Ultimate Guide to 5-Star Weapons: What to Pull For

Ultimate Guide to 5-Star Weapons: What to Pull For
Last updated:
March 22, 2024

Genshin Impact's array of 5-star weapons can significantly boost your gameplay, dramatically enhancing your favorite characters.

However, with so many options available, deciding which weapon to invest your precious Primogems in can be daunting.

This guide aims to simplify the 5-star weapons, providing insights into their rankings and uses to help you make informed decisions on what weapons should you pull for.

Ultimate Guide to 5-Star Weapons in Genshin Impact: What to Pull For?

The 5-Star Weapon Tier List

Understanding the tier list is crucial for making the best choices.

Here's a simplified overview:

S+ Tier (Game Changers): These weapons are the best in the game, offering unparalleled benefits that significantly outperform others.

S Tier (Very Strong): Slightly less impactful than S+ but still incredibly powerful, offering versatility and strength.

A Tier (Solid Choices): Great weapons that perform well in specific scenarios or with certain characters, though they may lack the versatility of higher tiers.

B Tier (Average): While not top-tier, these weapons are still useful and can enhance your gameplay if used correctly.

C Tier (Least Recommended): The lowest tier, often outclassed by other options, but can still be useful in niche situations.

When selecting a weapon, consider your character's needs and how a weapon's attributes—like ATK, crit rate, or elemental bonuses—complement their abilities.

Here are some standout weapons from each tier:

S+ Tier Highlights

in game mistsplitter reforged in genshin impact

Mistsplitter Reforged (Sword)

Mistsplitter Reforged is a top-tier sword for its unparalleled base attack, crit damage bonus, and elemental damage bonus passive.

This sword is universally powerful, serving as the best in slot for virtually any DPS sword user, including Ayaka and Keqing.

Its broad usage and significant damage enhancement capabilities makes it an S+ tier weapon for any sword-wielding character.

in game staff of the scarlet sands in genshin impact

Staff of the Scarlet Sands (Polearm)

The Staff of the Scarlet Sands is one of the top-tier spears in Genshin Impact.

Its blend of 44% crit rate and a solid base attack, augmented by bonuses to both attack and Elemental Mastery, makes it a powerhouse for a most polearm units.

From Hu Tao's fiery attacks to Xiangling's elemental versatility and Cyno's precision, this weapon enhances their capabilities, proving its worth across different combat styles.

in game staff of homa in genshin impact

Staff of Homa (Polearm)

Staff of Homa has an impressive base attack combined with a significant crit damage bonus, making it a top-tier choice for DPS characters.

Its unique ability to increase attack power based on the wielder's HP percentage, and even more so when HP falls below 50%, caters to characters like Hu Tao, whose abilities scale with HP.

Allows for more versatile artifact builds, focusing less on crit stats and more on HP, elemental damage, or energy recharge, depending on the character's needs.

in game elegy for the end in genshin impact

Elegy for the End (Bow)

Elegy for the End secures its rightful place in the S+ tier, distinguishing itself not only as a favorite among many but as a transformative bow within Genshin Impact.

Unlike weapons that prioritize raw damage through crit stats, Elegy for the End focuses on improving your teammates, making it a powerhouse of support.

Whether enhancing reaction teams or boosting the raw output of DPS characters, its influence is notable across various playstyles.

S Tier

in game haran geppaku futsu in genshin impact

Haran Geppaku Futsu (Sword)

Haran Geppaku Futsu stands out with its crit rate boost and elemental bonus damage to normal attacks.

This sword is particularly effective for characters like Ayato and Ayaka, enhancing their elemental-infused normal attacks.

While not universally the best in slot, its versatility and crit rate boost make it a top-tier choice for a wide range of characters, affirming its S-tier status.

in game light of foliar incision in genshin impact

Light of Foliar Incision (Sword)

Light of Foliar Incision, with its crit damage bonus and elemental mastery-related boosts to normal and charged attacks, is highly valued by characters like Alhaitham.

Its utility extends to Ayaka and Keqing, among others, making it a potent weapon for a variety of playstyles.

