Bkornblume: The Unconventional DPS Support in Reverse 1999

Bkornblume: The Unconventional DPS Support in Reverse 1999
Last updated:
February 14, 2024
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Bkornblume, a top-tier 5-star character, defies traditional roles by blending the utility of a support with the firepower of a DPS.

Renowned for her ability to debuff enemies while dishing out significant damage, Bkornblume has quickly become a favorite among Reverse 1999 players.

This guide explores Bkornblume's unique abilities, her synergies with other characters, and tips on maximizing her potential in your team.

Mastering Bkornblume: Best Builds and Team Compositions

Bkornblume's Skill Set

in game bkornblume skill ultimate details in reverse 1999

Ultimate: Uninvited Reviewer

Deals 550% Reality DMG to a single target and inflicts [Seal] for 3 rounds, preventing the use of Ultimate abilities.

If the target is immune to [Seal], they get -2 Moxie instead.

This skill is particularly effective against bosses or high-value targets that rely on their Ultimate abilities.

By sealing their Ultimates, Bkornblume can significantly reduce the threat level of powerful enemies, shifting the battle's momentum in your favor.

Skill 1: Watch Your Sleeves

This skill deals 135% Reality DMG to two enemies and grants a damage boost against debuffed enemies.

It rewards strategic debuffing to increase her damage output, making it a cornerstone skill for clearing enemy waves or weakening groups before a finishing blow.

Thanks to her second skill, Bkornblume can debuff enemies herself, making it easier to active the damage boost.

Skill 2: Prying Ear

Applies a mass debuff that reduces all enemies' Reality DEF by up to 25% and increases their damage taken by up to 25% for three rounds.

Prying Ear is what sets Bkornblume apart as a DPS support hybrid. By reducing enemy defenses and increasing their damage susceptibility, she increases not only her own damage but also that of her teammates.

This skill is particularly effective in team compositions focused on reality damage, as it ensures that all members benefit from weakened enemies.

Insight Abilities

in game bkornblume insight details in reverse 1999

Insight I: Amplifying Damage Against Debuffed Enemies

Damage dealt by Bkornblume is increased by 20% against enemies suffering from [Stats Down], [Neg Status], or [Control] statuses.

This Insight ability encourages the use of Bkornblume's debuffing skills prior to launching her attacks, ensuring that her already potent damage output is further increased.

Insight II: Boosted Attack Power

Bkornblume receives a 5% increase in attack power as soon as she enters battle.

Insight III: Enhanced Durability Against Debuffed Enemies

When Bkornblume is attacked by an enemy afflicted with [Stats Down], [Neg Status], or [Control] statuses, she takes 20% less damage.

This insight complements her kit extremely well. With Bkornblume, you'll always want your enemies debuffed to increase your damage and survivability.

Recommended Psychubes

in game bkornblume psycube details in reverse 1999

Brave New World

Boosts ultimate damage and enhances the damage of the next skill following an ultimate.

Given Bkornblume's powerful ultimate that can seal enemies and deal tons of damage, the Brave New World Psychube significantly increases her damage output.

The additional damage to the next skill after using her ultimate can be particularly devastating when timed with her debuffing abilities or when focusing on a high-priority target.


Increases ultimate damage for each enemy defeated by Bkornblume, stacking up to four times.

This Psychube complements Bkornblume's sub-DPS role.

By enhancing her damage incrementally as she defeats foes with her ultimate, Hopscotch turns Bkornblume into a snowballing force of destruction, particularly effective in prolonged engagements or stages with multiple enemies.

The Footloose

Provides a flat increase to ultimate damage and additional damage when the target's HP is above 50%.

While not as specialized as other Psychubes, Footloose offers a reliable damage boost to Bkornblume's ultimate, allowing her to more effectively initiate on or finish off targets.

Resonance Build

Bkornblume can be built in 2 different ways depending on team composition: ATK-focused or Crit-focused.

However, building her to maximize ATK and Damage Bonus synergizes extremely well with her kit and is considered the best choice.

Here are Bkornblume's 2 best resonance level 10 builds:

Attack/DMG Build

Bkornblume Attack/DMG Focused Resonance Build Level 10 Reverse 1999

Crit Build

Bkornblume Crit Focused Resonance Build Level 10 Reverse 1999

Ideal Teammates for Bkornblume

in game bkornblume team setup in reverse 1999

A Knight: The Reality DPS Synergist

Role: Primary DPS

A Knight specializes in reality damage, which benefits directly from Bkornblume's debuffs.

His skills, which can generate Moxie and deal significant reality damage, are amplified against enemies weakened by Bkornblume.

Together, they form a strong offensive duo, with Bkornblume softening targets for A Knight to finish them off efficiently.

Balloon Party: The Healer with a Punch

Role: Healer and Secondary DPS

Balloon Party not only provides essential healing to sustain the team but also deals reality damage, synergizing well with Bkornblume's debuffs.

Her ability to apply counter and generate party balloons further enhances the team's survivability and damage output, making her an excellent support healer for Bkornblume.

Eternity, Lilya, Jessica, and Centurion: Alternative DPS Options

Role: DPS

Other viable units like Eternity, Lilya, Jessica, and Centurion offer additional DPS options that benefit from Bkornblume's debuffs.

Each brings unique abilities and playstyles to the team, allowing for flexible strategies against various enemy compositions.

An-an Lee and Sonetto: Buffers and Support

Role: Support and Buffers

Characters like An-an Lee and Sonetto can provide buffs that enhance Bkornblume's damage or survivability.

Their support abilities can increase the team's overall effectiveness, making Bkornblume's debuffs even more lethal while ensuring the team remains alive against tough enemies and boss fights.

Building a Cohesive Team

Creating the ideal team around Bkornblume involves balancing DPS and support to exploit her debuffing capabilities fully.

A typical team composition might include:

  • Bkornblume for debuffs and substantial DPS.
  • Jessica as the primary reality DPS, capitalizing on debuffed enemies.
  • Balloon Party for healing, additional reality damage, and counterattacks.
  • A flexible slot for either an alternative DPS or a buffer, depending on the challenge's demands.

Portray Efficiency

in game bkornblume portrait info in reverse 1999

Portrait 1: Enhanced Ultimate Damage

Increases the damage of Uninvited Reviewer to 625% Reality DMG.

This boost turns her ultimate into a devastating attack against single targets, making it ideal for focusing down priority enemies or bosses.

Portrait 2: Increased Damage Against Debuffed Enemies

Watch Your Sleeves deals additional Reality DMG to enemies suffering from [Stats Down], [Neg Status], or [Control] statuses, up to 100% at three stars.

This enhancement solidifies Bkornblume's role in exploiting debuffed enemies.

Portrait 3, 4 & 5: Successive Boosts to Ultimate Damage

Uninvited Reviewer sees successive increases in Reality DMG, reaching up to 800% at level 5.

These consecutive boosts to her ultimate's damage further enhance Bkornblume's capability to deal significant damage to a single target.

Final Thoughts on Bkornblume

Bkornblume's versatility as a sub-DPS support in Reverse: 1999 makes her a valuable asset to any team.

By optimizing her unique skill set, she can debuff enemies for increased team damage, deal significant damage on her own, and strategically disable enemy ultimates.

Whether paired with reality damage dealers like A Knight or supplemented by additional support from characters like Balloon Party, Bkornblume stands out as a flexible unit capable of fitting into almost any team.