4-Star Weapons Tier List in Genshin Impact: Ultimate Guide

4-Star Weapons Tier List in Genshin Impact: Ultimate Guide
Last updated:
March 22, 2024

Welcome to the ultimate guide for 4-star weapons in Genshin Impact!

Whether you're a newcomer or a veteran, free-to-play or a spender, this guide dives into the top 4-star weapons that could rival even their 5-star counterparts in power and utility.

Let's jump right in!

Ultimate Guide to 4-Star Weapons: Our Tier List

The 4-Star Tier List Breakdown

Our comprehensive tier list categorizes weapons into distinct tiers based on their game-changing capabilities, versatility, and overall impact on gameplay.

Let's explore:

S+ Tier (Game Changers): These weapons stand at the pinnacle, offering buffs that can significantly enhance your characters' performance.

S Tier (Fantastic Replacements): Exceptional weapons that have remarkable boosts, making them almost as coveted as S+ Tier selections.

A Tier (Solid Choices): Decent weapons that could be the best you currently have. They're reliable until you can upgrade to higher-tier options.

B Tier (Niche): While not the top picks, these weapons can fill specific roles effectively, especially if they're the best you have for a character.

C Tier (Least Recommended): A category reserved for weapons that, while unique, offer limited utility compared to others.

S+ Tier

in game cinnabar spindle in genshin impact

Cinnabar Spindle (Sword)

For Albedo, the Cinnabar Spindle is not just a weapon; it's his best in slot, unrivaled even by 5-star alternatives.

This blade redefines Albedo's power thanks to its boost to DEF and Elemental Skill DMG that scales with Albedo's DEF, which is his cornerstone stat.

in game the catch in genshin impact

The Catch (Polearm)

A testament to the power of free-to-play options, The Catch is a formidable weapon that rivals even 5-star counterparts.

Its energy recharge and boosts to Elemental Burst damage and crit rates make it a universal choice for polearm wielders like Raiden Shogun and Xiangling, proving invaluable for energy-intensive characters.

in game serpent spine in genshin impact

Serpent Spine (Claymore)

Serpent Spine stands out as arguably one of the best Claymores in the game.

Its crit rate enhancement, combined with a damage increase that applies to all types, positions it as a universally powerful weapon.

in game the widsith in genshin impact

The Widsith (Catalyst)

The Widsith, with its potential for massive DPS boosts through crit damage and elemental mastery/damage buffs, stands as a titan among catalysts.

Its versatility and power make it a coveted weapon for DPS-focused catalyst users, outshining many five-star alternatives.

in game sacrificial fragments in genshin impact

Sacrificial Fragments (Catalyst)

Sacrificial Fragments excels by allowing double skill usage and boosting Elemental Mastery, making it a game-changer for characters like Sucrose.

Its ability to enhance Anemo support capabilities and facilitate elemental reactions makes it a top-tier catalyst weapon.

in game the stringless in genshin impact

The Stringless (Bow)

The Stringless excels in boosting Elemental Reaction DPS, making it indispensable for Venti and Fischl.

Though not a game-changer, its significant impact on elemental damage earns it a high rank.

in game favonius weapons in genshin impact

Favonius Codex, Greatsword, Lance, Sword, Warbow

These aren't just weapons; they're energy recharge lifelines for your team.

Whether you're struggling with Xiangling's burst uptime or need more support utility, the Favonius series can solve many energy issues, making them indispensable for a wide array of characters and team comps.

S Tier

in game the black sword in genshin impact

The Black Sword (Sword)

The Black Sword offers a balance of crit rate boost and healing on crits, making it an excellent choice for characters reliant on crits for damage and sustainability.

This weapon's ability to adapt to various playstyles secures its spot in the S-tier.

in game xiphos moonlight in genshin impact

Xiphos' Moonlight (Sword)

Xiphos' Moonlight shines brightest among the trio of Elemental Mastery swords, offering more than just raw power.

Its synergy with characters like Kazuha transforms it into a S-tier weapon.

in game sacrificial sword in genshin impact

Sacrificial Sword (Sword)

The Sacrificial Sword emerges as utility weapon with its ability to reset cooldowns.

