Ultimate Guide to Mastering Jessica in Reverse: 1999

Ultimate Guide to Mastering Jessica in Reverse: 1999
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February 13, 2024
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Jessica, a top-tier 6-star plant DPS, offers a dynamic skill set with a focus on poison and huge damage nukes.

This guide will dive into her skills, how to use them effectively, the best team compositions, and optimal builds for her.

Let's jump right in!

Ultimate Guide to Mastering Jessica in Reverse: 1999

Breaking Down Jessica's Skills

in game jessica overview in reverse 1999

Ultimate - Gaze from the Forest

It deals 350% reality damage and inflicts poison on all enemies for two rounds, making this skill a crucial opener in combat.

The poison deals Genesis Damage based on 30% of Jessica's attack, making it effective against any challenge.

Best used at the beginning of the round to ensure all enemies start with a poison debuff, enhancing the effectiveness of her other skills.

White Blankie (ST Skill)

Single target skill dealing reality damage that starts at 180% and can scale up to 450%, which is significantly powerful for a non-ultimate skill.

The effectiveness of this skill is directly proportional to the number of poison stacks on the target.

The first poison stack adds 100% reality damage, and each additional stack (up to three) contributes an extra 50% reality damage.

At full potency (with three poison stacks), this skill can deal up to 650% reality damage, making it one of the most devastating single-target attacks in the game.

Good Friends (AOE Skill)

This skill targets two enemies with substantial damage.

It deals up to 335% damage, which is considerable for an AoE skill.

If targets have any negative status (including poison), the skill inflicts additional damage, reaching up to 410% at level three.

This skill is versatile for dealing with multiple threats and is especially potent against enemies already debuffed by status effects.

Insights and Their Impact on Skills

in game jessica insights in reverse 1999

Insight One

This insight significantly increases Jessica's overall damage output by 20% when an enemy is afflicted with poison.

Also, at the start of the battle and every three turns thereafter, it automatically applies poison to all enemies.

This feature is crucial for these reasons:

  • It enhances the effectiveness of her skills like "White Blankie," which deals more damage based on poison stacks.
  • Automatic poison application at the battle's start and periodically ensures that Jessica can maintain consistent pressure on enemies without needing to use a skill solely for poison application.

Insight Two

This insight straightforwardly increases the damage dealt by Jessica by 8%.

When paired with Insight One, it creates a compounding effect, making Jessica's attacks particularly devastating.

Unlike Insight One, which is specifically tailored to enhance poison-based strategies, Insight Two is universally beneficial, increasing the effectiveness of all her attacks regardless of the enemy's status.

Insight Three

This insight ensures that if, for any reason, an enemy does not have poison at the start of Jessica’s turn, they will be afflicted with it.

It is particularly crucial for maximizing the damage of "White Blankie," which relies heavily on the enemy having poison stacks.

There is a potential overlap with the passive poison application from Insight One.

While this can sometimes lead to a small reduction in overall efficiency (due to the redundancy of applying poison), the benefit of ensuring that all enemies are consistently poisoned typically outweighs this downside.

Psychube Selection

in game blasphemer of night details in reverse 1999

Blasphemer of Night

Ideal for her as she is one of the only units that can reliably trigger this psychube amplification effect.

Be aware that you would also need to bring Sotheby or any other character that can inflict negative status to consistently reach Blasphemer of Night requirements.


Becomes more effective after defeating 4 enemies.

A viable choice when you expect a long fight with tons of enemies, allowing Jessica to ramp up her damage output effectively.

His Bounden Duty

Offers a consistent damage output without needing specific conditions to be met.

Delivers slightly less damage than Blasphemer of Night with 100% uptime but is more reliable.

A great all-rounder Psychube, especially in scenarios where maintaining specific conditions for other Psychubes is challenging.

Thunderous Applause

Best used in a crit-based resonance layout, particularly if paired with characters like Tooth Fairy who enhance critical hits.

Ideal when focusing on a critical hit strategy, providing additional damage spikes on crits.

Resonance Layout: Critical vs. Attack/Damage Bonus

Critical-Based Resonance 10 Layout

Crit Hit Resonance 10 Build Jessica Reverse 1999

Increases the chance of landing critical hits and the damage dealt by these hits.

When a critical hit occurs, it results in significantly higher damage output.

The main drawback is the reliance on chance.

If critical hits do not occur frequently, the potential for increased damage is not realized.

This layout is more effective when combined with other game elements that enhance critical hit chances, such as specific Psychubes or team members like Tooth Fairy.

Attack/Damage Bonus Resonance 10 Layout

Attack/Damage Resonance 10 Build Jessica Reverse 1999

Provides a straightforward increase in attack power and damage dealt.

Unlike the critical-based layout, this approach offers a steady and reliable enhancement to Jessica’s damage output.

While more consistent, it may not reach the high damage peaks of a successful critical hit.

It is generally more versatile, benefiting all of Jessica's skills regardless of the enemy's defense or other battle conditions.

Team Synergy: Maximizing Jessica

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Kanjira and Tooth Fairy

Kanjira can provide additional debuffs or control effects, enhancing the damage potential of Jessica's "Good Friends" skill.

Tooth Fairy is ideal for teams focusing on critical hits, as she can enhance the critical hit rate or damage, complementing a critical-based resonance layout for Jessica.

Sotheby and Bkornblume

Sotheby offers supportive abilities that can shield or heal, providing Jessica with more survivability in prolonged battles.

Bkornblume can apply additional debuffs to enemies, synergizing well with Jessica’s skills that capitalize on enemy debuffs.

Substitutes for Tooth Fairy

If Tooth Fairy is not available, a character like Medicine Pocket can serve as a substitute.

While not as effective in enhancing critical hits, Medicine Pocket can still provide useful support and additional debuffs.

Mandatory Poison Stackers (Sotheby or Kanjira)

Both these characters are essential for ensuring a constant supply of poison stacks on enemies, which is crucial for maximizing the damage output of Jessica’s "White Blankie" skill.

Portray Efficiency: When to Invest

Portrays for Jessica, from P0 to P5, offer around a 15% additional damage increase.

This increment, while significant, should be weighed against the cost and effort required to achieve it.

Investing in portrays demands resources that could be used elsewhere.

So you should consider if these resources could be more effectively used in pulling for other characters rather that improving a bit Jessica's damage.

Should you Pull for Jessica?

in game jessica banner the changeling awaits in reverse 1999

In conclusion, Jessica is a powerhouse in Reverse: 1999, thanks to her poison-based skills and substantial damage output.

With the right insights, Psychubes, and resonance layout, she becomes an indispensable asset in any player's lineup, capable of outperforming many other DPS characters in the game.

If you're missing Sotheby or are not going to pull for Kanjira, her damage output won't be mind blowing but still effective.

However, if you've built Sotheby and are aiming for a poison-focused team, she is a MUST pull.