Mastering 37 in Reverse 1999: A Complete Guide

Mastering 37 in Reverse 1999: A Complete Guide
Last updated:
March 28, 2024
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The first character in patch 1.4 is here!

Known as 37, this mental follow-up and DPS unit brings a fresh dynamic to team compositions with her Eureka meter and Genesis damage capabilities.

This comprehensive guide will dive into how to build 37 by choosing the right Psychube, creating an effective resonance, and pairing her with an ideal team comp to maximize her potential.

A Complete Guide to 37: Best Builds and Team Compositions

37 Character Description Reverse 1999

Understanding 37's Kit

Ultimate: Kingdom of Geometry

This ultimate ability is a game-changer in any battle. By granting all allies 2 stacks of [Numeral Perception], it boosts the team's attack by 10%, enhancing overall damage output.

The added stacks of [Enlightenment] to herself significantly increase the next incantation's additional Genesis damage by 100%.

Also, the addition of two Eureka stacks upon using her ultimate accelerates the filling of the Eureka meter, hastening the activation of her supplementary formula for mass damage.

Skill 1: Triangulation

Ranging from 140% to 350% Mental DMG based on skill level, followed by additional Genesis DMG based on her ATK stat.

Prioritizing the use of Triangulation can be key in focusing down single targets quickly, especially when combined with the Genesis damage that bypasses enemy defenses.

Skill 2: Curve Mapping

This ability allows 37 to hit up to two enemies with mental damage, followed by Genesis damage, making it a versatile tool for dealing with multiple adversaries.

The additional stack of [Sturdiness] it provides enhances her survivability by reducing damage taken.

The Power of her Insight

in game 37 inheritance calculation of gensesis in reverse 1999

Insight I: Eureka Stack Mechanism

Insight I is the cornerstone to 37's gameplay, introducing the Eureka stack mechanism that fuels her follow-up damage capabilities.

By performing any Incantation, 37 gains a stack of [Eureka], pushing her towards unleashing the [Supplementary Formula] mass attack.

This mechanic encourages team compositions that use follow-up actions, as these also contribute to Eureka stack accumulation.

At 5 Eureka stacks, they are consumed to perform a mass attack, dealing significant Mental and Genesis damage to all enemies.

However, it's crucial to note that this attack does not contribute to gaining more Eureka stacks.

Insight II: Enhanced Critical Damage

Upon entering battle, 37 receives a substantial 15% increase in critical damage.

This boost significantly enhances her damage output, particularly when her Genesis damage critical hits are considered.

Insight II aligns with building 37 as a secondary DPS, providing her with the necessary critical damage boost to make her incantations more lethal.

Insight III: Critical Rate and Genesis Damage

Insight III elevates 37's damage potential by increasing her critical rate by 20% upon entering battle.

Perhaps the most impactful aspect of her Insight III is enabling 37's Genesis damage to cause critical hits.

Given Genesis damage's ability to ignore enemy defenses, the potential for these attacks to critically hit represents a significant increase in her overall damage potential.

Choosing the Right Psychube

in game 37 best psychube silent and adoring in reverse 1999

Long Night Talk (Coming in 1.5)

Long Night Talk is the ideal choice for 37 because it directly enhances her Mental and Genesis damage output, which are central to her effectiveness.

It boosts Incantation Might up to 18%. If 37 has more than 2 [Pos. Status], which is fairly easy with her kit, her own damage increases by 8%. Also, when 37 uses a Buff incantation, her own attack will increase by 2% (can stack up to 5 times).

This Psychube doesn't just amplify her damage potential; it also aligns perfectly with her kit.

Silent and Adoring

Silent and Adoring offers a balanced increase in ATK and enhances extra actions, which synergizes well with 37's kit, particularly if you're focusing on teams where follow-up attacks are frequent.

This Psychube can help 37's Supplementary Formula hit harder, further benefiting from the critical rate and damage boosts provided by her Insights.

Thunderous Applause

This Psychube enhances 37's critical hit capabilities.

Given 37's Insight Abilities that boost critical rate and damage, this Psychube can be effective in ensuring her attacks, especially the Genesis damage, frequently land as critical hits.

Suitable if you're aiming to exploit the critical hit mechanics to the fullest and you're running Tooth Fairy.

Resonance Build Strategies

Her kit's reliance on these elements makes it crucial to choose a resonance build that enhances her critical damage, critical rate, and overall damage output.