Its ability to enhance damage based on elemental mastery and versatility across characters solidifies its S-tier ranking.

in game primordial jade cutter in genshin impact

Primordial Jade Cutter (Sword)

Primordial Jade Cutter's high crit rate and health bonus make it an exceptional stat stick for DPS characters, offering a balance of offense and survivability.

While slightly edged out by Mistsplitter Reforged, its consistent performance and crit rate boost maintain its S-tier status as a versatile and powerful choice for sword units.

in game freedom sworn in genshin impact

Freedom-Sworn (Sword)

Freedom-Sworn shines for its Elemental Mastery boost and a unique passive that enhances team damage (normal and charged attacks) upon triggering elemental reactions.

While it doesn't offer energy recharge like Elegy for the End, its ability to amplify team-wide damage makes it invaluable in reaction-based teams.

Designed for Kazuha, it also finds utility with characters like Layla and Kuki Shinobu, enhancing its versatility.

Though slightly overshadowed by Elegy for the End in terms of utility, its team damage boosting capabilities secure its place in the S-tier.

in game engulfing lightning in genshin impact

Engulfing Lightning (Polearm)

Engulfing Lightning is the go-to weapon for characters heavily reliant on their Elemental Burst, thanks to its substantial energy recharge rate.

Provides an attack bonus based on the wielder's energy recharge rate over the base requirement, up to a certain limit, which can significantly boost overall damage output.

An ideal match for Raiden Shogun, enhancing her ability to regenerate energy for her team while also increasing her attack power.

Can also benefit polearm units who thrive on quick Elemental Burst cycling, offering them more frequent burst usage and higher sustained damage.

in game primordial jade winged-spear in genshin impact

Primordial Jade Winged-Spear (Polearm)

This weapon shines with its ability to significantly increase the wielder's crit rate, making it easier to build towards crit damage in artifacts.

Accumulates attack power as the user lands hits, rewarding aggressive playstyles and making it a powerhouse in long fights.

Excellently suited for a wide range of polearm DPS characters, from Xiao to Zhongli, who can benefit from the increased crit rate and stacking attack mechanic.

Best used in hands of characters who can consistently stay on the field and engage in combat, maximizing the stacking attack bonus for devastating effects.

in game verdict in genshin impact

Verdict (Claymore)

Verdict is distinguished by its universal appeal, particularly shining when wielded by Navia.

Its combination of Crit Rate and Elemental DMG boosts aligns seamlessly with Navia's kit, making it an essential weapon if you're looking to maximize her capabilities.

Beyond Navia, Verdict offers substantial benefits to a wide array of DPS characters, courtesy of its stat boosts that universally enhance damage output.

This versatility secures its place in the S-tier, reflecting its capacity to improve the performance of multiple characters across various team compositions.

in game aqua simulacra in genshin impact

Aqua Simulacra (Bow)

Aqua Simulacra secures its spot in the S-tier, distinguishing itself as a top-tier bow in Genshin Impact with its exceptional crit damage and unique damage-boosting passive.

Designed for characters like Yelan, it shines brightest when wielded by those who can capitalize on its strengths, despite its lower base attack—a common trade-off for weapons with powerful effects.

in game hunter path in genshin impact

Hunter's Path (Bow)

Hunter's Path, Tighnari's signature weapon, earns its spot in the S-tier with its critical rate boost, decent base attack, and a unique passive that leverages Elemental Mastery for enhanced charge attack damage.

Despite its current rarity due to lack of reruns, its impact on characters like Tighnari and Ganyu, as well as its potential utility for future characters, cannot be understated.

in game skyward harp in genshin impact

Skyward Harp (Bow)

Skyward Harp is one of the best standard banner weapons in Genshin Impact.

Its impressive base attack, combined with a significant 22% crit rate and 20% crit damage boost, sets it apart as a versatile powerhouse for bow users.

The weapon's ability to enhance both critical stats makes it an exceptional choice for virtually any bow character, providing a substantial damage increase without reliance on specific gameplay mechanics.

in game thundering pulse in genshin impact

Thundering Pulse (Bow)

Thundering Pulse, Yoimiya's signature weapon, secures its position in the S-tier, recognized for its strong performance in enhancing normal attack damage.

