Mastering Kaalaa Baunaa (Black Dwarf) in Reverse: 1999

Mastering Kaalaa Baunaa (Black Dwarf) in Reverse: 1999
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February 12, 2024
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Kaalaa Baunaa, previously known as Black Dwarf, is a 6-star Mineral unit set to revolutionize Reverse 1999's meta in patch 1.3.

As a Mental Mineral DPS, she offers a unique skill set that focuses primarily on damage output.

Let's dive into how to build, team up, and select the best Psychubes for Kaalaa Baunaa.

Mastering Kaalaa Baunaa (Black Dwarf) in Reverse: 1999

Kaalaa Baunaa Character Description Reverse 1999

Understanding Kaalaa Baunaa's Skill Set

Enchanted Strike (Single Target Skill)

This is Kaalaa Baunaa’s primary attack targeting a single enemy.

The skill inflicts mental damage ranging from 180% at its base level to 450% at its highest level.

Each level of Enchanted Strike generates Saturn planets up to 3.

These planets increase penetration rate by 6% each, which is crucial for dealing with enemies that have high defenses.

Mythical Meteors (Mass Attack Skill)

Targets two enemies simultaneously, making it effective for dealing with multiple adversaries.

Deals mental damage up to 335%, while also generating Mars planets.

Each level of Mythical Meteors generates Mars planets up to 3.

Each Mars planet grants 6% leech rate, triggering Kaalaa Baunaa’s self-healing capabilities.

Ultimate Perfection (Ultimate Skill)

A powerful single-target attack dealing 600% mental damage.

Consumes all collected planets, replacing them with two full moon planets.

Full moons enhance incantation power by 6% each, boosting Kaalaa Baunaa's overall damage output.

Insights and Their Strategic Application

Kaalaa Baunaa Inheritance Starbending Reverse 1999

Starbending Insight 1

This insight is key to Kaalaa Baunaa's gameplay, adding complexity and depth to her planet generation mechanic.

Based on the type and number of planets gathered, Starbending grants different divinations:

  • Saturn Divination: Increases penetration rate by 12%, essential for bypassing enemy defenses.
  • Mars Divination: Grants 12% leech rate, helping Kaalaa Baunaa to self-sustain.
  • Full Moon Divination: Increases incantation might by 12%, amplifying the overall damage output.

All these Divinations are stackable with her Planet effects, but the Divination passive will be consumed after casting any incantation.

Starbending Insight 3

Upon using the ultimate, Kaalaa Baunaa will trigger another effect depending on the dominant planet:

  • Saturn Dominance: Triggers an additional Enchanted Strike. Its incantation level will be based on how many Saturn planets were removed.
  • Mars Dominance: Automatically casts Mythical Meteors. Its incantation level will be based on how many Mars planets were removed.
  • Full Moon Dominance: Enhances incantations, leveling up two skills for one or two rounds, depending on how many Full Moons were removed.

Optimal Psychube Choices

Max Level Luxurious Leisure Psychube Reverse 1999

Luxurious Leisure

Enhances overall damage output, aligning well with Kaalaa Baunaa's DPS role.

Best psychube for her as it increases ultimate damage while also increasing overall damage dealt after casting every ultimate (up to 3 times).

Due to Kaalaa Baunaa's AP-intensive playstyle, you'll end up generating moxie every turn and getting her ultimate frequently.


Offers a boost to in incantation and ultimate damage, beneficial when facing several enemies.

A flexible choice that complements Kaalaa Baunaa’s focus on mental damage, regardless of her specific role in the team.

Thunderous Applause

A more niche psychube focused on boosting Critical Rate and Critical Damage.

Can be a decent choice when pairing Kaalaa Baunaa with critical buffers/debuffers to ensure consistent critical hits to trigger its Amplification passive.

Resonance Strategy

Attack-Based Resonance 10

Attack/Damage Resonance 10 Build Kaalaa Baunaa Reverse 1999

Enhances Kaalaa Baunaa's mental damage output, making her attacks more potent.

Ideal for maximizing DPS, especially in scenarios where high damage output is crucial.

