In-Depth Guide to Building Navia in Genshin Impact

In-Depth Guide to Building Navia in Genshin Impact
Last updated:
February 19, 2024

Welcome to the ultimate guide for Navia, the newest five-star Geo DPS character in Genshin Impact version 4.3.

Navia stands out with her unique abilities and playstyle, making her a significant addition to your roster.

This comprehensive guide covers her builds, team compositions, playstyles, artifacts, weapons, and showcases her capabilities in battle.

Let's dive in!

In-Depth Guide to Building Navia in Genshin Impact: Best Builds and Team Compositions

Understanding Navia's Abilities and Playstyle

in game navia talent details in genshin impact

Elemental Skill

Navia's Gun Umbrella ability is a versatile and powerful skill that forms the backbone of her combat effectiveness.

Shard Shooting Mechanism

The skill fires Rosula Shardshots, a form of Geo projectiles.

The number of shards fired increases with Crystal Shrapnel stacks, up to a maximum of 11 shots.

Stack Acquisition

Gain Crystal Shrapnel stacks by picking up crystallize shards created from Geo reactions.

Each stack enhances the effectiveness of the Gun Umbrella.

Damage Scaling

At zero stacks, Navia fires five shots.

This number increases up to 11 at three stacks.

Hitting all shots on an opponent significantly increases the damage, effectively doubling it.

Geo Infusion

Using the skill infuses Navia’s normal, charge, and plunge attacks with Geo for four seconds, enhancing their damage output.

Skill Holding Mechanic

Holding the skill activates an aiming mode, which pulls nearby crystallize shards towards Navia.

This is useful for quickly gathering stacks and maximizing the next skill use.

Elemental Burst

Navia's Elemental Burst complements her skillset by providing additional damage and utility.

  • AoE Geo Damage: The burst initiates with an area-of-effect Geo attack.
  • Continuous Cannon Fire: After activation, it rains down Geo projectiles for a few seconds, providing consistent off-field support.
  • Stack Generation: The cannon fire generates Crystal Shrapnel stacks, aiding in maintaining the efficiency of her Elemental Skill.

Talent Prioritization

  • Maximize Elemental Skill: This should be your first priority as it’s her main source of damage.
  • Normal Attacks vs. Burst: If using Navia as an on-field DPS, level up normal attacks after the Elemental Skill. For a more burst-focused playstyle, prioritize the Elemental Burst.

Playstyle Variations

Navia's kit allows for flexible playstyles, accommodating different team compositions and strategies.

Quick-Swap Sub DPS

Use Navia to quickly enter the field, unleash her skills, and swap out.

This playstyle is effective in teams that focus on reaction-based damage or require frequent character rotations.

On-Field DPS

Keep Navia on the field to use her Geo-infused attacks and skill rotations.

This style suits teams where Navia is the primary damage dealer, supported by characters enhancing her damage or providing utility.

Building Navia's Artifacts

in game navia artifacts build in genshin impact

Best Artifacts

The choice of artifacts is critical to enhance Navia's damage output and overall effectiveness.

Primary Set: Nighttime Whispers in the Echoing Woods

Offers 18% attack bonus (2-piece) and up to 50% Geo damage bonus (4-piece).

This set complements Navia's Geo DPS role, significantly boosting her Geo damage, especially when protected by a crystallized shield.

Alternative Set: Marechaussee Hunter

This set shines when paired with Furina, offering up to 15% normal and charged attack damage and 36% crit rate.

Best used in scenarios where Navia's HP is consistently decreased, maximizing the set's benefits.

Viable Alternative Sets

Golden Troupe Set: Increases skill damage substantially, beneficial for both on-field and off-field playstyles.

Mix-and-Match Two-Piece Sets: Combining two-piece sets like Archaic Petra (Geo damage) and other attack-boosting sets can be a practical solution.

Stat Priorities

  • Sands: ATK%.
  • Goblet: Geo damage bonus.
  • Circlet: Crit rate or crit damage, depending on which stat needs balancing.

Sub-Stat Focus

  • Critical Rate and Critical Damage: Essential for maximizing damage output.
  • Energy Recharge: Vital for ensuring her burst is ready when needed, especially in quick-swap roles.
  • ATK%: Further boosts her overall damage.

Weapons for Navia

in game navia signature weapon in genshin impact

Choosing the right weapon for Navia can significantly enhance her performance in battle.

Signature Weapon: Verdict

High base attack, critical rate, and additional attack bonus.

