Essential Tips for New and Returning Genshin Impact Players

Essential Tips for New and Returning Genshin Impact Players
Last updated:
March 22, 2024

Genshin Impact is a vast and constantly evolving game that can seem daunting for new players or those returning after a break.

With its expansive world, intricate systems, and rich storylines, knowing where to start or what to focus on can be overwhelming.

Here are crucial tips to help both new and returning players navigate the world of Teyvat more effectively.

Essential Tips for New and Returning Genshin Impact Players

Take It Slow

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Understand the Value of Storytelling

Genshin Impact is as much about its rich narrative and character development as it is about combat and exploration.

The Archon Quests are central to understanding the overarching story and the lore behind the seven nations of Teyvat.

By progressing through these quests slowly, you allow yourself to become fully immersed in the plot and the unique backstories of each character you meet.

This not only enhances your connection to the game world but also makes the gameplay more meaningful.

Explore with Purpose

Teyvat is a world full of secrets waiting to be uncovered. Rushing from one quest to another might lead you to miss out on hidden treasures, unique puzzles, and spontaneous world events.

Take your time to explore every corner of the new regions you unlock.

Engage with the environment, experiment with different elemental reactions, and take on mini-challenges.

This exploratory approach ensures that you fully experience the depth and beauty of the game’s design.

Focus on Building One Character

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The Rationale Behind Focusing on One Character

Resource Efficiency

Resources in Genshin Impact, such as experience books, Mora, and ascension materials, are precious commodities.

Spreading these resources thinly across multiple characters can halt your progress.

Focusing on one character ensures efficient use of resources, allowing for faster leveling and strengthening.

Character Mastery

By dedicating your time and resources to a single character, you gain a deeper understanding of their abilities, strengths, and limitations.

This mastery enables more strategic gameplay, allowing you to leverage your character’s full potential during combat and exploration.

Synergy and Team Building

Understanding one character thoroughly allows for more informed decisions when building the rest of your team.

Knowing your main character's needs enables you to select teammates who enhance their strengths or mitigate their weaknesses, leading to a more balanced and effective team.

Implementing the Focus Strategy

Choosing Your Character

Select a character that resonates with you, whether because of their playstyle, aesthetics, or story.

Don’t be swayed by tier lists or meta choices.

The right character is one that you enjoy playing and investing in.

Prioritizing Upgrades

Focus on leveling up your chosen character and upgrading their talents, particularly those you use most frequently in combat.

This targeted investment results in a noticeable improvement in performance, making your character more effective in battles and quests.

Artifacts and Weapons

Equip your character with the best artifacts and best weapons (even if they are 4-star weapons) at your disposal.

Even before you can farm for top-tier artifacts, paying attention to the stats and set bonuses that complement your character’s abilities can significantly boost their effectiveness.

Elemental Reactions and Team Compatibility

Consider how your main character interacts with other elements and plan your team accordingly.

Building a team that capitalizes on powerful elemental reactions can amplify your main character's effectiveness in combat.

Unlock Waypoints and Statues

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Facilitating Fast Travel

Waypoints and Statues of The Seven allow for instant teleportation across the vast regions of Teyvat.

Early unlocking of these points can save you a considerable amount of time, making it easier to navigate quests, daily commissions, and resource gathering.

With each unlocked waypoint, you gain a strategic vantage point from which to plan your exploration.

This network of fast travel points can be particularly beneficial in regions with challenging terrain, such as mountains or islands, by providing easy access to high or isolated locations.

Benefits of Waypoints and Statues

Stamina and Stat Boosts

Activating Statues of The Seven not only serves as a teleportation point but also enhances your characters by increasing your stamina.

This additional stamina is vital for climbing, sprinting, and swimming further, enabling you to explore new areas more effectively.

Healing and Revival

These statues also offer a place to heal your entire party and revive fallen characters without consuming food or other resources.