Xingqiu and Kazuha vastly improve with this blade, marking it as a cornerstone for energy-reliant strategies.

in game amenoma kageuchi in genshin impact

Amenoma Kageuchi (Sword)

Amenoma Kageuchi stands as a top-tier choice for Ayaka mains, offering attack and energy recharge.

Its accessibility and performance crown it as a treasure among free-to-play options.

in game sapwood blade in genshin impact

Sapwood Blade (Sword)

Sapwood Blade carves its niche as an exceptional tool for support-oriented sword users.

Boasting a unique combination of high base attack and beneficial team buffs, it shines brightest in the hands of characters like Bennett, enhancing both his supportive power and combat potential.

in game the dockhand's assistant in genshin impact

The Dockhand's Assistant (Sword)

This weapon is a prime choice for characters whose abilities scale with HP, offering additional Elemental Mastery for enhanced Elemental Reaction damage.

The Dockhand's Assistant aligns with the dynamic HP management characteristic of Fontainian weapons, rewarding strategic healing and HP control with significant buffs to Elemental Mastery and Energy regen.

in game crescent pike in genshin impact

Crescent Pike (Polearm)

Often underestimated due to its physical damage orientation, Crescent Pike is a powerhouse.

Its ability to enhance physical attacks makes it a hidden gem for characters like Zhongli, transforming them into relentless damage dealers.

in game dragon bane in genshin impact

Dragon's Bane (Polearm)

A versatile weapon that shines in the hands of characters like Hu Tao, Xiangling, and Thoma.

Its Elemental Mastery boost and bonus damage against opponents affected by Hydro or Pyro make it ideal for reaction-focused teams.

in game kitain cross spear in genshin impact

Kitain Cross Spear (Polearm)

The perfect match for Thoma, enhancing his potential in Burgeon compositions.

Its Elemental Mastery and energy recharge benefits are tailored for builds maximizing elemental reactions.

in game ballad of the fjords in genshin impact

Ballad of the Fjords (Polearm)

Ideal for DPS and Sub-DPS roles within Hyperbloom and Burgeon team setups, the Ballad of the Fjords shines by enhancing the effectiveness of its wielder's passive abilities.

This weapon becomes a valuable asset if you're lacking more specialized options, providing a substantial boost in team performance.

in game akuoumaru in genshin impact

Akuoumaru (Claymore)

Akuoumaru excels in amplifying burst damage based on team energy levels.

Its potential for future applications and current effectiveness place it at the top of the tier list for its versatility and power.

in game prototype amber in genshin impact

Prototype Amber (Catalyst)

Prototype Amber stands out as an exceptional tool for healers and shielders, thanks to its HP boost, energy recharge, and team healing capabilities.

Its versatility makes it a top-tier choice for supporting characters, proving invaluable in Abyss runs and beyond.

in game the viridescent hunt in genshin impact

The Viridescent Hunt (Bow)

The Viridescent Hunt is a bow that shines in the hands of Childe, amplifying his hydro-based attacks with its solid stats.

Its utility extends to characters like Tighnari, serving as a reliable stat stick.

in game sacrificial bow in genshin impact

Sacrificial Bow (Bow)

The Sacrificial Bow shines in support roles, granting characters additional energy and skill usage.

Its versatility and utility in improving bow supports makes it a top-tier choice.

in game rust in genshin impact

Rust (Bow)

Rust is another top-tier choice, especially for Yoimiya and Childe, with its potential at R5 challenging even five-star weapons.

Its focus on enhancing normal attacks makes it a powerhouse for specific characters.

A Tier

in game lion roar in genshin impact

Lion's Roar (Sword)

Lion's Roar, a favorite among free-to-play weapons, finds its strength in pyro and electro-infused comps.

Ideal for characters like Keqing.

in game the alley flash in genshin impact

The Alley Flash (Sword)

The Alley Flash, despite its formidable base attack, demands caution with its conditional buff.