Its standout features include a significant crit damage boost and a solid base attack, making it an ideal choice for characters reliant on normal attacks, particularly Yoimiya.

A Tier

in game key of khaj-nisut in genshin impact

Key of Khaj-Nisut (Sword)

Key of Khaj-Nisut is a unique weapon, especially suited for Nilou, enhancing her damage significantly.

It also benefits Layla and potentially Furina, providing a boost in scenarios where energy recharge can be adequately managed.

Its specificity and high utility for certain characters position it in the A-tier, offering a specialized but powerful option for those it suits.

in game splendor of tranquil waters in genshin impact

Splendor of Tranquil Waters (Sword)

Splendor of Tranquil Waters is uniquely designed for Furina, enhancing elemental skill damage and providing a crit damage boost.

Its specificity, combined with a lower base attack for a crit damage-focused weapon, places it in the A-tier.

While offering significant potential for Furina, it has a narrower utility compared to more versatile swords.

in game calamity queller in genshin impact

Calamity Queller (Polearm)

Calamity Queller, Shenhe's signature weapon, stands out with the highest base attack in the game, supplemented by additional attack percentage through its stacking mechanism and a straightforward damage bonus.

Despite its shortness in description and straightforward mechanics, its raw power places it solidly in the A-tier category.

However, its value as a pull is debated due to the abundance of strong polearms in the game.

in game skyward spine in genshin impact

Skyward Spine (Polearm)

Skyward Spine lands in the A-tier category, offering a mix of valuable stats like strong base attack, energy recharge, and a bonus to crit rate, making it a decent option for polearm units.

Its additional attack speed bonus, while not universally beneficial, can still increase the performance of certain characters.

Despite its strengths, Skyward Spine faces stiff competition from other polearms in the game, leading to its underusage.

in game redhorn stonethresher in genshin impact

Redhorn Stonethresher (Claymore)

The Redhorn Stonethresher excels in transforming defense into offense, making it a unique weapon for characters like Arataki Itto and Noelle.

Despite its lower base attack for a 5-star claymore, its critical damage boost and the ability to enhance attacks based on defense stats place it in the A-tier.

This weapon is particularly effective for those who prioritize defense in their build, offering a specialized approach to combat that maximizes the potential of Geo characters.

in game beacon of the reed sea in genshin impact

Beacon of the Reed Sea (Claymore)

Positioned in the A-tier, the Beacon of the Reed Sea distinguishes itself with a high base attack and critical rate boost, coupled with a passive that increases both HP and attack.

Although it finds its best use with characters like Dehya, its potential for future characters who might benefit from its HP-attack synergy keeps it relevant.

The weapon’s requirement to forgo shield support for maximum effect and its niche applicability make it a strategic choice if you're looking to enhance specific characters.

in game wolf gravestone in genshin impact

Wolf's Gravestone (Claymore)

Wolf's Gravestone secures its position in the A-tier for its strong performance across a range of characters.

Released in the game's early days, it has aged remarkably well, testament to its enduring utility and the sheer power it brings to the battlefield.

If you're seeking a weapon that offers both a significant attack boost and enhances team performance, Wolf's Gravestone remains a top-tier choice.

in game a thousand floating dreams in genshin impact

A Thousand Floating Dreams (Catalyst)

This catalyst is Nahida's signature weapon, enhancing elemental reactions through Elemental Mastery bonuses and offering Elemental Damage bonuses.

While not boasting the highest base attack, its value shines in teams centered around elemental reactions, making it particularly effective for characters like Nahida, who can leverage the Elemental Mastery for potent nuke builds.

Its utility extends to characters such as Sucrose and Kokomi, who benefit from the Elemental Mastery for enhanced support capabilities.

in game tulaytullah remembrance in genshin impact

Tulaytullah's Remembrance (Catalyst)

Tulaytullah's Remembrance is a catalyst that carves its niche within the A-tier, providing a distinctive set of benefits geared towards characters with normal attack-based kits.

