The Ultimate Guide to Rerolling in Reverse: 1999

The Ultimate Guide to Rerolling in Reverse: 1999
Last updated:
February 12, 2024
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As the gacha gaming world eagerly anticipates the global launch of Reverse: 1999 on October 26th for PC and mobile, one word is on everyone's lips: rerolling.

Knowing the best way to reroll can provide you a head start in your gaming journey.

This in-depth guide will walk you through the process and offer a detailed review of the initial characters.

Let's dive in!

Pro Tip: Use Bluestacks to speed up the rerolling process.

The Ultimate Guide to Rerolling in Reverse: 1999 – Character Reviews Included

The developers of Reverse: 1999 have made the rerolling process smoother for global players.

Now, you can access the main menu after completing just stage 1-1, speeding up the time to claim your pulls.

Reroll Progression: The 10-Pull and 40-Pull Strategies

The Quick 10-Pull Method

Complete stage 1-4 and head to the main menu.

Claim your pulls from the mail. You should have around 10 pulls within 5 minutes, depending on how quickly you complete the tutorial combat.

The Extended 40-Pull Method

If you're aiming for a 40-pull start, this could take about 20 to 40 minutes.

Complete up to stage 1-11 and invest most of your stamina in the experience stage.

Account level rewards at levels 3 and 5 will gift you 10 pulls each, contributing to a total of around 40 pulls.

Multi-Instances: Rerolling Multiple Accounts Simultaneously

For those on a computer, use an emulator like Bluestacks with synchronization features.

This mirrors actions across all emulator instances, allowing multiple account rolls simultaneously.

Banners on Release: Where to Roll

The First Drop of Rain Beginner Banner Reverse: 1999

Crystals, Pulls, and Beginner's Banner

In Reverse: 1999, the game's currency is called "Clear Drops," and you'll need them for pulling characters.

The pull ticket itself is called "Unilog," which looks like a little glass rabbit.

A single pull requires 180 Clear Drops, so for a 10-pull, you'll need 1,800 Clear Drops.

Types of Banners

The game will launch with three banners:

  • The Standard Banner with all units (Amid the Water)
  • The Beginner Banner guaranteeing one of three 6-stars (The First Drop of Rain)
  • A Standard Rate-Up Banner featuring Sotheby and another featuring A Knight.

Recommended Banners

For the best start, roll in either the rate-up Banner for Sotheby/A Knight or the standard Banner for an early 6-star.

The Beginner Banner costs only 30 pulls for a guaranteed 6-star, and all three units are decent, so you don’t have to be picky in your rerolling phase.

Character Reviews: Who to Aim For

We've reviewed a few tier lists in this post, but here are some great characters than you can get on launch:

Centurion (6-Star Beast)

A powerful DPS unit with a passive that increases his damage based on his Moxie levels.

He is AP generous, can inflict single target and AOE damage, has self-sustain at i3 and can inflict weakness to the enemies.

His skill, Victorious General, is a high Reality damage single-target skill when used at high Moxie levels.

Druvis III (6-Star Plant)

Boosts the entire plant element, providing damage reduction and life steal.

Her skills can also petrify enemies, preventing them from taking actions for a turn.

An-an Lee (6-Star Plant)

A support character offering team damage buffs and enemy stuns.

Her passive increases her skill level during combat every other turn and her ultimate also increases her skill level for 2 turns.

She is also AP generous.

Sotheby (6-Stars Plant)

This unit excels in healing and poison support.

Poison counts as a debuff, helping with skills and passives that activate when the enemy is debuffed.

It’s also true damage, bypassing certain enemy mechanics.

A Knight (6-Star Spirit)

The only Spirit six-star at launch, excelling in DPS against low-HP enemies. He is also very strong against mobs.

He gains additional Moxie for his skill effects and provides team-wide buffs via his ultimate.

His main weakness is that he's not very effective against single bosses.

The Beginner Choices

When it comes to getting your beginner character, there are three contenders in the Beginner's Banner: Regulus, Eternity, and Lilya.

  • Regulus: She's a well-rounded unit, offering good damage and crit rate. She also lets allies dodge enemy attacks for 1 turn after using her ultimate, which is handy in many scenarios.
  • Eternity: This character is the high-risk, high-reward option. She's extremely powerful but drains her own HP to unleash her full potential. You'll likely need a healer or support to keep her alive, although her ultimate lifesteal allow her to self sustain.
  • Lilya: If you're all about damage, Lilya's your girl. She excels in dealing damage but lacks versatility, making her less ideal for a balanced team. She also gets outperformed by future limited DPS units.

Conclusion and Tips

It's recommended to save your pulls for patch 1.1, which will introduce two limited banners with strong characters.

The game launches five days before the monthly reset, so late starters will miss the first month's shop refresh.

So whether you're going for a quick start or aiming for specific units, this guide has you covered.

Stay tuned for more in-depth character reviews coming soon, and happy rerolling in Reverse: 1999!