Critical Damage and Rate Focus

37 Crit-Focused Resonance Level 10 Build Reverse 1999

Capitalize on 37's Insight III ability, which allows all her Genesis damage from incantations to cause critical hits.

This build focuses on increasing her critical hit rate and damage to ensure that her attacks consistently deal increased damage.

Other Viable Builds

37 Attack-Focused Resonance Level 10 Build Reverse 1999
Attack Build

37 Attack and Survivability-Focused Resonance Level 10 Build Reverse 1999
Survivability/Attack Build

Ideal Team Compositions

in game 37 team setup in reverse 1999

Follow-Up Attack Synergy

Lilya and NewBabel

Both characters are excellent alongside 37 due to their follow-up attack capabilities.

This synergy not only fills 37's Eureka meter faster but also amplifies the team's overall damage output.

Jiu Niangzi (Upcoming in 1.6)

Anticipated to be a game-changer for 37, Jiu Niangzi's kit is replete with follow-up attacks, making it easier for 37 to accumulate Eureka stacks.

With Jiu Niangzi in the lineup, 37's damage potential escalates, enabling her to serve as an excellent secondary DPS.

Buff and Critical Rate Enhancement

6 (Coming Soon in 1.4)

Known for his vast array of buffs, 6 is an ideal partner for 37.

His abilities complement her needs by enhancing the team's overall performance and making it easier for 37 to land critical hits and deal increased damage.

Tooth Fairy

Essential for boosting critical rates and damage through her Baby Tooth passive.

Tooth Fairy's presence ensures 37's Genesis damage hits harder, further increasing the team's damage output.

Optimizing 37's Team Fit

While 37 has the flexibility to fit into various team compositions, her optimal performance is seen in setups that actively generate follow-up attacks.

This not only ensures a rapid fill-up of her Eureka meter but also allows her to unleash her powerful supplementary formula attack without consuming action points.

Teams that can provide additional buffs or enhance critical rates and damage are particularly beneficial, making 37 a versatile and potent DPS.

Portray Efficiency

in game 37 portrait info in reverse 1999

Portrait 1: Critical Hit Rate Boost

Increases the critical hit rate to 40% when entering battle.

This portray significantly boosts 37's chance to land critical hits right from the battle's start, enhancing her initial damage output and making her a better support DPS.

Portrait 2 & 4: Enhanced Supplementary Formula

Increases the Mental DMG caused by Supplementary Formula to 180%/240%, and the additional Genesis DMG to 60%/80%.

These levels boost the damage of 37's Supplementary Formula, making her extra attacks much more lethal.

Portrait 3: Enhanced Enlightenment and Eureka Gain

Increases Enlightenment stacks to 3 and Eureka gain to 3 stacks when using her ultimate.

More stacks of Enlightenment mean that 37's next incantation will have its additional damage significantly increased, and gaining more Eureka stacks per ultimate usage accelerates her ability to unleash the powerful Supplementary Formula attack.

Portrait 5: Maximized Buffs

Increases the stacks of Numeral Perception to 3 and Eureka gain to 4 stacks when using her ultimate.

Maximizing the layers of Numeral Perception significantly enhances the attack buff provided to all allies, making the entire team more potent in combat.

Additionally, the increase in Eureka stacks gained means 37 can more frequently trigger her Supplementary Formula, contributing to a continuous high damage output.

Final Thoughts on 37: Should You Pull For Her?

in game 37 banner beyond the world of matters in reverse 1999

37 is a versatile addition to any team in Reverse: 1999. By understanding her kit, selecting the appropriate Psychube, and building around her strengths, you can unlock the full potential of this mental support DPS character.

Her portraits greatly improve her performance, especially at P2 and P4. Damage boost from P0-1 is 9.2%, P1-2 is 20%, P2-3 is 4.2%, P3-4 is 18% and P4-5 is 1.35%. However, for F2P players, considering the investment required and the imminent arrival of other characters, it may be wise to weigh your options carefully.

If your strategy involves supporting characters like Jiu Niangzi, pulling for 37 is advised as she thrives when paired with specific team setups. However, her optimal performance often requires teaming up with other 6-star characters, which might be a challenge.

Considering 37's role as a top-tier support for Jiu Niangzi, the game's leading DPS in CN, getting at least one copy of 37 could enhance your strategic options upon Jiu Niangzi's global debut.