The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Eternity in Reverse: 1999

The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Eternity in Reverse: 1999
Last updated:
February 20, 2024
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Eternity is probably one of the best characters in the beginner's banner of Reverse: 1999.

She's a Damage Per Second (DPS) unit with a unique self-healing ability.

This comprehensive guide dives into her build, optimal teams, and Psychubes to maximize her potential.

The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Eternity in Reverse: 1999

Eternity Character Description Reverse 1999

Eternity's Role and Abilities

Eternity is a 6-star Mineral DPS character.

What sets her apart is her self-healing capability.

Key Skills and Ultimate

Odd Story in Exeter (Ultimate)

  • Damage: 300% reality damage to all enemies.
  • Leech Rate: Heals 50% of the damage dealt (known as Leech Rate).
  • Advanced Tip: The more damage you pack into this skill via buffs or high attack stats, the more you'll heal.

Purse of Vigor and Antique Fan (Skills)

  • Damage: A Single Target and an AOE skill respectively that reduce Eternity's HP to deal Reality damage
  • Debuff: Purse of Vigor also inflicts Nasty Wound to an enemy, which means their healing capabilities will be 50% weaker.

Blood of Longevity and Blood of Immortality (Passives)

When Eternity reaches Insight 3, her passive Blood of Longevity makes her a DPS monster:

  • Damage and Healing Boost: Each stack increases damage dealt and damage healed by 5%
  • Stacking Mechanic: Accumulates every turn, converting into Blood of Immortality at 5 stacks
  • Status Immunity: When Blood of Immortality is active damage dealt and healed increase by 25% and gains immunity to Stats Down (which cannot be dispelled)

Building the Perfect Team for Eternity

Team Options: Who Makes Eternity Shine?

Support Teammates

Pickles: AP generous, buffs the whole team and deals considerable damage.

Bkornblume: Best Reality Damage support, she applies potent debuffs that reduce enemy Reality defenses and increase damage taken.

Sonetto: She increases Eternity's damage output and aso reduces the damage Eternity takes.

An-an Lee: Excellent for boosting damage and enhancing incantations. She can even make Eternity's regular cards powerful.

Shielder Options

Bette: Provides a shield and enhances Eternity's cards. After using her ultimate, Bette gives +1 Moxie to the ally with the lowest Moxie, potentially Eternity.

Ms. NewBabel: Offers large shields. Particularly good if you're focusing solely on Eternity as she already has self-healing.

Healer Options

Medicine Pocket: A straightforward choice for tons of survivability.

Balloon Party: Provides a unique damage reduction balloon and adds an additional layer of utility.

The Right Psychubes for Eternity

Hopscotch Psychube Reverse 1999

Must-Have Psychubes

  • Hopscotch: Boosts your damage, making your leech more effective.
  • His Bounden Duty: Recovers HP upon defeating enemies, an excellent synergy with her leech ability.

Secondary Choices

  • Brave New World: Increases incantation power after using the ultimate but can be suboptimal depending on your build.
  • Yearning Desire: Good synergy with one of Eternity's skills, dealing more damage when an enemy has negative status effects.

More Psychube Options: Beyond the Basics

  • Her Second Life: Adds an additional layer of self-healing, making Eternity almost immortal when combined with her leech.
  • Laughter and Laughter: Extra healing done for Eternity's ability kit while providing damage reduction.

Resonance: Amplifying Her Powers

Resonance Stats Reverse 1999

Core Resonance Stats

Attack/Damage Resonance 10 Build Eternity Reverse 1999

  • Attack: This is a no-brainer. Eternity's leech ability scales directly with her damage. More attack equals more healing.
  • Reality Damage: Since her skills are based on reality damage, increasing this stat makes both her damage and healing more potent.

Optional Resonance Stats

Crit Hit Resonance 10 Build Eternity Reverse 1999

  • Critical Rate & Damage: If you're looking to maximize her damage output, adding some critical rate and damage can be a game-changer.
  • HP: Although not a primary focus, more HP ensures that she can withstand hits, especially since she loses 10% of her HP when attacking.

Final Thoughts: Should You Pull for Eternity?

Eternity shines in survivability and is a strong DPS unit.

If your roster lacks a self-sufficient DPS or you're building a specific team that could benefit from her skills, she's definitely worth pulling for.