The Ultimate Guide to Relic Farming in Honkai: Star Rail

The Ultimate Guide to Relic Farming in Honkai: Star Rail
Last updated:
December 22, 2023

As you journey through the universe in Honkai: Star Rail, you'll quickly realize that relic farming is a crucial part of your progression.

By the time you reach Trailblaze Level (TL) 40, you'll need to start using your stamina to gather Relics.

But with the available Relic Sets split between various stages or "worlds" in the Cavern of Corrosion and Simulated Universe, you'll need to make strategic decisions about which ones to farm.

This guide will help you navigate these choices by reviewing each set and suggesting the best areas to farm in both the Cavern of Corrosion and Simulated Universe.

Let's jump right in!

The Ultimate Guide to Relic Farming in Honkai Star Rail

Cavern of Corrosion

Cavern of Corrosion Honkai Star Rail

Before you start farming in the Cavern of Corrosion, make sure you've reached TL 40.

This unlocks Difficulty 3, where you can acquire one Gold rarity Relic per run. You should have sufficient Purple rarity Relics from the story mode, so farming them would be a waste of Stamina.

The reviews and ratings below are based on the current state of the game. They might change in the future, and if they do, we will adjust the information accordingly.

Path of Gelid Wind

Path of Gelid Wind Honkai Star Rail

Hunter of Glacial Forest: With only Yanqing as the Ice element damage dealer, who doesn't benefit much from the 4-piece bonus, acquiring this Relic Set might not be the best use of your stamina currently. This might change in the future as the game evolves.

  • Farming worth: 1/5

Eagle of Twilight Line: This set is highly prioritized, serving as the best in slot for Dan Heng, and useful for Bronya and other supports. which provides a free 1/4 turn after using their Ultimate.

  • Farming worth: 4/5

Path of Jabbing Punch

Path of Jabbing Punch Honkai Star Rail

Champion of Streetwise Boxing: This set is very versatile, suitable for all Physical damage dealers and other elements, thanks to a substantial 25% ATK bonus.

  • Farming worth: 4/5

Thief of Shooting Meteor: This set is universal, benefiting everyone with Break Effect. However, Breaking was nerfed on release, needing more resource investment to be viable.

  • Farming worth: 2/5

Path of Drifting

Path of Drifting Honkai Star Rail

Passerby of Wandering Cloud: Dedicated to Healers, falls short in delivering, with an underwhelming 10% Outgoing Healing boost. If your team is built correctly, the 4-piece bonus is wasted.

  • Farming worth: 1/5

Musketeer of Wild Wheat: Once the best and most universal set, has lost its use with the release of 1.2 patch. It's still a decent early game set, but no longer the best in slot for supports and healers.

  • Farming worth: 2/5

Path of Providence

Path of Providence Honkai Star Rail

Guard of Wuthering Snow: It's not recommended for early game. Shielders prefer the shield boosting set for better benefits.

  • Farming worth: 1/5

Genius of Brilliant Stars: It's the best relic set for Seele and Qingque. However, for anyone else, it's not as useful.

  • Farming worth: 2/5

Path of Holy Hymn

Path of Holy Hymn Honkai Star Rail

Knight of Purity Palace: It's a powerful choice for Preservation characters, providing much-needed DEF for stronger shields.

  • Farming worth: 4/5

Band of Sizzling Thunder: Despite being nerfed on release, is still the Best in Slot for Lightning damage dealers.

  • Farming worth: 4/5

Path of Conflagration

Path of Conflagration Wind Honkai Star Rail

Firesmith of Lava-Forging: This set is best suited for Fire damage dealers, but the bonuses are not generic enough to be useful for others.

  • Farming worth: 1/5

Wastelander of Banditry Desert: This set is fantastic for Imaginary characters, but currently, we only have two Imaginary character - Welt and Imbibitor Lunae. With Dan Heng IL's release, this set gains a bit of priority for farming.

  • Farming worth: 3/5

Path of Elixir Seekers

Path of Elixir Seekers Honkai Star Rail

Longevous Disciple: This niche set is best in slot for Blade, and the Max HP% increase on the 2-piece effect can also be used by healers.

  • Farming worth: 3/5

Messenger Traversing Hackerspace: This set is the new best friend of support characters, providing a crazy 6% speed on the 2-piece effect.

  • Farming worth: 5/5

Path of Darkness

Prisoner in Deep Confinement: This niche set is best in slot for DoT units. When the enemy is inflicted with 3 DoTs, the wearer will ignore 18% of their DEF.

  • Farming worth: 3/5

The Ashblazing Grand Duke: This set is the new best friend of follow-up attack units, as it increases both their follow-up attack DMG and their overall ATK when dealing follow-up damage.