While its use is relatively niche, focusing on characters like Wanderer (Scaramouche) who can leverage the attack and crit stats it offers, its effectiveness in those contexts is undeniable.

in game cashflow supervision in genshin impact

Cashflow Supervision (Catalyst)

Another specialized catalyst in the A-tier, stands out for its ability to boost attack and crit stats, designed for characters that excel with normal attacks.

Similar to Tulaytullah's Remembrance, its optimal use is somewhat restricted to a select group of characters, such as Wriothesley and Heizou, who can fully use the weapon's stat boosts to enhance their damage output.

in game kagura verity in genshin impact

Kagura's Verity (Catalyst)

Yae Miko's Kagura's Verity excels with characters that frequently deploy their Elemental Skill, thanks to its crit damage boost and a passive that enhances skill damage.

This weapon is particularly potent for characters like Yae Miko and Nahida, who can maximize the benefits of its passive through their kit, making it a strong A-tier choice for those focusing on skill-based damage output.

in game crane echoing call in genshin impact

Crane's Echoing Call (Catalyst)

Crane's Echoing Call emerges as a particularly specialized weapon in Genshin Impact, finding its ideal match in Xianyun.

Its effectiveness is notably restricted to Xianyun, with limited to no practical utility for other Catalyst wielders.

This specialization restricts its broader applicability across the game's roster, placing it in the A-tier for its unmatched synergy with Xianyun but niche appeal.

in game the first great magic in genshin impact

The First Great Magic (Bow)

The First Great Magic, Lyney's signature weapon, finds its niche in the A-tier, offering a unique mix of high base attack and crit damage.

Although its primary effect, boosting charge attack damage, and its elemental composition-dependent passive might not cater to all bow users, it shines for characters like Lyney and Ganyu.

B Tier

in game aquila favonia in genshin impact

Aquila Favonia (Sword)

Aquila Favonia is noted for its high base attack and attack percentage boost, making it a viable option for characters like Ayaka and a staple for Bennett due to its high base attack.

However, its passive, focused on physical damage and a healing effect, limits its utility in a game where elemental damage often prevails.

The weapon's specialization towards physical DPS finds limited appeal, especially with the current meta favoring elemental reactions and versatility.

Despite this, its raw power and utility for Bennett keep it from falling into lower tiers.

in game skyward blade in genshin impact

Skyward Blade (Sword)

Skyward Blade offers a balance of energy recharge and crit rate, supporting characters in need of faster burst uptime.

However, in a weapon class crowded with standout choices, its impact is less pronounced, positioning it in the B-tier.

Suitable for Bennett and potentially bridging gaps for players without access to higher-tier options, Skyward Blade is reliable yet overshadowed by more specialized swords.

in game skyward pride in genshin impact

Skyward Pride (Claymore)

Skyward Pride finds its place in the B-tier category, providing a balanced option for characters in need of energy recharge without compromising on base attack.

While Eula benefits most from its attributes, enhancing her damage output significantly by ensuring her Elemental Burst is ready when needed, its utility extends to other characters like Beidou, who also benefit from the energy recharge for more frequent skill usage.

Despite its strengths, Skyward Pride often remains underused in many players' arsenals.

in game song of broken pines in genshin impact

Song of Broken Pines (Claymore)

The Song of Broken Pines, while boasting an exceptionally high base attack and benefits such as physical damage boosts and increased attack speed through its passive, finds itself in the B-tier due to its narrow utility.

Primarily designed as Eula's signature weapon, its optimal use case is significantly limited to her, enhancing her physical damage output and overall performance.

Although it might see some utility with other characters like Razor, the weapon's true potential is largely untapped outside of Eula-centric builds.

in game the unforged in genshin impact

The Unforged (Claymore)

The Unforged offers a solid but conditional performance.

Its primary appeal lies in its high base attack and the aggressive focus on increasing attack power, further amplified when paired with a shield.

For those who already have this weapon, it can indeed be a valuable tool in specific scenarios, offering strong stat boosts that can enhance a character's damage output.

However, for players contemplating their next weapon pull, The Unforged may not offer the best return on investment, especially when other, more universally options exist.

in game lost prayer to the sacred winds in genshin impact

Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds (Catalyst)

Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds offers a unique blend of crit rate increase and a passive that boosts elemental damage the longer the wielder stays on the field.

