Spathodea in Reverse: 1999 - A Complete Guide

Spathodea in Reverse: 1999 - A Complete Guide
Last updated:
April 29, 2024
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Spathodea’s toolkit is designed to unleash some of the highest burst damage in the game, making her a top-tier DPS on any team.

This guide dives deep into her abilities, optimal team setups, and the best psychubes and resonance setup to maximize her damage output.

Spathodea in Reverse: 1999 - A Complete Guide

Overview of Spathodea’s Abilities

Ultimate: Flame within the Fire

Spathodea’s ultimate ability, Flame within the Fire, is a powerhouse move designed for high-stakes combat.

It deals a huge 700% Reality damage to a single target, with critical damage boosted significantly by the presence of burn stacks on the enemy.

  • Base Critical Damage Increase: The attack inherently increases critical damage by 40%, amplifying its impact right from the outset.
  • Enhanced Critical Damage: If the target is suffering from 15 or more stacks of [Burn], the critical damage bonus doubles, adding another 40%. This feature positions Spathodea as a top-tier choice against bosses or high-health targets where stacking [Burn] is feasible.

Burn Mechanics

  • Debuff Effect: Each [Burn] reduces the enemy’s healing received by 15%, though this effect cannot stack with itself.
  • Damage Over Time: At the end of each round, the burned target suffers additional damage equivalent to 4% of Spathodea's attack for each stack of [Burn], which can accumulate up to 30 times.
  • Stack Reduction: Upon activation, 50% of the [Burn] stacks are removed, which requires strategic timing to maintain sufficient stacks for maximizing her ultimate's potential.

Skill 1: Little Boxer

Deals 200-500% Reality damage; gains an additional 40% Critical Damage if the target is in [Preignition].


Burn Infliction: Prior to the attack, [Preignition] converts into [Burn] on the target, with each stack translating to one burn, maximizing the damage potential of subsequent attacks, particularly the ultimate.

Skill 2: Ignition Point

Provides 3-9 stacks of [Preignition], 2-5 stacks of [Exhilaration], and generates a Precast Incantation of Little Boxer for the next round.

Additional Buff Effects

  • Exhilaration: Boosts Spathodea's Critical Rate by 15% per stack when attacking, enhancing her likelihood of triggering critical hits.
  • Preparation - Spathodea: Ensures that at the start of the next round, a Precast Incantation of Little Boxer is ready, allowing for immediate and potent follow-up attacks.

Insight Abilities

Insight I: Enhanced Critical Potential

This Insight is crucial for setting up high-damage sequences.

By ensuring that a burn is applied, Spathodea can significantly increase the likelihood of her next attack being a critical strike.

This is particularly powerful when timed before unleashing her ultimate or a high-level Little Boxer attack.

Since Little Boxer can apply [Burn] via [Preignition], each successful burn ensures the next attack not only hits harder due to potential critical damage but also has an increased chance to crit, which can perpetuate further burns.

Insight II: Battle Entry Damage Boost

This Insight provides an immediate damage boost at the start of combat, which is crucial for quickly reducing the health of key targets or bosses.

It’s especially effective in battles where initial momentum can dictate the flow of combat.

In longer battles, this Insight ensures that Spathodea remains a significant threat from the moment she enters the fray.

Combined with her ability to stack burns quickly, she can maintain a high damage output consistently.

Insight III: Critical Burns

This Insight is essential for maximizing the efficiency of Spathodea’s ultimate, Flame within the Fire.

By ensuring that critical hits apply additional burn stacks, Spathodea can more reliably meet the 15 burn stack threshold needed to double the critical damage bonus of her ultimate.

Insight III works hand-in-hand with Insight I and her abilities.

Every critical hit not only inflicts significant damage but also prepares the target for subsequent, more devastating attacks by increasing the number of burn stacks, which can then be exploited for massive damage.

Optimal Psychubes

Long Night Talk

Spathodea’s best in slot Psychube significantly increases her base attack stat, which is critical given that her damage output from both her skills and ultimate scales with her attack power.

Whenever Spathodea uses her buff skill, Ignition Point, she gains an additional attack bonus.

This synergizes well with her ability to stack multiple buffs and prep for a devastating follow-up attack.

Although this cube primarily enhances attack rather than the ultimate directly, the increased base attack significantly boosts the damage dealt by her ultimate, which has a high attack multiplier.

Luxurious Leisure

This cube is specifically geared towards enhancing Spathodea’s ultimate ability.

It provides an increase in ultimate power, which directly scales up the damage output of her ultimate, Flame within the Fire.

Luxurious Leisure is easy to stack with Spathodea’s natural gameplay loop.

Each application of her skills increases the cube’s effectiveness, progressively boosting her ultimate’s damage.

While Long Night Talk boosts overall attack, Luxurious Leisure focuses more on maximizing the damage of specific high-impact moments.

The choice between these cubes can depend on player preference for consistent damage versus peak ultimate burst.

Resonance Strategies

Critical Damage and Rate

Given Spathodea's heavy reliance on critical hits to maximize the output of her abilities, especially her ultimate, resonances that increase her critical rate and critical damage are highly valuable.

These resonances help ensure that her high-multiplier attacks not only hit more frequently but also hit harder.

