The Ultimate Guide to Horropedia in Reverse: 1999

The Ultimate Guide to Horropedia in Reverse: 1999
Last updated:
February 12, 2024
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With the introduction of Jessica banner, there's also a new 5-star unit being released: Horropedia.

As a Afflatus Mineral Mental DPS, Horropedia offers a unique skill set that can enhance any team, especially if you lack a solid mineral character.

Let’s dive into Horropedia’s abilities, builds, and the best Psychubes for this versatile unit.

The Ultimate Guide to Horropedia in Reverse: 1999

Analyzing Horropedia’s Skill Set

in game horropedia twin's play skill details in reverse 1999

Ultimate - Twin's Play

Twin's Play is Horropedia's mass attack ultimate.

Deals 300% mental damage to all enemies and inflicts one stack of Scared on all enemies, increasing the mental damage they take by 25%.

This layer remains active until the enemy is attacked, providing a strategic advantage in prolonging the debuff for as long as possible.

Ideal for opening a battle or when facing groups of enemies, as it sets up other team members for increased damage.

Logic Dictates (Debuff/Dispel Skill)

Starts as a single-target attack and evolves into a dispel card at level two.

Increases from 200% to 450% damage at level three, offering substantial single-target damage.

Removes all positive status effects on the target, making it a counter to enemies that rely on buffs.

Use after Twin's Play to capitalize on Scared or target buffed enemies to diminish their combat effectiveness.

Sideshow (Secondary Attack Skill)

A single-target attack that deals up to 400% mental damage.

If the target lacks buffs or positive status, it inflicts extra damage, up to 150% more at the highest level.

Best used on non-buffed targets for maximum damage output.

Works well in tandem with Logic Dictates for a powerful one-two punch.

Insights and Their Enhancement to Skills

in game horropedia insights details in reverse 1999

Insight One: Enhances Logic Dictates, adding a counter-dispel effect, increasing Horropedia’s utility in dispelling and controlling enemy buffs.

Insight Two: Offers an 8% reduction in damage taken, providing Horropedia with more durability in battle, essential for sustainability.

Insight Three: Increases damage by 20% for level two or higher skills, encouraging skill upgrade prioritization and strategic skill sequencing for maximum impact.

Horropedia’s Role: DPS or Support

in game horropedia overview details and role in reverse 1999

Horropedia as a DPS

Maximizing Mental Damage

As a DPS, Horropedia's focus is on dealing high mental damage.

His skills, particularly Twin's Play and Sideshow, are geared towards inflicting substantial damage to enemies.

The Scared layer applied by Twin's Play increases the mental damage taken by enemies, which synergizes well with his high-damage skills.

Skill Rotation for Maximum Damage

Start with Twin's Play to apply the Scared layer and increase mental damage vulnerability.

Follow with Logic Dictates to dispel any buffs that might reduce incoming damage.

Conclude with Sideshow for a powerful nuke attack.

Resonance/Psychube Optimization

Focus on Resonate tiles and Psychubes that enhance mental damage and crit damage, allowing Horropedia to fully use his high-damage skills potential.

Horropedia as a Support

Using Dispel and Debuffs

In a support role, Horropedia's ability to dispel positive enemy buffs with Logic Dictates is invaluable.

This skill can disrupt enemy strategies and weaken their defenses.

The Scared layer from Twin's Play not only increases damage taken by enemies but can also be used strategically to control when enemies receive attacks, preserving the debuff for critical moments.

Balancing Attack and Utility

While still capable of dealing damage, as a support, Horropedia should focus on timing his debuffs and dispels to aid the team, rather than maximizing his damage output.

Sideshow remains a useful tool for targeted damage against key enemies, especially those without buffs.

Resonate/Psychube Selection for Supportive Play

Prioritize defensive benefits, such as reducing damage taken, making him more resilient on the battlefield.

Portray Efficiency

in game horropedia portray information in reverse 1999

Incremental Upgrades

Portray upgrades for Horropedia incrementally enhance his abilities, with each level providing additional boosts to his mental damage output.

The most significant upgrade is at P5, which adds an extra layer of Scared with his ultimate, Twin's Play.

This means applying two layers of Scared instead of one, effectively doubling the mental damage vulnerability of enemies.

Resource Allocation

Pursuing portrays, especially up to P5, requires a substantial investment of resources.

You'll need to consider the cost-benefit ratio of these upgrades. For free-to-play players, this can be particularly challenging, as acquiring multiple copies of a five-star character like Horropedia is resource-intensive.

Psychube Selection

in game horropedia brave new world psychube option in reverse 1999

Brave New World

Ideal for setting up and executing powerful incantations.

Works well with Horropedia’s skill sequence, especially if you start with his ultimate to apply Scared, followed by a high-damage skill like Sideshow.

Boosts incantation damage following the ultimate, aligning with Horropedia’s ability to debuff and then strike hard.


Offers a general increase in damage, beneficial for any of Horropedia's incantations.

A flexible choice that complements Horropedia’s overall damage output, regardless of his role in the team.

Her Second Life

Particularly useful if Horropedia is used more for his support capabilities.

Can be advantageous if Horropedia’s ultimate is used frequently, triggering healing effects in addition to his mass attack.

His Bounden Duty

Provides both defensive and offensive benefits, enhancing Horropedia’s durability and damage output.

Suitable for situations where Horropedia is your main DPS, and additional survivability is needed.

Building Your Team Around Horropedia

in game horropedia team setup in reverse 1999

Balancing Roles

Ensure a balanced team composition with a mix of DPS, support, and control characters.

Horropedia's versatility allows him to fit seamlessly into various team dynamics.

Synergy with Horropedia’s Abilities

Choose characters whose abilities naturally complement Horropedia’s skill set.

For example, characters who can exploit or extend debuffs will work well with him.

Counteracting Enemy Strategies

Consider the common enemy compositions and strategies you face.

Horropedia’s ability to dispel buffs makes him valuable against buff-reliant enemies.


Be prepared to adjust your team composition based on the specific challenges of each battle.

Horropedia’s flexibility allows for various tactical adjustments.


Horropedia, with his mental DPS capabilities and Scared-inducing skills, is a valuable addition to any lineup in Reverse: 1999.

Whether you use him as a main DPS or a supporting character, his ability to manipulate the battlefield through dispel and Scared mechanics makes him a formidable unit.

Tailoring his build with the right Psychubes and team synergy can unleash his full potential, making him a worthwhile character to pull and build.