Mastering Druvis III in Reverse 1999: A Comprehensive Guide

Mastering Druvis III in Reverse 1999: A Comprehensive Guide
Last updated:
February 12, 2024
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Druvis III, a six-star plant DPS in Reverse 1999 Global, combines DPS control and support into one powerful package.

Despite her underrated status, Druvis III's capabilities make her a formidable character on any team.

This guide will dive into Druvis's abilities, best Psychube choices, resonance build, and optimal team compositions to help you maximize her potential.

A Comprehensive Guide to Mastering Druvis III: Best Builds and Team Compositions

Druvis III's Abilities Explained

in game druvis iii skill details in reverse 1999

Ultimate: Silence in the Woods

Silence in the Woods is a mass attack skill that delivers a powerful 400% Mental DMG to all enemies, with an additional effect of inflicting Petrify on the primary target for one round.

This skill is the cornerstone of Druvis III's role as a control DPS, capable of not only dealing significant damage across the board but also disabling a key opponent.

The Petrify status prevents the affected enemy from acting, essentially removing them from the equation for a turn.

However, this potent control effect is dispelled after the enemy takes a Reality DMG attack.

This introduces a strategic layer to using Druvis III, and you must carefully consider your team's attack sequence to avoid breaking the Petrify status.

First Skill: Wind into the Woods

At its base level, Wind into the Woods is a straightforward single-target attack dealing 200% Mental DMG.

At level two, the skill retains its damage output but gains the ability to inflict Petrify for one round. This addition enhances her control over the battlefield by disabling key enemy units.

At level three, it boosts the damage to 300% Mental DMG and extends the Petrify duration to two rounds.

Second Skill: Early Dawn

Early Dawn starts as a mass attack targeting two enemies with 120% (up to 300%) Mental DMG, and enjoys a 30% Penetration Rate.

It can pierce enemy defenses and makes it a nice-to-have tool in Druvis III's kit for weakening up or finishing off key targets.

Insights and Enhancements

in game druvis iii insight details in reverse 1999

Insight I: Amplified Damage under Buffs

Grants a 20% increase in damage dealt when Druvis III is under any [Stats Up] or [Post Status] effects.

This Insight emphasizes the importance of pairing Druvis III with support characters capable of giving those buffs or positive statuses.

Insight II: Initial Battle Advantage

Provides an 8% increase in damage dealt as soon as Druvis III enters the battle.

Insight III: Plant Ally Enhancement

Upon entering battle, all Plant allies gain the [Circle of Life] status once, enhancing their capabilities.

Circle of Life permanently boosts DMG Heal by 10% and Leech Rate by 10% too.

Insight III significantly boosts Druvis III's utility in plant-based teams by automatically providing a supportive buff to her plant allies.

Psychube Recommendations

in game druvis iii psychube details in reverse 1999

Brave New World

Enhances Ultimate and Incantation Might, making Druvis III's AOE skills more potent.

Ideal if you're looking to leverage Druvis III’s damage output to its fullest, especially in situations where her ultimate can be a game-changer.

Her Second Life

Offers versatility by enhancing the team's survivability when casting her ultimate.

Suitable for a more balanced approach, where Druvis III is expected not only to deal damage but also to sustain the team in long fights.

Blasphemer of Night

Complements poison team compositions by dealing more damage when enemies have 2 or more debuffs.

For teams that focus on debuffs and control, building Druvis III with Blasphemer of Night can further increase her effectiveness in dealing tons of damage.

The Footloose & Yearning Desire

Provides additional damage potential through their buffs.

These Psychubes are well-rounded choices for Druvis III if you're lacking 6-star psychubes.

Resonance Build

As a DPS character, your best bet while building Druvis III's resonate is maximizing attack, damage and crit stats.

Here are her 2 best builds at Resonance level 10:

Attack-Focused Build

Attack Focused Resonance Level 10 Build Druvis III Reverse 1999

Crit-Focused Build

Crit Focused Resonance Level 10 Build Druvis III Reverse 1999

Ideal Team Compositions

in game druvis iii team setup in reverse 19999

Petrify Control Team

  • Druvis III (Control DPS): Serves as the cornerstone of the team with her ability to inflict Petrify, controlling the battlefield by disabling key targets.
  • Satsuki (Debuffer/DPS): Complements Druvis III by refreshing and exploiting the Petrify status. Satsuki's abilities can prolong the control effects on enemies, ensuring they remain incapacitated while the team deals damage.
  • La Source (Healer/Support): Provides healing and additional support, ensuring the team's sustainability. Her plant-based abilities can also benefit from Druvis III's Insight 3 enhancement, further strengthening the team's synergy.
  • Flex Slot (DPS/Utility): Depending on the content, this slot can be filled by a character that either provides additional damage, further control, or utility. For a full plant team, a character like Rabies could add poison debuffs, enhancing the team's overall DPS through debuff synergies.

Mixed Damage Team

  • Druvis III (Control DPS): Her role remains pivotal for applying Petrify and dealing mental damage.
  • An-an Lee (Buffer/DPS): Offers buffs to enhance the team's damage output, particularly benefiting Druvis III's Insight 1, which increases her damage when under positive status effects.
  • La Source (Healer/Support): Ensures the team's longevity with healing and buffs, which can also trigger Druvis III's damage boost under Insight 1.
  • Sonetto (DPS/Debuffer): Adds versatility to the team with additional damage and debuffs, rounding out the team's ability to handle various threats.

Poison Team

  • Druvis III (Control DPS): Acts as the team leader, enhancing plant allies with her Insight III, granting them the Circle of Life status for increased damage and healing.
  • Jessica (Poison DPS): Exploits poison debuffs for high damage output, synergizing well with Druvis III's control capabilities to keep enemies petrified while poison takes effect.
  • Sotheby (Healer): Provides necessary healing, more poison, and benefits from being a plant ally, receiving buffs from Druvis III's Insight 3.
  • Kanjira (Debuffer/DPS): Adds more poison debuffs and DPS, benefiting from the plant synergy and enhancing the team's overall damage through debuff stacking.

Portray Efficiency

in game druvis iii portrait info in reverse 1999

While none of her Portraits are game-changing, all of them increase Druvis III's damage potential:

Portrait 1

Winds into the Woods skill's damage is increased to 300/400% Mental DMG at 2/3 stars.

This upgrade significantly boosts Druvis III's single-target damage capability, making her Petrify skill more lethal.

Portrait 2

Silence in the Woods ultimate's damage increases to 450% Mental DMG.

This enhancement further solidifies Druvis III's role as a mass damage dealer.

Portrait 3

Early Dawn skill's damage is adjusted to 135/200/325% Mental DMG at 1/2/3 stars.

By increasing Early Dawn's damage across all stars, this Portray broadens Druvis III's ability to deal with multiple targets effectively.

Portrait 4

Enhances Silence in the Woods to deal 500% Mental DMG, a minor improvement from P2.

Portrait 5

Early Dawn's Penetration Rate increases from +30% to +40%.

The final Portray level fortifies Druvis III's capability to bypass enemy defenses, making Early Dawn exceptionally potent against targets with high mental resistance.

Final Thoughts on Druvis

Druvis III's unique blend of DPS, control, and support roles, coupled with the right Psychube selection and team composition, makes her a valuable character in Reverse 1999.

Her ability to petrify opponents and support plant allies with buffs highlights her as a strategic choice for players looking to diversify their gameplay and team dynamics.