Critical Hit Resonance 10

Critical Hit Resonance 10 Build Kaalaa Baunaa Reverse 1999

Increases the chance and impact of critical hits.

Effective when combined with team members or Psychubes that synergize with or enhance critical hits like Tooth Fairy.

Suitable in setups where maximizing burst damage through critical hits aligns with the overall team strategy.

Hybrid Resonance

Hybrid Attack/Crit Resonance 10 Build Kaalaa Baunaa Reverse 1999

Mixes elements of attack and critical hit enhancements.

Offers a balance between consistent damage and the potential for high-damage critical hits.

A versatile option that can adapt to various combat scenarios and team compositions.

Building the Right Team

Kaalaa Baunaa Example Team Composition Reverse 1999

Key Factors in Team Composition

AP Management: Kaalaa Baunaa is known for her high AP (Action Points) demand. It's essential to team her up with characters who do not heavily compete for AP, ensuring she can frequently use her high-damage skills.

Support Characters: Given Kaalaa Baunaa's focus on damage without self-sustain, including support characters who can provide healing, buffs, or AP regeneration is beneficial.

Complementary DPS Characters: Pairing Kaalaa Baunaa with other DPS characters who can benefit from or complement her mental damage output can be effective, especially those who can take advantage of enemies weakened by her attacks.

Control and Debuff Characters: Characters who can control the battlefield or apply debuffs can synergize well with Kaalaa Baunaa, enhancing the team's overall damage output and control over the enemy.

Ideal Teammates

Pickles, the Best Support Partner

Pickles is an excellent partner for Kaalaa Baunaa due to his ability to provide support without demanding many AP.

He can offer damage buffs via his ultimate, enhancing Kaalaa Baunaa's efficiency in battle.

Tooth Fairy, the Best Healer

Tooth Fairy is once again the best healer option for a DPS like Kaalaa Baunaa.

Her crit debuffs pair extremely well with Kaalaa Baunaa's high crit chance and she is pretty AP generous at Insight 3.

An-an Lee and Other Supports like Sonetto

An-an Lee and other universal buffer supports can be a viable option, though they may require some AP management.

Voyager for Control and Utility

Voyager can be a strategic choice for his control abilities.

However, integrating Voyager effectively may require careful AP planning.

Portray Efficiency

Kaalaa Baunaa Character Stats and Progression Reverse 1999

P1 Portray - Key Upgrade

The most crucial aspect of P1 portray is the increase in the planet cap from three to four.

This upgrade allows Kaalaa Baunaa to generate and maintain more planets, which is central to her gameplay mechanics.

With an extra planet, Kaalaa Baunaa can more effectively manage and use her planetary mechanics, leading to more potent divinations and enhanced skill effects.

However, as almost all Reverse: 1999 characters, she's perfectly viable at P0 so there's no need to pull for her dupes if you're a F2P player or a low spender.

Further Portray Levels

Higher portray levels primarily offer increased damage percentages on her skills and overall mental damage output.

As you progress through the portray levels, the increase in damage can significantly boost Kaalaa Baunaa’s DPS role.

Kaalaa Baunaa’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Kaalaa Baunaa brings high damage potential but requires careful AP and buff management:


High Damage Ceiling: Exceptional single-target damage output.

Self-Buffing Abilities: Gains significant Penetration Rate and Incantation Might through her planet buffs.


AP-Greedy: High demand for Action Points (AP), needing supportive teammates like Pickles.

Complexity: Her kit and Insights can be challenging to master initially.

Final Thoughts: Should You Pull for Kaalaa Baunaa?

Kaalaa Baunaa Banner That Steady Evening Star Reverse 1999

Kaalaa Baunaa stands as a top-tier DPS character in Reverse: 1999. Her gameplay revolves around her ability to stack Planet buffs and unleash significant single-target damage.

Her playstyle and damage output have similarities to Melania, yet her skill set is very different.

Understanding her AP-intensive nature, skill dynamics, and the importance of team composition is key to unleashing her full potential.

By carefully selecting Psychubes, insights, and teammates, you can optimize Kaalaa Baunaa's devastating damage capabilities to dominate in Limbo, UTTU and future events.