Free-to-Play Memory of Chaos Guide for Honkai: Star Rail

Free-to-Play Memory of Chaos Guide for Honkai: Star Rail
Last updated:
February 8, 2024

Navigating through the endgame of Honkai: Star Rail, specifically the Memory of Chaos, requires a well-thought-out approach to team compositions, character investments, and strategic gameplay.

This guide will dive into the variations of Memory of Chaos, providing you with the knowledge and tools needed to get the full 30 stars on each cycle.

Let's jump right in!

Memory of Chaos Guide: How To Beat Every Cycle

Building the Right Team

in game memory of chaos stage 8 team setup in honkai star rail

Key Roles to Fill

Main Damage Dealer

Your team should be anchored by a strong DPS character capable of delivering high damage.

This character's level, gear, and upgrades should be prioritized to maximize their damage potential.

Sustain Unit

Having a healer or a character with defensive abilities from the Path of Abundance or Preservation is crucial.

This unit ensures your team's longevity by healing or shielding against incoming damage.

Support Characters

The remaining two slots should be filled with characters that complement your DPS and sustain units. Options include:

  • Buffers: Characters that can increase your team's damage output or speed.
  • Debuffers: Characters that can weaken enemies, making them more susceptible to damage.
  • Additional Sustain: Sometimes, an extra layer of healing or protection is necessary, depending on the content's difficulty.

Example Setup

A well-rounded team might include:

  • DPS: A character like Seele, capable of high single-target and dealing with multiple enemies.
  • Support 1: Silverwolf, for applying Quantum weakness and shredding defenses, increasing Seele's damage.
  • Support 2: Bronya, for providing extra turns, allowing more frequent use of your DPS skills.
  • Sustain: Natasha or Fu Xuan, offering healing or defensive buffs while enhancing Quantum damage application.

Optimizing Damage Output

in game dps unit with argenti jing yuan dr ratio and imbibitor lunae in honkai star rail

Optimize DPS Character Builds

Ensure your main damage dealers are leveled up and ascended to unlock their full potential, including critical abilities locked behind higher levels or ascensions.

Prioritize Attack (ATK), Critical Rate (CRIT Rate), and Critical Damage (CRIT DMG) in your DPS characters' relics and light cones.

A balanced approach, ensuring a good CRIT Rate to CRIT DMG ratio (ideally 1:2), can significantly increase damage output.

Take Advantage of Elemental Weaknesses

Exploit enemy elemental weaknesses by selecting DPS characters and abilities that align with these vulnerabilities, enhancing damage dealt.

Synergize with Buffers and Debuffers

Use characters that can increase your team's damage through buffs, such as ATK up or elemental damage amplification.

Characters like Silverwolf can apply extra weaknesses, making enemies more susceptible to damage.

Characters that can debuff enemies to increase received damage, reduce defense, or apply vulnerabilities are invaluable.

Proper timing of these debuffs can lead to significant damage spikes during crucial moments of the fight.

Enhance with Relics and Light Cones

Equip relics that provide bonuses to elemental damage, CRIT Rate, or CRIT DMG.

Sets that offer bonuses upon using ultimates or skills can align well with your DPS strategy.

Opt for light cones that directly enhance your DPS characters' damage potential through increased ATK, CRIT Rate, CRIT DMG, or elemental damage bonuses.

Speed Tuning for Optimal Skill Rotation

Arrange your team's action order to ensure that buffs and debuffs are applied before your main DPS unleashes their most powerful attacks.

This may involve speed tuning your characters through relics and light cones.

Skill and Ultimate Management

Manage skill points effectively, ensuring your DPS characters have enough points to use their most impactful skills when needed, potentially saving points for critical moments.

Use ultimates strategically, aligning them with debuff windows and buff durations to maximize damage.

Consider the battle's flow and enemy vulnerability phases when unleashing ultimates.

Sustaining Your Team

in game sustain units with gepard bailu natasha and march 7 in honkai star rail

Incorporate a Strong Sustain Unit

Depending on your team's needs, select a character from either the Path of Abundance or Preservation.

