Mastering Shamane in Reverse: 1999 - An In-Depth Guide

Mastering Shamane in Reverse: 1999 - An In-Depth Guide
Last updated:
February 13, 2024
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Shamane, the new 6-star Beast character in Reverse: 1999, is a top-tier AoE support unit.

Often compared to Bkornblume for his defense-shredding capabilities, Shamane carves out a unique niche with his versatile skill set.

This guide dives into the complex mechanics and strategic combat uses of Shamane, a unique debuffer that is viable in almost any team like Pickles.

An In-Depth Guide to Mastering Shamane: Best Psychubes and Team Compositions

Shamane Character Description

Key Skills Explained

Edict of Atman (Ultimate)

Deals 250% AoE Reality damage to all enemies, serving as a significant damage source in Shamane’s arsenal.

Increases the critical rate by 20% on the main target, with excess crit rate converted into critical damage, while also dealing an additional 250% Reality DMG.

Consumes up to five Nature's Blessing stacks and converts them to moxie, critical for Shamane’s ability to chain his ultimate.

For maximizing this ultimate’s effectiveness, pairing Shamane with characters like Tooth Fairy for crit resistance reduction is advisable.

Apprentice's Dance (ST Skill)

This is a single-target skill that inflicts up to 450% Reality damage.

From level two it also grants Shamane a stack of Nature's Blessing. This is vital for enabling his ultimate recasting mechanic.

Collecting five stacks allows him to recast his ultimate, adding a layer of strategy to his skill usage.

Spirit Medium (Debuff SKill)

This skill firmly positions Shamane in a utility role, as it's a non-damage debuff skill.

Applies three crucial debuffs - 15% Reality DEF reduction, 15% Mental DEF reduction, and up to 30% increased damage taken by all enemies.

These debuffs significantly soften up enemies for the team's attacks. The amount of defense reduction remains fixed across all levels, though the increased damage taken by enemies scales with skill upgrades.

Important to note, Spirit Medium does not grant any Nature's Blessing at any level.

Shamane's Insights

Shamane Inheritance Levels Reverse 1999

Insight One: Damage Boost and Nature's Blessing

Shamane gains an 8% damage boost for every debuff present on an enemy, which can stack up to three times.

Given Shamane's ability to apply multiple debuffs, this insight often results in a substantial, constant damage increase.

Insight One also grants Shamane two stacks of Nature's Blessing at the start of combat.

Insight Two: Enhanced Damage Output

This insight further increases Shamane’s damage output by 8%.

When combined with Insight One, Shamane’s ability to deal damage is notably enhanced.

Insight Three: Ultimate Recasting and AP Efficiency

Grants one stack of Nature's Blessing every two turns, crucial for chaining Shamane's ultimate.

This insight is central to Shamane's role as a consistent damage dealer.

Insight 3 reduces the need to spam Shamane’s level two ST skill for stacking Nature's Blessing, allowing for more flexibility and AP conservation.

Best Psychubes

Shamane Best Psychube The Carat of a Heart Reverse 1999

The Carat of a Heart

Boosts damage output based on Shamane's moxie gained in the round.

This Psychube is particularly effective for enhancing the power of his ultimate and critical rate.

Ideal for a Shamane build focused on maximizing damage output, especially in scenarios where Shamane is your main DPS or sub DPS.

Brave New World

Offers a significant boost in raw damage, which can be crucial for maximizing Shamane's AoE damage potential.

A good alternative when Shamane is used in a role where consistent, high damage output is more important than moxie-based boosts.

Her Second Life

An interesting choice to turn Shamane into a reliable healer.

After Shamane casts his ultimate, he will heal all alies based on his ATK.

Yearning Desire (Five-Star Option)

Provides a substantial boost to Shamane's damage as it relies on enemies being debuffed.

This Psychube can be a great alternative if the above options are not available.

Resonance Builds

Critical Rate-Focused Resonance 10 Build

Critical Hit Resonance 10 Build Shamane Reverse 1999

Maximizes the critical rate to enhance the effectiveness of Shamane's ultimate.

This build is particularly effective for Shamane with higher portray levels, where his critical hits can be more impactful.

Best suited for situations where Shamane is relied upon for high burst damage.

Balanced Resonance 10 Build

Attack Resonance 10 Build Shamane Reverse 1999

Blends critical rate, damage, and health to create a more versatile Shamane.

This build is suitable for portray zero Shamane, offering a balance between damage output and survivability.

Allows Shamane to perform well in a variety of roles, from damage dealing to utility.

Utility-Focused Resonance 10 Build

Utility Resonance 10 Build Shamane Reverse 1999

Prioritizes survivability and taking heat in battle.

Emphasizes Shamane's utility and debuffing capabilities while ensuring he remains effective in long fights.

Team Synergy: Shamane the Universal Support

DPS Characters

Teammates who can exploit the debuffs applied by Shamane or provide additional damage outputs enhance the overall team's effectiveness.

Basically any DPS characters who benefit from the defense reductions and increased damage taken debuffs that Shamane applies.

Top choices include Centurion, Melania, Kaalaa Baunaa, Regulus, A Knight...

Support and Sustain Characters

Support characters who can provide healing, buffs, or additional debuffs complement Shamane's utility focus.

Characters like Tooth Fairy, who can reduce enemies' crit resistance, are ideal.

This pairing enhances the effectiveness of Shamane's critical rate-focused builds.

Portray Considerations

Portray Level 1 (P1)

P1 is a significant upgrade to his core mechanic.

When entering battle, Shamane gains 3 stacks of Nature's Blessing (instead of 2), making it easier to reach 5 stacks.

Other Portray Levels (P2 to P5)

These levels offer gradual enhancements to Shamane's damage output by boosting his skill damage or increasing the ultimate's Critical Rate.

While not as transformative as P1, they still contribute to his overall efficacy.

However, as most other Reverse characters, P0 is enough for low or non-spenders.

Final Thoughts: Should You Pull for Shamane?

Shamane Banner Reverse: 1999

Shamane picks up where Pickles left off, excelling as a highly versatile Support character.

He stands out by reducing both Reality and Mental DEF, increasing enemy damage taken, alongside offering AP-generous gameplay and impressive damage capabilities.

If you're lacking a solid support unit that can debuff enemies and inflict a decent amount of damage, Shamane is a top-tier choice to pull for.

By mastering his insights, skills, and resonance builds, you can significantly elevate his effectiveness in multiple scenarios.