It shines in the hands of Bennett, offering a significant attack boost, but with strings attached.

in game iron sting in genshin impact

Iron Sting (Sword)

Iron Sting emerges as a decent option for free-to-play players, offering enhanced elemental reactions.

Its ability to amplify elemental damage makes it a choice for characters like Kuki Shinobu, who thrive on stacking elemental mastery.

in game toukabou shigure in genshin impact

Toukabou Shigure (Sword)

Toukabou Shigure, an event-exclusive weapon, boasts a slight edge over Iron Sting by offering a comparable boost to elemental mastery with a touch of uniqueness in its application.

in game the flute in genshin impact

The Flute (Sword)

The Flute holds its ground as a versatile option if you don't have access to higher-tier weaponry.

Its harmonic echo resonates well with many sword wielders, offering a reliable burst of area damage after accumulating sufficient hits.

in game finale of the deep in genshin impact

Finale of the Deep (Sword)

The Finale of the Deep stands out for its unique mechanic of trading HP for ATK boosts, making it suitable for characters capable of frequent Elemental Skill usage.

This sword demands careful management of HP to maximize its attack benefits, with an innovative passive that increases ATK significantly after consuming HP through Elemental Skill use.

in game fleuve cendre ferryman in genshin impact

Fleuve Cendre Ferryman (Sword)

With an emphasis on Energy Recharge and Skill DMG increase, the Fleuve Cendre Ferryman excels in enhancing Sub-DPS characters who lean on their Elemental Skills and Bursts.

Characters like Bennett, and Xingqiu will find this weapon's CRIT Rate boost and Energy Recharge enhancement particularly beneficial, making it a versatile addition to various team compositions.

in game deathmatch in genshin impact

Deathmatch (Polearm)

Deathmatch, despite its somewhat niche application, offers significant boosts to crit rate and attack or defense, depending on the number of enemies faced.

This polearm shines in one-on-one scenarios or when a character is swarmed, making it adaptable to various combat situations.

in game lithic spear in genshin impact

Lithic Spear (Polearm)

While its full potential is unlocked with a Liyue-centric team, Lithic Spear remains a strong choice, offering a balanced increase in ATK and CRIT Rate.

Its region-specific buff, though limiting, can significantly enhance the right team composition.

in game wavebreaker fin in genshin impact

Wavebreaker's Fin (Polearm)

Particularly effective in Reverse Melt compositions with Rosaria, its potential extends to Raiden Shogun, serving as a powerful alternative when top-tier weapons are out of reach.

in game rightful reward in genshin impact

Rightful Reward (Polearm)

Excelling with characters who benefit from HP scaling, Rightful Reward not only enhances their damage or healing effectiveness but also helps in energy regeneration.

This makes it an excellent choice for teams with a healer, ensuring sustained combat effectiveness.

in game lithic blade in genshin impact

Lithic Blade (Claymore)

Lithic Blade excels when wielded by characters from Liyue, offering stat bonuses that enhance its wielder's damage output.

While its utility may be limited by its regional preference, its performance in the right hands cannot be overlooked.

in game rainslasher in genshin impact

Rainslasher (Claymore)

Provides an elemental mastery boost that amplifies reaction-based playstyles.

Its value lies in complementing characters who thrive on elemental reactions, making it a worthy addition if you're looking to exploit these mechanics fully.

in game mailed flower in genshin impact

Mailed Flower (Claymore)

Mailed Flower enhances elemental mastery, making it an excellent choice for reaction-focused builds.

While its applications may be limited, its effectiveness in the right context is undeniable.

in game sacrificial greatsword in genshin impact

Sacrificial Greatsword (Claymore)

Echoing the versatility of its sword and bow counterparts, the Sacrificial Greatsword finds its niche in providing additional skill uses and energy.

While its current best application is with Dori, its potential for future characters and builds makes it a weapon worth holding onto, especially for those valuing skill uptime and energy management.

in game makhaira aquamarine in genshin impact

Makhaira Aquamarine (Claymore)

Potentially useful for Beidou, Makhaira Aquamarine's focus on good stats and a promising future makes it a weapon to watch.

