Ultimate Guide to Regulus: Builds, Teams, and Psychubes

Ultimate Guide to Regulus: Builds, Teams, and Psychubes
Last updated:
February 13, 2024
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Dive into the essentials of Regulus, one of the 3 Beginner banner characters from Reverse: 1999 you need to know about.

We'll cut through the complexity and give you straightforward tips on how to use her effectively, which teammates she works best with, and which Psychubes will boost her skills.

If you're looking to make Regulus a star on your team, this guide is your first step.

Let's dive in!

Your Comprehensive Guide to Mastering Regulus in Reverse: 1999

Regulus Character Details Reverse 1999

Understanding Regulus: Role and Abilities

Regulus is often mistaken for a primary DPS due to her skill set, but she excels as a support DPS.

Here's why:

  • Restless Heart Passive: Unlocked at Insight one, this passive boosts her Critical Rate by 50%, and any excess Critical Rate is converted into Critical Damage. This mechanic is pivotal as it funnels extra Crit Rate into Crit Damage.
  • Critical Rate Strategy: To maximize her potential, avoid using Regulus’s cards in a round to gain the Restless Heart passive for the next turn. This boosts her DPS significantly but at the cost of her not acting every turn, which can slow down battles.
  • Sleepless Rave: Her Ultimate inflicts Riot and Roll status, offering dodge capabilities to all allies for 1 turn and making her a valuable asset, especially when not used as the main DPS.

Team Building: The Mental Synergy

Regulus requires a team focused on Mental Damage, meaning some characters like Bkornblume won't synergize well due to their focus on debuffing Reality Defense.

Instead, go for allies like Baby Blue, who complements Regulus’s kit, or Matilda and Erick for their critical-focused abilities.

  • Baby Blue: Ideal for her debuffing abilities, enhancing Regulus’s damage output.
  • Erick vs. Matilda: Both can lower enemy Crit Resistance, helping Regulus’s Crit Rate. Choose based on who you have more copies of, as stats can make a difference.

Best Healers to Pair With

  • Tooth Fairy: The ideal partner for Regulus, boosts her critical hit capabilities and provides powerful heals.
  • Medicine Pocket: Offers healing and can increase sturdiness, providing durability for the team, which is beneficial in longer battles.
  • Dikke: The free mental healer that does its job if you lack Medicine Pocket.
  • La Source: A three-star mental healer, serves as a last resort if no other units are available for you.

Psychube Selection: Enhancing Regulus's Capabilities

Thunderous Applause BiS Physcube for Regulus Reverse 1999

  • Thunder Applause: A classic choice for boosting critical damage, and the best 6-star Psychube for Regulus.
  • Brave New World: Offers an Incantation Might bonus, beneficial since Regulus's ultimate isn't her primary damage source.
  • An Afternoon Up: Increases critical damage when the target crits, stacking up to 12%.
  • His Bounden Duty: Provides healing based on attack, helpful if you're struggling with survivability or using Regulus as a support unit.

Wrapping Up: Gameplay Tips for Regulus

  • Regulus operates best as a secondary DPS, providing AP efficiency but potentially slowing down fights.
  • Use her abilities wisely, understanding that her ultimate can offer tactical advantages with its dodge ability.
  • Focus on psychubes that enhance her critical capabilities to maximize her support DPS role.
  • Build your Regulus Resonance to increase her Crit Rate and Crit Damage even more.
  • Choose your healer and support DPS to complement Regulus's mental damage focus.

Final Thoughts: Is Regulus Worth?

Regulus’s role in Reverse: 1999 is hard to master, requiring a strategic approach to team building and ability usage.

As a support DPS with a critical rate focus, she can be a powerhouse when paired with the right team and psychubes.

Whether you're looking to optimize her for regular gameplay or seeking to use her kit in boss fights, understanding how to leverage her Restless Heart passive and critical conversion is key.