Complete UTTU Guide for Beginners in Reverse: 1999

Complete UTTU Guide for Beginners in Reverse: 1999
Last updated:
February 2, 2024
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Welcome to the exciting UTTU gamemode in Reverse 1999!

This guide aims to prepare you for an engaging experience in this dynamic event mode.

Get ready to dive into what is UTTU, the card system, and more, enhancing your gameplay right from the start.

Mastering UTTU: A Complete Guide for Beginners

UTTU Main Hub Reverse 1999

Introduction to UTTU

UTTU is an innovative game mode that has launched with the new Pickles banner and his featured events.

Featuring a total of 35 stages, this mode offers an escalating challenge coupled with a card-collecting and deck-building system.

Unique in its approach, UTTU is free from Activity cost, making it accessible and enjoyable for all players.

Key Features of UTTU

  • No Activity Cost: Engage in the game mode without spending any in-game activity (stamina).
  • Unique Currency and Market: UTTU has its own dedicated currency system called UTTU Shopping Receipt and a Market offering tons of valuable rewards.
  • Rewards Range: Rewards include special character skins, insight materials, and resonate materials.

Recommended Levels for Participation

  • Minimum Level for Entry: Insight II Level 5 is the recommended starting point for UTTU.
  • Advanced Level Requirement: To tackle the final stage, players should aim for Insight III level 20.
  • Casual Player Milestone: For casual players, reaching Insight II Level 30 and completing Stage 10 should be enough to acquire either the featured skin or the most valuable materials from the shop.

Navigating the Main Hub

The main hub serves as the game's nerve center, featuring the main stage, shop, and other essential elements including achievements, special stages, and card collections.

Let's go through some of them:

Main Stages

Progressing through the main stage unlocks new levels and card tiers. Rush through them to quickly accumulate rewards and necessary materials. The higher the difficulty, the better the drop rates and rewards.

You'll receive daily tickets used to spawn encounters and farm FAME cards via UTTU Retails. Proper use of tickets is crucial for effective card farming. One common mistake is letting tickets overcap, leading to missed opportunities for card encounters.

UTTU Retails FAME Cards Reverse 1999

UTTU Market

Each major update, like 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, and so on brings unique items to the shop.

Expect essentials like caskets, knells, wilderness materials, and free skins.

Special Stages

After completing the main stages, you should tackle Special UTTU Stages.

These are advanced challenges, offering higher difficulty and unique rewards.

You should accumulate a robust card collection before attempting these stages.


Tackling achievements not only boosts your player profile but also rewards premium cards unavailable elsewhere.

Card Collection: The Heart of UTTU

UTTU Card Collection Reverse 1999

UTTU cards, integral to the gaming experience, come in two distinct types: FAME cards and Premium cards.

These cards play a crucial role in enhancing gameplay and strategy, offering unique benefits and effects to players.

Types of UTTU Cards

FAME Cards:

  1. How To Get: Earned by playing stages at UTTU Retails.
  2. Character-Specific Effects: Each FAME card impacts only the character it's equipped to.
  3. Rarity Levels: Cards of the same type can have different tiers (Light-Blue, Blue, Gold, and FAME), with higher rarity offering better effects.
  4. Slots: Up to two FAME card slots can be unlocked for each character.

Premium Cards:

  1. How to Get: Through progression in main stages or completion of achievements.
  2. Team-Wide Impact: Unlike FAME cards, Premium cards influence the entire team.
  3. Rarity: Premium cards have a single rarity level.

Strategies for Card Collection

UTTU Main Stage Team Setup Reverse 1999

Early Game Advancement: Focus on advancing in the main stages initially. This approach increases the rarity of obtainable cards and the chances of encountering special stages, such as Intensive Reading.

Efficient Use of Tickets at UTTU Retails: You receive five tickets daily, with a cap of 10 tickets. Ensure regular card collection to avoid missing opportunities.

Replay Mode: Once a stage is cleared, it can be replayed, easing the process of card collection.

Intensive Reading Stages

Green Intensive Reading: Offers double the rewards compared to a normal stage.

Orange Intensive Reading (EX): Lets players choose any card of the highest unlocked rarity.

How to Identify Them: These stages are highlighted on the map and should be prioritized.

Completion Conditions: Achieving specific objectives like stage clearance without moving cards, not using Tuning skills, or maintaining the team above 50% HP, rewards players accordingly.

Tips for Card Management

Merge System for Duplicates: Use the merge function to potentially create higher-tier cards from duplicates.

Usage of Selectors: A card selector allows players to choose any card from a specific tier. Before using selectors, ensure the card you want isn't likely to be acquired soon. They're rare and powerful tools in your arsenal.

UTTU Market and Currency Management

UTTU Market Reverse 1999

UTTU Market Priority Guide

  • Exclusive Skin Cost: Priced at 25k, the value of the exclusive skin is subjective and totally depends on your preferences.
  • Highest Material Value: Crystal Casket, Sonorous Knell, Enlighten IV
  • Moderate Value: Enlighten III, Brief Cacophony, LF Polarization
  • Lower Value: Other purple, blue and green materials.

Currency Acquisition and Spending Strategy

  • Earning UTTU Currency: Currency is gained purely through progression, with no farming option.
  • Planning Purchases: Players unsure of clearing all stages should strategically plan their purchases.
  • Currency Earnings: Regular stages yield an average of 2700 currency, while Special Week stages offer 1500 currency each.
  • Total Currency Potential: Clearing all stages and achievements provides a total of 84,700 currency, enough to buy out the market with a surplus of 3,460 currency for additional exchanges like Sharpodonty.

UTTU is a game of strategy, where understanding and using the card system effectively can dramatically enhance your gameplay.

Dive in, experiment, and discover new ways to conquer the challenges of UTTU!