As the game evolves, its value may increase, making it a worthy addition to anyone's arsenal.

in game luxurious sea-lord in genshin impact

Luxurious Sea-Lord (Claymore)

With its significant attack boost and unique aesthetic, the Luxurious Sea-Lord offers a blend of humor and power.

Ideal for Eula and those unafraid to wield a giant fish in battle, it demonstrates that effectiveness can come in the most unexpected forms.

in game wandering evenstar in genshin impact

Wandering Evenstar (Catalyst)

Wandering Evenstar finds its niche with characters like Nahida, who benefit from both Elemental Mastery and attack boosts.

While not universally powerful, it stands as a solid choice for those who can leverage its dual benefits.

in game solar pearl in genshin impact

Solar Pearl (Catalyst)

While not as universally acclaimed as some of its counterparts, the Solar Pearl is a potent Catalyst for characters who balance between normal, charged, and elemental skill attacks.

Its crit rate boost and bonus damage to skills post-normal attack make it a solid choice, particularly for DPS Catalyst users.

in game dodoco tales in genshin impact

Dodoco Tales (Catalyst)

Dodoco Tales shines in the hands of Klee, boosting her attack and charge attack damage significantly.

While it may not be the absolute best for every situation, its performance makes it a solid A-tier choice, especially when The Widsith offers a more versatile option.

in game ballad of the boundless blue in genshin impact

Ballad of the Boundless Blue (Catalyst)

This weapon excels for characters that frequently use Normal and Charged Attacks, incrementally increasing their DMG.

It also offers valuable Energy Recharge, benefiting characters like Klee, and Yanfei, who rely on frequent Burst usage.

in game prototype crescent in genshin impact

Prototype Crescent (Bow)

The Prototype Crescent provides a significant boost for charge attack strategies, especially for free-to-play players seeking effectiveness without drawbacks.

in game hamayumi in genshin impact

Hamayumi (Bow)

Hamayumi, while not quite reaching the heights of the Prototype Crescent, still offers a viable option for charge attack-focused archers.

in game alley hunter in genshin impact

Alley Hunter (Bow)

Alley Hunter, with its high base attack and off-field damage bonus, stands out as a solid choice for Fischl, though its niche application limits its utility across the broader roster.

in game fading twilight in genshin impact

Fading Twilight (Bow)

Fading Twilight provides respectable damage boosts and stats like energy recharge, making it a solid choice for a variety of archers.

in game mouun moon in genshin impact

Mouun's Moon (Bow)

Mouun's Moon carves out a niche with its burst damage amplification based on energy.

in game blackcliff weapons in genshin impact

Blackcliff Longsword, Slasher, Pole, Warbow, and Agate

These weapons provide decent stat boosts but require Star Glitter, making them less accessible.

They're solid picks if you can afford them, with the Longsword being particularly notable for certain units.

B Tier

 in game prototype rancour in genshin impact

Prototype Rancour (Sword)

Prototype Rancour, with its physical damage bonus, struggles in a meta favoring elemental reactions.

Best suited for Bennett as a stand-in, its utility fades as you get a more diverse arsenal.

in game festering desire in genshin impact

Festering Desire (Sword)

Festering Desire, an event weapon, carries a special charm that extends beyond its statistical benefits.

It permanently boosts energy recharge, elemental skill damage and elemental skill crit rate.

in game kagotsurube isshin in genshin impact

Kagotsurube Isshin (Sword)

Kagotsurube Isshin emerges as a practical yet underwhelming option among sword users.

While not inherently flawed, it struggles to distinguish itself against better alternatives.

in game prototype star glitter in genshin impact

Prototype Starglitter (Polearm)

Offering a mix of useful stats, this polearm finds itself overshadowed by more specialized options.

Ideal in the early to mid-game phase looking for a general boost.

in game missive windspear in genshin impact

Missive Windspear (Polearm)

This polearm's effectiveness relies on specific team compositions and battle scenarios, making it a situational pick rather than a go-to weapon for every polearm wielder.

Ideal if you're experimenting with different setups or in need of a transitional weapon as you aim for higher-tier gear.

in game moonpiercer in genshin impact

Moonpiercer (Polearm)

Offers a blend of promising stats that, at first glance, suggest a versatile polearm capable of boosting a character's output.