  • Critical Rate Resonance: Enhances the likelihood of her attacks being critical, which is beneficial for consistently triggering her Insight III, where she applies additional [Burn] stacks on critical hits.
  • Critical Damage Resonance: Increases the damage output of her critical hits, which synergizes well with her ability to stack critical damage bonuses through her skills and ultimate.

Attack Power

Since all of Spathodea’s skills, including her ultimate, scale with her attack stat, increasing her attack power through resonance is extremely effective.

Boosting her base attack amplifies every point of damage she deals.

Straightforwardly increases her attack statistic, enhancing the overall effectiveness of her damage output across all abilities.

Damage Bonus

Resonances that provide a general damage bonus are also beneficial for Spathodea, as they universally apply to all forms of damage she deals, whether it's from her regular attacks, skills, or ultimate.

Provides an across-the-board increase to the damage she deals, making it a versatile choice for boosting her effectiveness in various combat scenarios.

Strategic Team Composition

Key Roles to Fill

Burn Stack Enhancers
  • Isolde: As previously mentioned, Isolde is an optimal choice for pairing with Spathodea. Isolde's ability to passively apply [Burn] and [Preignition] to all enemies each turn synergizes perfectly with Spathodea’s need for high burn stacks to unleash the full potential of her ultimate. This reduces the reliance on RNG and ensures a steady flow of burns.
  • Ulu: For teams where Isolde is unavailable, Ulu is a viable alternative, especially at higher portrait levels (P3 and above). Ulu can apply burns passively and through her skills, supporting the build-up of burn stacks essential for Spathodea's damage output.

Critical Rate and Damage Buffers
  • Tooth Fairy: This support excels in enhancing critical rates and critical damage, making her a great addition to any team featuring Spathodea. Tooth Fairy’s passive debuffs not only increase the likelihood of Spathodea landing critical hits but also the damage they inflict.
  • Other Critical Buff Supports: Any character that can provide buffs to critical rate or amplify damage can be beneficial. These supports help ensure that Spathodea’s attacks not only hit hard but also consistently land as critical strikes.

Defense Reducers and Damage Amplifiers
  • Shamane and Bkornblume: Both characters offer defensive shred and damage taken increase effects, which are invaluable for boosting Spathodea’s damage output. Additionally, their abilities to provide AoE damage can complement Spathodea’s single-target focus, rounding out the team’s damage profile against multiple enemies.
  • Tennant: While not the most ideal, Tennant can provide a substantial amount of defense reduction with her skills, making her a solid choice for focusing down single high-priority targets.

Team Setup Examples

Ideal Team Setup for Boss Fights
  • Spathodea
  • Isolde (for consistent burn application)
  • Tooth Fairy (for critical rate and damage enhancement)
  • Shamane or Bkornblume (for additional damage amplification and utility)

This lineup ensures that Spathodea can consistently apply burn stacks while also benefiting from enhanced critical damage and reduced enemy defenses, maximizing her damage output in critical bursts.

Alternative Setup for General Play
  • Spathodea
  • Ulu (if Isolde is unavailable)
  • Tooth Fairy
  • Tennant (for focused defense reduction)

This setup offers a balance of burn application, critical damage enhancement, and defense reduction, suitable for various game content where enemy configurations might vary.

Portray Efficiency

Portray 1: Enhanced Critical Damage for Little Boxer

Increases Critical Damage of Little Boxer to 70%.

This upgrade significantly boosts the damage potential of Little Boxer, making it more lethal, especially when combined with Preignition stacks that convert to [Burn].

This makes her basic attacks much more effective against high-health targets.

Portray 2: Increased Critical Rate for Flame Flower

Boosts Critical Rate by 50%.

A higher critical rate enhances the likelihood of all her attacks landing as critical hits.

This not only amplifies her damage output but also synergizes with her Insight III, which applies additional [Burn] stacks on critical hits, thereby fueling the effectiveness of her ultimate.

Portray 3: Major Critical Damage Boost to Ultimate

Critical Damage of Flame within the Fire increased to 70%; Extra Critical Damage also increased to 70%.

This portrait level dramatically enhances the burst potential of Spathodea's ultimate, especially when the target has 15 or more [Burn] stacks.

It's particularly valuable in boss fights where maximizing single-hit damage is crucial.

Portray 4: Scaled Reality Damage for Little Boxer

Reality Damage at Incantation ranks 1/2/3 increased to 220/330/550% respectively.

The incremental damage increase at each rank of Little Boxer makes Spathodea a consistent threat in any combat scenario.

It ensures that even her lower-level attacks can deal significant damage, making her useful in a variety of tactical situations.

Portray 5: Ultimate Reality and Critical Damage Enhancement

Reality Damage of Flame within the Fire increased to 750%; Critical Damage and Extra Critical Damage both increased to 100%.

At P5, Spathodea’s ultimate becomes devastatingly powerful.

The increased base damage, coupled with doubled critical damage bonuses, allows her to potentially one-shot enemies under the right conditions.

This level turns her into one of the game's most formidable burst damage dealers.

Final Thoughts on Spathodea: Should You Pull for Her?

Mastering Spathodea’s gameplay involves understanding her burst potential and strategically aligning her with supports that maximize her damage output.

With the right setup, Spathodea can consistently deliver staggering damage, securing her place as one of the top damage dealers in Reverse: 1999.

Whether you're handling formidable bosses or climbing the competitive ladder, integrating Spathodea into your team with the insights from this guide will undoubtedly elevate your gameplay experience.