The weapon's full potential is often gated by its passive's requirement for sustained combat presence, which doesn't align with the quick-swap playstyle prevalent in many of Genshin Impact's meta team compositions.

While it provides a decent crit rate boost, making it a solid choice for characters who can remain on-field to stack its passive, it competes with other catalysts that offer more immediate or versatile benefits.

in game skward atlas in genshin impact

Skyward Atlas (Catalyst)

Another standard banner catalyst, stands out with its high base attack and a passive that increases elemental damage, alongside a chance to summon an attacking orb during normal attacks.

Like Lost Prayer, Skyward Atlas offers a substantial stat boost, particularly in terms of raw attack power, which can be advantageous for DPS catalyst users.

However, its passive's reliance on normal attacks for maximum efficacy somewhat limits its versatility, as many catalyst users prioritize elemental skills and bursts for damage output.

in game memory of dust in genshin impact

Memory of Dust (Catalyst)

Offering a significant attack boost under shield conditions, Memory of Dust can be potent for shield-reliant characters.

However, its conditional nature and the availability of other versatile weapons place it in the B-tier, as it doesn't consistently deliver the same level of performance across various team compositions and combat scenarios.

C Tier

in game vortex vanquisher in genshin impact

Vortex Vanquisher (Polearm)

The Vortex Vanquisher finds itself in the C-tier, largely due to its limited applicability and overshadowed utility.

Marketed as Zhongli's signature weapon, it unfortunately falls short of the expectations and needs of the Geo Archon himself.

Despite its high status as a 5-star weapon, the Vortex Vanquisher's niche application and competition with more versatile or effective options downgrade it to the C-tier.

in game amo bow in genshin impact

Amo's Bow (Bow)

Amos' Bow, once celebrated as Ganyu's signature weapon and a top-tier choice for archers, now finds itself relegated to the C-tier due to the bow powercreep within Genshin Impact.

As the meta evolved and new weapons appeared, Amos' Bow has struggled to maintain its relevance, overshadowed by more potent options that offer greater synergy with Ganyu's kit and playstyle.

in game everlasting moonglow in genshin impact

Everlasting Moonglow (Catalyst)

Everlasting Moonglow, despite being Kokomi's signature weapon, finds limited utility in her kit, especially for players focusing on her support role.

Better alternatives exist for support Kokomi, including Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers for a significant boost to an ally's attack or Prototype Amber for energy recharge and healing.

Its specialization towards DPS Kokomi, a less common build due to her kit's natural inclination towards support, places it in the C-tier.

in game jadefall splendor in genshin impact

Jadefall's Splendor (Catalyst)

Jadefall's Splendor's performance is heavily dependent on creating shields, a mechanic that significantly limits its versatility.

While it could theoretically benefit Baizhu, the existence of far more accessible and effective alternatives like Prototype Amber diminishes its appeal.

Its constrained utility, coupled with a meta that favors more versatile catalysts, relegates Jadefall's Splendor to the C-tier.

Strategic Insights for Weapon Selection

Versatility vs. Specialization

Some weapons are universally effective, while others shine in specific setups.

Assess whether you need a weapon that benefits multiple characters or if you're enhancing a specific character's build.


Consider weapons that might remain relevant as new characters and content are introduced.

Weapons with broad utility or unique mechanics may offer more long-term value.

Resource Management

Weigh the potential benefits of pulling for a new weapon against your available resources.

Sometimes, a well-crafted 4-star weapon can rival the performance of a 5-star, especially if it synergizes well with your character's kit.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right 5-star weapon in Genshin Impact involves balancing your characters' needs, the weapon's utility, and your resource availability.

By understanding the tier list and considering each weapon's strengths and limitations, you can make informed decisions that enhance your gameplay experience and bring out the best in your characters.

Whether you're aiming for the peak of performance with an S+ tier weapon or finding a hidden gem in the lower tiers, each weapon holds the potential to significantly impact your journey through Teyvat.

If you're leaning towards more free-to-play or accessible options, 4-star weapons stand out as a decent alternative. These weapons, often overshadowed by their 5-star counterparts, can be just as effective when used correctly.