Yet, it struggles to stand out in a crowded field of polearms that offer more benefits or higher damage potential.

in game dragonspine spear in genshin impact

Dragonspine Spear (Polearm)

Despite its unique cryo-related passive, it's outclassed by Crescent Pike and others in physical damage output, making it a less appealing choice for most scenarios.

in game prospector's drill in genshin impact

Prospector's Drill (Polearm)

While not the top choice for characters like Raiden, or Hu Tao, the Prospector's Drill offers a reliable alternative, especially when paired with a healer to activate its skill.

in game prototype archaic in genshin impact

Prototype Archaic (Claymore)

Prototype Archaic serves as a reliable choice for those in the early to mid-game phase, offering solid performance without requiring significant investment.

Ideal for newcomers or as a transitional weapon, it promises a balance between power and accessibility.

in game katsuragikiri nagamasa in genshin impact

Katsuragikiri Nagamasa (Claymore)

Favored for its energy-recharge capabilities, Katsuragikiri Nagamasa supports burst-centric playstyles.

However, its conditional benefits and impact on burst uptime place it in a niche category, suitable for specific strategies.

in game whiteblind in genshin impact

Whiteblind (Claymore)

For characters like Noelle and Itto, who scale with defense, Whiteblind stands out as a craftable weapon that enhances their defensive and offensive capabilities.

While there are better options, its accessibility and specific utility make it a solid pick for shield-based characters.

in game portable power saw in genshin impact

Portable Power Saw (Claymore)

Particularly beneficial for characters like Dehya and Dori, who rely on HP for their DMG and support mechanisms.

While Sayu can use this weapon, the HP sub-stat may not fully align with her ATK and EM-focused healing and damage output, highlighting a niche application.

in game talking stick in genshin impact

Talking Stick (Claymore)

With a passive that boosts Elemental DMG or ATK based on the wielder's elemental affliction, this claymore, alongside its CRIT Rate sub-stat, is suitable for characters able to apply elements to themselves like Razor.

However, it faces stiff competition from Serpent Spine, which generally offers more universal damage buffs with fewer restrictions.

in game tidal shadow in genshin impact

Tidal Shadow (Claymore)

A commendable free-to-play option, Tidal Shadow's passive synergizes well with parties that include a dedicated healer, allowing burst healers to trigger its effects even when the wielder is off-field.

Yet, its optimal utility may vary depending on the wielder's build and team composition.

in game ultimate overlord's mega magic sword in genshin impact

Ultimate Overlord's Mega Magic Sword (Claymore)

Designed for characters with kits scaling off ATK or with high Energy Recharge needs, this sword's passive offers substantial ATK and ER increases.

Obtainable through event participation, it promises enhanced damage and utility for characters like Navia or Dehya.

in game wine and song in genshin impact

Wine and Song (Catalyst)

Wine and Song, despite its charming concept, fails to hit the right notes for most catalyst users.

Its energy recharge is appreciated, but the specific conditions and focus on normal attack stamina reduction limit its practicality.

in game oathsworn eye in genshin impact

Oathsworn Eye (Catalyst)

Oathsworn Eye, with its unique design and focus, offers a niche application that might suit Yae Miko.

However, as an event weapon, its accessibility and utility are somewhat limited, making it a missable weapon.

in game fruit of fulfillment in genshin impact

Fruit of Fulfillment (Catalyst)

Attempting to innovate, the Fruit of Fulfillment unfortunately sacrifices too much, taking away attack for Elemental Mastery.

Its unique trade-off doesn't quite pay off, making it a weapon more admired for its ambition than used for its efficacy.

in game mappa mare in genshin impact

Mappa Mare (Catalyst)

Mappa Mare offers Elemental Mastery and a damage boost, making it a solid choice for Anemo catalyst wielders or those seeking elemental damage amplification.

While it does not top the charts, it remains a viable option for those without access to higher-tiered weapons.

in game hakushin ring in genshin impact

Hakushin Ring (Catalyst)

The Hakushin Ring brings a niche appeal with its focus on Electro reactions.

