Ultimate Guide to Ulu: The 5-Star Support in Reverse: 1999

Ultimate Guide to Ulu: The 5-Star Support in Reverse: 1999
Last updated:
April 29, 2024
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Ulu is a unique 5-star Mineral Support character, dedicated primarily to enhancing the capabilities of her allies, especially when paired with characters like Spathodea.

This guide dives into Ulu's abilities, strategic uses, and optimal psychocubes, equipping players with the knowledge to maximize her potential despite her inherent limitations.

Ultimate Guide to Ulu: The 5-Star Support in Reverse: 1999

Overview of Ulu’s Abilities

Ultimate: Indomitable Fire, Scorching Heart

Ulu’s ultimate ability, Indomitable Fire, Scorching Heart, is a mass buff that significantly enhances team performance.

It provides all allies with a +15% damage dealt increase and a -15% damage taken decrease for three rounds.

This effect doubles if enemies carry a total of 15 or more [Burn] stacks, showcasing its potential in burn-focused teams.

Skill 1: Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony is Ulu’s basic attack skill, scaling in damage and penetration rate based on the level of incantation:

  • At its base, it deals 160% Mental damage, increasing to 240% and 400% at higher incantations.
  • Penetration rates also increase from 25% to 35% as the skill ranks up, specifically targeting enemies afflicted with [Burn].

Despite its potential, this skill is often considered a lower priority due to Ulu’s support-focused role and the modest damage numbers.

Skill 2: Beating Heart

Beating Heart stands out as Ulu’s more impactful skill, dealing Mental damage to two enemies and applying [Burn] stacks:

The damage and number of [Burn] stacks increase with higher skill ranks, making this a key ability for setting up burn synergies within the team.

Ulu’s Inheritance

Insight I: Healing Post-Attack

After attacking an enemy afflicted with [Burn], all allies recover 8% of their lost HP. This effect is limited to one trigger per round.

This ability situates Ulu as a sustain provider in prolonged battles, where consistent healing can be crucial for maintaining team durability.

It synergizes well with her other abilities that apply [Burn], allowing her to serve dual roles in both offensive pressure and defensive recovery.

This Insight is especially beneficial in battles where chip damage accumulates over time.

Insight II: Damage Reduction Upon Entry

Provides an 8% reduction in damage taken when Ulu enters the battle.

This Insight enhances Ulu’s survivability, which is critical since her effectiveness increases the longer she can stay active in combat.

The reduced damage intake ensures she can endure against teams that might target supports early in the engagement, thus maintaining her ability to apply burns and buffs throughout the fight.

Insight III: Automatic Burn Application

At the start of each round, Ulu automatically inflicts 3 stacks of [Burn] on all enemies.

Perhaps the most impactful of her Inheritance abilities, this Insight significantly boosts Ulu's role in any [Burn]-focused strategy.

By automatically applying [Burn] stacks at the beginning of each round, Ulu sets the stage for other characters, like Spathodea, to exploit these effects fully.

This passive ability is particularly effective in ensuring that Ulu contributes to the team's offensive capabilities even without direct action, making her a constant threat to the opposing team.

Optimal Psychubes

That Inquisitive Dear

This psychube is ideal for teams that are engaged in prolonged battles where sustained healing can be decisive.

By linking Ulu’s debuffing actions (which she will frequently perform due to her [Burn] application abilities) to healing, this psychube ensures that she contributes significantly to the team’s durability.

Since the healing targets the ally with the lowest health percentage, it is automatically optimized to where it is most needed, enhancing the overall survival of the team.

Laughter and Laughter

This psychube progressively increases Ulu’s healing effectiveness as the battle extends.

This is particularly useful in drawn-out engagements where her role as a healer becomes increasingly critical.

The ability to stack the healing enhancement allows Ulu to grow stronger in her support role the longer she remains active in battle.

This makes her an invaluable asset in endurance fights or in scenarios where attrition plays a major role in determining the victor.

Strategic Use and Team Composition

Ulu’s role as a support revolves around her ability to apply and exploit [Burn] effects, making her an excellent partner for characters like Spathodea who thrive on these conditions.

However, her effectiveness is somewhat limited by the moderate amount of [Burn] she applies and the dependency on achieving high [Burn] stacks for optimal ultimate utility.

Portrait Efficiency

Portrait 1: Enhanced "Opening Ceremony"

This upgrade boosts the damage potential of "Opening Ceremony," making it more than just a utility skill for removing it from the hand.

It becomes a more viable offensive option, particularly useful for dealing with targets already afflicted by [Burn], due to its increased penetration rates.

Portrait 2: Increased Penetration Rate for "Opening Ceremony"

This enhancement further refines "Opening Ceremony" by augmenting its ability to bypass enemy defenses.

This is particularly effective in penetrating the defenses of high-resilience targets, making Ulu's attacks more impactful when they count.

Portrait 3: Amplified "Beating Heart"

"Beating Heart" is a cornerstone of Ulu’s kit, and this upgrade significantly enhances its effectiveness.

By increasing the damage and the number of [Burn] stacks it applies, Ulu becomes more potent in her role as a support that can also apply considerable offensive pressure.

Portrait 4: Enhanced Healing

This upgrade strengthens Ulu's role as a healer within the team, making her an essential player in sustaining team health over prolonged engagements.

It is especially beneficial in scenarios where continuous combat stress wears down team vitality.

Portrait 5: Superior Ultimate Enhancement

At this level, Ulu’s ultimate becomes a formidable buff tool.

The increased damage boost is significant, especially in team compositions that can reliably apply and maintain [Burn] stacks to activate the doubled buff effect.

This makes Ulu a linchpin in both offensive strategies and defensive sustain tactics.


In conclusion, while Ulu may not offer the high-impact support seen in other characters, her unique abilities can be strategically employed in teams designed around Burn mechanics.

By leveraging her strengths and compensating for her weaknesses, players can effectively utilize Ulu as a valuable member of their team in Reverse: 1999.