Unlocking Ms. NewBabel's Potential: A Comprehensive Guide

Unlocking Ms. NewBabel's Potential: A Comprehensive Guide
Last updated:
February 28, 2024
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Ms. NewBabel, with her versatile abilities and unique skill set, has captivated the hearts of many Reverse 1999 players.

As a mineral 6-star, she's know for her DPS potential, taunt capabilities, and shields.

This guide dives deep into how to maximize NewBabel's kit, ensuring you leverage her strengths to the fullest.

Complete Ms. NewBabel Guide: Best Builds and Team compositions

Skill Overview

in game newbabel ultimate details in reverse 1999

Ultimate: The Future is Near

This ultimate skill encapsulates NewBabel's role as a defensive powerhouse.

Upon activation, she gains the [Taunt] and [Fanged Partner] statuses along with Control Immunity, making her the focal point of enemy attacks.

The unique aspect of this skill is the Riposte, which triggers upon receiving damage, dealing 100% Reality Damage and additional Genesis Damage based on her Reality Defense, effectively turning her into a counterattacking DPS. Riposte is seen as an extra action.

This ability underscores her dual role as a tank and DPS, capable of absorbing damage and countering it.

Skill 1: Old Idea

NewBabel's primary attack skill, Old Idea, showcases her ability to inflict substantial single-target damage.

The skill scales with her Reality Defense, meaning the higher her defense, the more damage she deals.

At its highest level, this skill not only delivers a massive 300% Reality Damage along with 200% of her Reality Defense as Genesis Damage but also grants her a Moxie point if she has an active [Shield].

Skill 2: A New Wave

A New Wave showcases NewBabel's role as a protector.

This mass buff skill provides all allies with a shield based on a percentage of her Reality Defense. At its maximum level, the skill offers a staggering shield strength of 375% of her Reality Defenses as HP for two rounds.

This skill emphasizes NewBabel's utility in maintaining team sustainability and fortifying defenses, making her an invaluable asset in any team composition.

Insight Abilities and Their Impact

in game newbabel insight details in reverse 1999

Insight I: Guarding Instinct

This ability grants her a stack of [Guarding Instinct] every time she's attacked, lasting for 2 rounds.

Each stack increases her Reality Defense, boosting her damage mitigation and the effectiveness of her counterattacks and shields.

The accumulation of [Guarding Instinct] stacks ensures that she becomes increasingly tougher to take down as the battle progresses.

Insight II: Damage Mitigation

By directly reducing damage taken by 8% as soon as she enters battle, this Insight provides an immediate boost to NewBabel's survivability.

Insight III: Loyal Partner

The culmination of NewBabel's defensive capabilities is achieved upon gaining 15 [Guarding Instinct] stacks, transitioning her into [Loyal Partner] status.

This status marks a significant power spike, granting her immunity to Moxie reduction effects and permanently boosting her Reality DEF by 25%.

Psychube Recommendations

in game newbabel psychube details in reverse 1999

Silent and Adoring (1.4)

This Psychube increases the wearer's extra action damage by 12% while boosting extra action Genesis damage by up to 50%.

Additionally, it provides an ATK% boost, enhancing NewBabel's overall damage output, particularly benefiting her counterattacks and making her an solid DPS choice.

Remaining Absurdity (1.4)

When NewBabel performs a single-target attack under the effect of a shield, this Psychube grants her attacks up to 20% Incantation Might, enhancing her damage output.

Given NewBabel's kit focuses on maintaining a shield, this Psychube synergizes well by turning her defensive stance into an offensive advantage.

His Bounden Duty

Although not specifically tailored for NewBabel, this Psychube offers valuable stat sticks that can enhance her damage output and provide healing.

The effect of self-healing when defeating enemies can also be beneficial in long battles, allowing NewBabel to keep tanking further.

Thunderous Applause

Although typically more suited for characters focused on critical hits, considering NewBabel's potential for high damage output with her counterattacks, Thunderous can be a viable option if your build focuses on maximizing her critical hit rate and damage.

Resonance Builds

Ms. NewBabel optimal resonance build can be focused on her follow-up attacks, crit stats or overall survivability.

Here are the 3 optimal builds depending on which path you choose for your team needs:

Counter Build

Ms. NewBabel Counter Resonance 10 Build Reverse 1999

Crit Hit Build

Ms. NewBabel Crit Hit Resonance 10 Build Reverse 1999

Survivability Build

Ms. NewBabel Survivability Resonance 10 Build Reverse 1999

Strategic Team Compositions

in game newbabel team setup in reverse 1999

The Self-Sustaining Comp

Composition: NewBabel, Mondlicht, and Eternity.

This setup focuses on characters that can heal themselves, allowing for a highly offensive approach.

NewBabel’s role is to shield and absorb damage, while Mondlicht provides reality defense debuffs to enemies, enhancing Eternity's offensive output while she self-heals.

Shield and Heal

Composition: NewBabel with a dedicated healer and a DPS character.

NewBabel acts as the frontline, absorbing and counteracting enemy attacks with her taunt and shield abilities.

The healer ensures the team remains in optimal condition, while a DPS character like 37 focuses on eliminating threats.

This balanced approach allows the team to tackle a wide range of challenges by combining defense, healing, and offense.

Portray Efficiency

in game newbabel portrait info in reverse 1999

Portray 1: Enhanced Riposte Damage

This level boosts the damage of Miss NewBabel's counterattacks under the Fanged Partner status by 10%, making her ripostes a potent offensive tool.

Portray 2: Increased Genesis Damage

This upgrade elevates the Genesis Damage of her Old Idea skill across its star levels, further incentivizing to invest in her Reality Defense.

It makes her basic skill more impactful, particularly against single targets, enhancing her role as a DPS character in addition to her defensive duties.

Portray 3 & 4: Progressive Riposte Damage Enhancement

These levels continue to strengthen the damage of Miss NewBabel's counterattacks during Fanged Partner status by 10% each.

Portray 5: Superior Shielding

The final upgrade boosts the Shield HP provided by A New Wave, scaling with her Reality Defense.

This enhancement not only offers greater protection to the entire team but also synergizes well with other aspects of her kit that benefit from maintaining an active shield.

While decent, none of these portraits are worth pulling for her dupes.

Final Thoughts on NewBabel

Ms. NewBabel's unique blend of offense and defense makes her a solid DPS unit in Reverse 1999.

By understanding her kit, strategically building her resonance, and pairing her with complementary allies, you can unlock her full potential, making her an indispensable asset to any team.