While it may hold future promise, its current application is limited, positioning it as a weapon with potential yet to be fully realized.

in game windblume ode in genshin impact

Windblume Ode (Bow)

Windblume Ode, while an event-exclusive weapon, offers little beyond a weaker version of The Stringless.

in game king squire in genshin impact

King's Squire (Bow)

King's Squire finds a spot in the niche tier, designed for characters like Ganyu or Tighnari when better options are out of reach.

While it offers charge attack enhancements, its specialization limits its broader appeal.

in game song of stillness in genshin impact

Song of Stillness (Bow)

Ideal for characters reliant on ATK for enhancing their utility, the Song of Stillness offers a high ATK% boost.

Its skill further amplifies damage, making it a solid pick for off-field characters like Fischl, enabling damage boosts even when switched out, provided there's a healer to trigger its passive.

in game range gauge in genshin impact

Range Gauge (Bow)

The Range Gauge shines in its ability to boost ATK and Elemental DMG, essential for DPS characters.

It does need a healer in the team to maximize its potential, suggesting a trade-off for its benefits.

C Tier

in game sword of descension in genshin impact

Sword of Descension (Sword)

The Sword of Descension, exclusive to Traveler mains on PlayStation, offers a stepping stone for newcomers.

While its early-game utility is undeniable, the journey soon leads to better weapons.

in game sword of narzissenkreuz in genshin impact

Sword of Narzissenkreuz (Sword)

Primarily designed for interaction with Fontaine's unique exploration mechanics, the Sword of Narzissenkreuz provides a niche utility outside of combat by enabling Arkhe-less characters to solve puzzles and engage with specific enemies.

in game snow-tombed starsilver in genshin impact

Snow-Tombed Starsilver (Claymore)

Despite its appealing aesthetics, Snow-Tombed Starsilver's focus on physical damage and cryo synergy often leaves it overshadowed by other claymores.

It's a reminder that looks can be deceiving, and effectiveness is key.

in game the bell in genshin impact

The Bell (Claymore)

Despite its potential, The Bell often falls short in practical application, with its defensive focus and conditional benefits limiting its appeal.

It serves as a reminder that not all weapons fit every playstyle, emphasizing the importance of matching gear to your characters' needs.

in game forest regalia in genshin impact

Forest Regalia (Claymore)

While Forest Regalia's team buffing capabilities suggest potential, its overall impact compared to other options in the game positions it as a solid, if not spectacular, choice for those seeking to enhance their team's performance.

in game eye of perception in genshin impact

Eye of Perception (Catalyst)

The Eye of Perception, despite its potential, underperforms other catalyst weapons in all aspects.

in game frostbearer in genshin impact

Frostbearer (Catalyst)

Frostbearer's attempt at uniqueness falls short, with its icicle mechanic not enough to warrant a spot in most builds.

It's a weapon that, while intriguing, often ends up sidelined for more effective choices.

in game compound bow in genshin impact

Compound Bow (Bow)

The Compound Bow's design philosophy, focused on physical attacks, falls short in a game where elemental damage reigns supreme, relegating it to the lower part of the tier list.

in game predator in genshin impact

Predator (Bow)

Predator, associated with Aloy, finds itself struggling to make an impact beyond offering basic stat improvements, making it a less desirable choice compared to other options available.

in game mitternachts waltz in genshin impact

Mitternachts Waltz (Bow)

Similarly, Mitternachts Waltz struggles to find a meaningful place in any archer's build, overshadowed by more versatile and powerful options.

in game royal weapons in genshin impact

Royal Grimoire, Greatsword, Spear, Longsword, Bow

These weapons might seem appealing, but their crit rate mechanic doesn't justify the Star Glitter expense.

Better save your glitter for characters or more impactful weapons.

Final Thoughts

This guide aims to help you choosing the right 4-star weapons for your journey across Teyvat.

Remember, the best weapon is one that complements your playstyle and character needs.

Dive into your weapon arsenal, experiment with different combinations, and discover the true potential of these hidden gems in Genshin Impact.