level.

This Psychube turns Sotheby's ultimate into a dual-purpose move: damage and healing.

Great for clutch moments when you need a burst of healing alongside damage.

Defensive Alternatives: Decode and A Free Heart

  • Decode: Reduces damage taken against ultimates by 10-20%.
  • A Free Heart: Reduces damage by 10-20% when HP is below 50%.

These are your go-to options if you find Sotheby is too fragile.

Useful in stages where you expect to take a lot of damage. But still, 6-star psychubes are better for her.

Sotheby's Best Teams: Unleash the Full Potential

Creating a synergistic team around Sotheby is critical for maximizing her effectiveness.

Here's a closer look at team compositions that let her shine.

The Poison Team: Sotheby + Jessica

Core Members
  • Sotheby: Healer & Poison applier
  • Jessica: Main DPS & Poison applier

Additional Members

Sotheby and Jessica together ensure constant poison stacks on enemies. Jessica will be available on patch 1.2.

Bkornblume or other support characters amplify the team's overall damage and utility.

This team maximizes damage through poison effects, a unique mechanic that bypasses resistances.

Balanced Teams: Sotheby + DPS + Support

Core Members

Versatile and adaptable to most situations.

Sotheby's poison provides additional utility, making your DPS even more effective.

Choose a support character that complements your DPS and Sotheby's healing.

Defensive Teams: Sotheby + Tanks/Counter-Attackers

Core Members
  • Sotheby: Healer
  • Any Tank: Characters with high defense or counter-attack mechanics
  • Any Support: Preferably one with defense or healing buffs

Ideal for high-difficulty stages where survival is key.

Sotheby’s healing and poison provide both sustain and consistent damage.

Special Mentions: Characters that Shine with Sotheby

  • Eagle: Performs better when enemies have negative status.
  • Sweetheart: Another character that benefits from enemies having negative statuses.

Banner Pulls: A Quick Overview

Sotheby Banner One Gram of Curiosity Reverse 1999

Sotheby's banner also features Charlie and X as pullable units.

While X offers utility, Charlie stands out as a powerful DPS unit, especially when her portrait 3 is unlocked.

This banner provides a well-rounded set of characters that can fill gaps in your team or offer specialized roles.

Evaluate your current roster, game goals, and resource availability before pulling. A well-timed pull here could significantly level up your game.

Conclusion: Unleashing Sotheby’s Full Potential

Whether you're new to Reverse 1999 or a seasoned player from the CN version, Sotheby offers a range of utility and flexibility.

Her capacity to deal damage while healing, boosted by appropriate Psychubes and inheritance levels, makes her a great asset in any team.

Don't underestimate this plant healer; she might just be the game-changer you need.