Boosts Elemental Skill damage when picking up crystallized shields.

Serpent Spine (Battle Pass)

Offers up to 50% damage increase at maximum refinement and enhances Navia’s critical hits.

Requires management of damage stacks and works best with protective teams.

Free-to-Play Options

Ultimate Overlord's Mega Magic Sword (Event Weapon): High base attack, energy recharge, and attack boost at full refinement.

Tidal Shadow: Boosts attack when healing is received, synergizing well with healers like Bennett.

Other Notable Weapons

Sacrificial Greatsword: Offers additional energy recharge and the chance for skill reset, useful in specific team compositions.

Weapon Selection Based on Playstyle

Main DPS Role: Choose weapons that enhance Navia's on-field damage, like the Verdict or Serpent Spine.

Support/Sub-DPS Role: Look for weapons that boost energy recharge or provide utility, like the Sacrificial Greatsword.

Team Compositions and Synergies

in game navia gameplay with team setup in genshin impact

Essential Team Roles for Navia

Geo Resonance Partner

Adding another Geo character enhances Navia's energy recharge and damage output through Geo resonance.

Elemental Support

Characters that can provide elemental reactions for crystallize are valuable.

This includes Pyro, Hydro, Electro, or Cryo characters.


A healer or support character ensures Navia's sustainability in battle.

Bennett is particularly valuable for his attack boost and healing.

Ideal Teammates for Navia

Geo Support Options

Zhongli: Offers strong shields and Geo resonance. His burst also provides additional crowd control.

Albedo: Provides off-field Geo damage and can act as a battery for Navia.

Noelle or Ningguang: Can alternate as secondary DPS while providing Geo resonance.

Elemental Supports

Bennett (Pyro): Ideal for his attack boost, healing, and Pyro reactions.

Xingqiu (Hydro): Offers hydro-related reactions and consistent off-field damage.

Fischl (Electro): A great choice for continuous Electro reactions and off-field support.

Ganyu or Chongyun (Cryo): Useful for Cryo reactions and additional DPS.

Healers and Buffers

Diona: Provides healing and Cryo reactions.

Qiqi: Offers sustained healing and Cryo for crystallize reactions.

Team Composition Examples

Balanced Geo DPS Team

Navia, Zhongli, Bennett, Xingqiu

Offers strong shields, healing, and a mix of elemental reactions for crystallize.

Elemental Reaction Focus

Navia, Fischl, Xiangling, Bennett

Focuses on triggering Overload and Electro-Charged reactions, with Bennett boosting attack.

Sustain and Shield Team

Navia, Diona, Albedo, Mona

Provides strong shields, healing, and additional Hydro reactions for more consistent crystallize.

Double Geo with Pyro-Hydro Support

Navia, Zhongli, Bennett, Xingqiu

A balanced team with strong shields, healing, and elemental diversity for reactions.

Navia's Constellations: A Breakdown

in game navia constellations in genshin impact

C1: Energy and Cooldown Efficiency

Significantly reduces the cooldown of her Elemental Burst and provides additional energy when consuming Crystal Shrapnel stacks with her Elemental Skill.

This constellation enhances Navia's energy sustainability, allowing for more frequent use of her Elemental Burst, which is crucial for maintaining high damage output and stack generation.

C2: Critical Rate Boost

Increases the crit rate of Navia's Elemental Skill based on the number of Crystal Shrapnel stacks consumed.

This boost allows for a more crit damage-focused build, as Navia can rely on the increased crit rate from this constellation for her main damage-dealing skill.

It effectively enhances her burst damage potential.

C4: Geo Resistance Shred

Navia's Elemental Burst cannon fire decreases the Geo resistance of hit enemies.

This constellation enhances Navia’s role as a Geo DPS by weakening enemies’ resistance to Geo, increasing the overall damage output of her and other Geo characters in the team.

C6: Critical Damage Amplification

Significantly increases the crit damage of Navia's Elemental Skill for each stack consumed beyond the third.

This constellation maximizes the damage potential of her Elemental Skill.

It’s particularly effective in scenarios where Navia is consistently able to generate and consume high amounts of Crystal Shrapnel stacks.


Navia, with her distinctive abilities and versatile playstyle, is a formidable Geo DPS in Genshin Impact.

Whether you're using her as a main DPS or a quick-swap character, her skillset promises to bring both efficiency and power to your battles.

Happy adventuring with Navia!