Ultimate Guide to Light Cones in Honkai: Star Rail

Ultimate Guide to Light Cones in Honkai: Star Rail | GachaGuru
Last updated:
March 27, 2024

In Honkai: Star Rail, Light Cones play a pivotal role in improving your characters' stats and playstyle, making them an essential component of your strategy.

Whether you're new to the game, steadily making your way to endgame content, or already a veteran, understanding the value and utility of various Light Cones is crucial.

This guide dives into the most valuable Light Cones that can significantly boost your account, providing a competitive edge in late game content.

The Best Light Cones by Universal Utility in Honkai Star Rail

in game light cones data bank in honkai star rail

Light Cones offer unique benefits, but not all are created equal.

Some shine with their universal utility, providing benefits across many characters and situations.

Let’s break down the best options and why they stand out.

in game but the battle isn't over light cone in honkai star rail

Bronya Light Cone (But The Battle Isn't Over)

Bronya’s Light Cone complements Bronya's abilities, ensuring that when used with her, it significantly boosts damage output and team utility.

The essential synergy between Bronya’s skill set and her Light Cone means that when combined, they produce effects that are greater than the sum of their parts, enhancing not just Bronya but the entire team’s performance.

While its peak performance is with Bronya, its high base stats and utility make it a strong contender for other characters as well, particularly in boosting tankiness and energy recharge rates.

in game moment of victory light cone in honkai star rail

Gepard Light Cone (Moment of Victory)

Gepard LC shines in its role within preservation-focused teams, offering enhancements that bolster the durability and effectiveness of your defensive strategies.

Its ability to increase aggro alongside effect hit rate makes it a dual-threat Light Cone, enhancing both the survivability and control aspects of your team.

By increasing aggro, Gepard LC ensures that your tankier units draw more enemy attention, protecting more vulnerable team members and allowing for more controlled engagements.

in game before dawn light cone in honkai star rail

Jing Yuan Light Cone (Before Dawn)

Jing Yuan’s signature Light Cone stands out for its ability to offer substantial, non-conditional damage bonuses.

This Light Cone is a cornerstone for Erudition path characters, providing versatility and strength across a variety of team compositions.

The broad applicability of Jing Yuan LC across multiple Erudition units makes it a versatile tool in your arsenal, capable of enhancing a wide range of strategies and teams.

Its ability to provide significant bonuses without stringent conditions allows for greater strategic flexibility, enabling commanders to adapt their tactics on the fly without compromising on power.

in game eyes of the prey light cone in honkai star rail

Sampo Light Cone (Eyes of the Prey)

"Sampo LC," known for its "Eyes of the Prey" enhancement, is a cornerstone for commanders focusing on accuracy and debuff strategies.

Its unique ability to increase effect hit rate makes it a strategic choice for ensuring debuffs land reliably, a critical component in battles where controlling the enemy's capabilities can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

in game memories of the past light cone in honkai star rail

Memories of the Past

"Memories of the Past" is a Light Cone that serves as a potent tool for characters that rely heavily on their ultimate abilities.

It stands out for its capability to enhance energy management, allowing for more frequent use of powerful ultimates that can turn the tide of battle.

By improving energy recharge, this Light Cone ensures your key characters can unleash their ultimate abilities more often, crucial for long battles or when facing tough opponents where every ultimate activation can be decisive.

in game planetary rendezvous light cone in honkai star rail

Planetary Rendezvous

"Planetary Rendezvous" offers a significant damage boost to teams composed of characters of the same element.

While not as universally crucial as "Dance! Dance! Dance!," it provides a substantial damage increase, making it a valuable asset for element-focused teams.

in game a secret vow light cone in honkai star rail

A Secret Vow

This Light Cone not only enhances the base damage output of the wearer but also introduces a strategic layer by providing additional damage against enemies with a higher HP percentage.

With an increase in damage dealt by up to 40%, "A Secret Vow" directly amplifies the offensive output of Destruction units, making it an essential choice for characters centered around high DPS like Blade.

in game post-op conversation light cone in honkai star rail

Post-Op Conversation

The "Post-Op Conversation" Light Cone emerges as a crucial tool for commanders aiming to enhance their team's sustainability and effectiveness in Honkai: Star Rail.

This Light Cone boosts the Energy Regeneration Rate and Outgoing Healing, particularly following the use of Ultimate abilities, making it an indispensable asset for teams that rely on frequent skill use and sustained healing to maintain their edge in battle.

in game swordplay light cone in honkai star rail


"Swordplay" distinguishes itself as a powerhouse for Hunt path characters, with its unique ability to increase damage output significantly with each successive hit, making it ideal for characters who can deliver multi-hit combos like Sushang or Seele.

The stacking damage bonus of "Swordplay" rewards aggressive play styles, allowing characters to exponentially increase their damage output within a single turn or combo.

While incredibly powerful, its full potential is best realized against single targets due to the reset of stacks when switching targets, emphasizing its role in focused damage strategies.

in game dance! dance! dance! light cone in honkai star rail

Dance! Dance! Dance!

"Danc!e Dance! Dance!" is not just a Light Cone; it's a game-changer.

It epitomizes the essence of strategy in turn-based games by enhancing the action value of your entire team.

This Light Cone is particularly effective when equipped on characters like Tingyun, who can enter battles with their ultimate ability ready to unleash.

By advancing your team's action order, "Dance! Dance! Dance!" allows you to buff your allies or debuff enemies before they have a chance to act, setting the stage for victory from the first turn.

This Light Cone’s ability to preemptively position your team offers both defensive benefits—by preventing enemy actions—and offensive advantages—by setting up powerful combos before the enemy can react.

in game good night and sleep well light cone in honkai star rail

Good Night and Sleep Well

Serving as the Nihility counterpart to Swordplay, "Good Night and Sleep Well" excels in boosting damage for characters within the Nihility path, provided the target is afflicted with multiple debuffs—a common scenario for Nihility-focused teams.

This Light Cone thrives in a debuff-heavy environment, making it a perfect match for teams that capitalize on weakening their foes to enhance their own damage output.

Its effectiveness highlights the importance of strategic debuff management, encouraging players to craft teams and strategies that maximize debuff application for optimal damage enhancement.

Making the Right Choice for Your Team

in game team setup with tingyun bailu sparkle and imbibitor lunae in honkai star rail

Understanding Team Composition and Dynamics

The cornerstone of effective Light Cone selection lies in assessing your team composition and how each member contributes to the collective strategy.

Analyze Character Roles

For DPS characters, focus on Light Cones that boost damage output.

For support or healer roles, prioritize energy regeneration or healing enhancement Light Cones.

Evaluate Team Synergy

Look for Light Cones that not only strengthen individual characters but also enhance team synergy.

For example, Light Cones that increase action value or speed can be pivotal for teams that rely on quick, coordinated strikes to overpower enemies.

Strategic Enhancement Through Light Cones

Diving into the strategic implications of Light Cone effects can significantly influence your team’s performance in various gameplay scenarios.

Opt for Light Cones that offer broad utility across a range of situations.

"Dance! Danc!e Dance!" and "Post-Op Conversation" exemplify versatility by enhancing action value and sustainability, respectively, benefiting almost any team composition.

Final Thoughts on the Best Light Cones

Light Cones are more than just accessories; they're strategic tools that can significantly impact your gameplay in Honkai: Star Rail.

By carefully selecting and investing in the right Light Cones, you can enhance your team's performance, navigate challenges more effectively, and enjoy a richer gaming experience.