  • Farming worth: 3/5

Cavern Paths Worth Your Trailblaze Power

  • Path of Elixir Seekers (Efficiency Rating: 8/10): Offering a combo of Speed and HP sets, this path is a perfect choice for optimizing your stamina use.
  • Path of Holy Hymn (Efficiency Rating: 8/10): Presenting two top-tier sets, this path delivers versatility, allowing you to get the most from the Gold pieces you gather.
  • Path of Jabbing Punch (Efficiency Rating: 6/10): Featuring a universally useful physical set and an intriguing Break Effect set, this path provides a diversified farming approach.
  • Path of Darkness (Efficiency Rating: 6/10): Featuring useful sets for DoT and follow-up attack units, this path provides an interesting farming option if you have those characters.

If you need more info, here's a great guide on efficient relic farming:

Simulated Universe

Simulated Universe Honkai Star Rail

Before you start farming in the Simulated Universe, make sure you've reached TL 40. This unlocks higher difficulty in the earlier Worlds which drops Gold gear.

The reviews and ratings below take into account the current state of the game and may change in the future.

World 3

Simulated Universe World 3 Honkai Star Rail

Space Sealing Station: This is an excellent DPS set, especially in the early game. In late game, you should have enough Crit Rate to trigger Inert Salsatto or Rutilant Arena effects.

  • Farming worth: 4/5

Fleet of the Ageless: The best support set available in the Simulated Universe. It provides a 12% HP boost to supports, which improves their survivability, and boosts the ATK of other party members. The best part - the effects stack!

  • Farming worth: 4/5

World 4

Simulated Universe World 4 Honkai Star Rail

Talia Kingdom of Banditry: Though it was a decent Break Effect set before release, it is currently overshadowed by other sets. However, this set might gain significance in the future.

  • Farming worth: 2/5

Sprightly Vonwacq: This set is an alternative to the Fleet of the Ageless, which allows your supports to act first if they've reached the 120 speed threshold. Now powercrept by the new Penacony set.

  • Farming worth: 2/5

World 5

Simulated Universe World 5 Honkai Star Rail

Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise: A Debuffer set helping them land their Debuffs and improving their damage output. However, only Sampo can make use of both parts at the moment, making it less worthwhile to farm just for him.

  • Farming worth: 3/5

Celestial Differentiator: This set, although providing a nice CRIT DMG bonus, is inferior to the raw ATK% you can get from Space Sealing Station..

  • Farming worth: 3/5

World 6

Simulated Universe World 6 Honkai Star Rail

Belobog of the Architects: A robust set for Preservation characters, enhancing their shields. The Effect Hit Rate part is especially beneficial for March 7th and Gepard, who prioritize this stat.

  • Farming worth: 3/5

Inert Salsotto: This set offers more Crit Rate, and the additional bonuses are really strong on characters that use follow-up attacks.

  • Farming worth: 4/5

World 7

Simulated Universe World 7 Honkai Star Rail

Broken Keel: A decent set usable by Preservation, Abundance (to pair with Perfect Timing), or Harmony characters to support the team. For instance, Blade benefits more from this set on Bronya/Healer than the ATK from Fleet.

  • Farming worth: 4/5

Rutilant Arena: An alternative to Inert Salsotto, but with a 70% Crit Rate requirements to trigger the second part, which buffs basic attack and skill instead of ultimate.

  • Farming worth: 4/5

World 8

Firmament Frontline Glamoth: A great set for any DPS unit that can reach the 135 speed breakpoint.

  • Farming worth: 4/5

Penacony, Land of the Dreams: An alternative to Sprightly Vonwacq that increases ERR and overall team damage if they're from the same element as the wearer.

  • Farming worth: 4/5

Worlds That Yield Maximum Benefit

So, what's the best Simulated Universe world to farm?

  • World 3 (Efficiency Rating: 8/10): An excellent early farming location, World 3 provides easy-to-use sets for both your Supports and Damage dealers.
  • World 7 (Efficiency Rating: 8/10): With the Broken Keel and Rutilant sets, this world delivers significant advantages to Healers, Supporters, and damage dealers who focus on Basic and Skill attacks.
  • World 8 (Efficiency Rating: 8/10): This world is amazing to farm sets for both DPS and Support units.

Final Thoughts

Identifying the best paths in the Cavern of Corrosion and the best worlds in the Simulated Universe is a strategic approach that will enhance your game progression.

However, these recommendations may evolve as the game progresses, and the best farming locations will ultimately depend on your account and team composition's unique requirements.