Abundance characters typically offer healing, while Preservation characters focus on protecting the team through shields or damage reduction.

Just like DPS characters, your sustain units need proper investment in levels, relics, and traces to maximize their healing or shielding potency.

Use Healing and Shielding Strategically

Activate healing or shielding abilities not just reactively when your team is low on health, but also proactively, anticipating large incoming damage.

This can prevent your team from being wiped out by powerful enemy attacks.

If your team composition allows, overlapping shields from different characters can provide a robust defense against burst damage, ensuring your primary damage dealers stay alive to keep their DPS up.

Enhance Sustain with Relics and Light cones

Opt for relics that enhance your sustain unit's specific strengths.

For healers, relics that increase healing effectiveness or improve energy regeneration can be invaluable.

For shielders, relics boosting shield strength or character HP can provide more strong protection.

Light cones that enhance healing output or shield strength further empower your sustain units.

Some light cones also offer utility benefits like energy regeneration, allowing for more frequent use of their ultimates.

Balance Between Sustain and DPS

While keeping your team alive is crucial, ensure that your sustain strategy doesn't come at the expense of your overall team damage.

A team that can't deal enough damage will struggle to complete MoC in the required cycles.

Adapt Sustain Tactics Based on Content

Adjust your sustain approach based on the specific threats each stage poses.

Some enemies might deal overwhelming burst damage, needing stronger shields or preemptive healing.

Others might apply dangerous debuffs, making cleanse abilities or debuff resistance more important.

Manage your sustain unit's energy carefully. Use techniques and abilities that regenerate energy or skill points to ensure your healers and shielders can activate their sustain abilities when needed most.

Strategic Combat Tips

in game combat in memory of chaos in honkai star rail

Tactical Insights

Ignoring Mobs

In battles where mobs can be overwhelming, focusing your DPS on the main boss while managing debuffs and sustaining your team can streamline the fight.

Using Top-Tier Characters

Characters that can remove buffs, apply debuffs, or provide significant AOE damage are invaluable.

Pela, for instance, is highlighted for her utility in stripping buffs from enemies, essential for both MoC 11 and 12.

Phase Management

Understanding and adapting to the different phases of boss fights is critical.

Preparing to survive these attacks and quickly recover can turn the tide of battle.

Skill Point and Energy Management

Before concluding each wave, if possible, maximize the collection of skill points and energy.

This involves using basic attacks instead of skills when only one enemy remains, allowing for a buildup of resources for the next wave.

In scenarios where sustain isn't an issue, intentionally prolonging the final enemy's defeat in a wave can allow for additional skill point collection, setting you up for stronger starts in subsequent waves.

Optimizing Turn Order and Ability Usage

Ensure your team's speed is tuned to have buffers and debuffers act before your main DPS.

This arrangement ensures that any damage amplifications or enemy vulnerabilities are applied before your DPS unleashes their most powerful attacks.

Holding off on using ultimates immediately upon availability can give higher damage outputs.

Wait for conditions such as buffs from allies or debuffs on enemies to be in place before executing ultimates for maximum impact.

Maximizing Elemental and Ability Synergies

Align your team's elemental strengths with enemies' vulnerabilities.

Using characters that exploit these weaknesses can significantly enhance damage dealt.

Focus on characters whose abilities complement each other, enhancing the overall team's damage output.

For instance, a team that can consistently apply Quantum weakness makes Quantum damage dealers far more effective.

Embracing Patience and Strategy

in game memory of chaos stages in honkai star rail

Understand that progress in Memory of Chaos might require patience, whether waiting for enough materials to level up your characters or for the right cycle buff to give your team an edge.

Always prioritize enjoying the game, experimenting with different team compositions, and strategies to overcome the challenges that Memory of Chaos presents.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, mastering the endgame content in Honkai: Star Rail, such as Memory of Chaos, demands a strategic approach that spans team composition, damage optimization, and effective combat tactics.

Building a balanced team with a focus on primary DPS, sustain, and supportive roles that enhance damage output is crucial.

Additionally, investing in your characters, particularly DPS units, by leveling them up, enhancing their light cones, and selecting the right relics, can significantly boost your team's performance.