This feature is incredibly helpful during lengthy exploration sessions or after challenging battles.

Elemental Sight

Unlocking waypoints and statues can assist in navigating environmental puzzles and finding hidden objects.

Many puzzles in Genshin Impact require interaction with the environment, such as lighting torches or activating pressure plates, which can be easier to manage with nearby teleportation points.

Tips for Efficient Unlocking

Plan Your Route

When entering a new region, make unlocking nearby waypoints and statues your first priority.

Use your map to plan a route that covers these points, which will then make exploring the rest of the area much smoother.

Use Adventurer’s Handbook

The Adventurer’s Handbook often lists statues and waypoints as exploration goals.

Completing these goals not only progresses your exploration but also rewards you with valuable resources.

Stay Elevated

Many waypoints and statues can be easier to spot from higher ground.

Climbing mountains or gliding from elevated locations can help you identify and reach these points more efficiently.

Prioritize Exploration Teams

When focusing on exploration, consider assembling a team that enhances mobility.

Characters with stamina reduction for climbing and sprinting, or those who can manipulate the environment to create shortcuts, can be particularly useful.

Engage in Commissions and Experiment with Teams

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The Significance of Daily Commissions

Daily commissions are a reliable source of Adventure Rank (AR) experience, Primogems, Mora, and various resources.

Completing these tasks regularly is crucial for steady progression, unlocking new quests, characters, and game features.

Each commission presents unique challenges that can help you understand the combat system's nuances.

From defeating specific enemies to protecting cargo, these missions encourage you to adapt your strategies and refine your skills.

While commissions guide you to different parts of Teyvat, they also encourage exploration beyond the immediate quest area.

This often leads to discovering hidden treasures, challenges, and secrets scattered throughout the world.

The Art of Team Experimentation

Genshin Impact’s elemental reaction system is the cornerstone of combat effectiveness.

Experimenting with different character combinations allows you to discover powerful synergies that can define your playstyle and approach to challenges.

Certain domains, bosses, and events may require specific elemental reactions or strategies to overcome.

By experimenting with various teams, you prepare yourself for a wide range of content, ensuring you're never caught off guard.

For returning players, changing your usual team composition can breathe new life into your Genshin Impact experience.

Using characters you've previously overlooked or recently acquired can offer fresh perspectives and rekindle your interest in the game.

Explore the Card Game (AR 32+)

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Understanding Genius Invokation TCG

The card game allows you to engage with the characters and elements of Genshin Impact in a new format.

It’s not just about who has the strongest characters anymore, but who can outmaneuver their opponent on the playing field with strategic card play.

Character Cards and Strategies

Each character in Genshin Impact is represented as a card with unique abilities, mirroring their in-game skills.

This setup encourages to think creatively about team compositions and elemental reactions, even within a card game.

Accessible to All

Whether you're a seasoned veteran of trading card games or new to the genre, Genius Invokation is designed to be accessible.

The game walks you through the basics with an intuitive tutorial, ensuring everyone can grasp the core mechanics and start enjoying the game quickly.

How to Get Started with Genius Invokation

Trigger the Quest: The card game becomes available through a quest that begins in Mondstadt. This quest introduces you to the rules and mechanics of Genius Invokation, guiding you through your first few matches.

Build Your Deck: As you progress in Genshin Impact, you'll collect character, weapon, and action cards. Building your deck is a strategic process where you’ll decide which characters and combinations to focus on, similar to forming a party for combat.

Challenge NPCs and Players: After learning the basics, you can challenge various NPCs across Teyvat to improve your skills. Additionally, there's the option to play against other players, adding a competitive edge to the game.

Participate in Events

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A Gateway to Rich Rewards

Events are a generous source of Primogems, Genshin Impact's coveted currency for wishes (gacha pulls).

Participating in events can significantly boost your Primogem collection, helping you save for upcoming character or weapon banners.

Many events offer exclusive rewards that cannot be obtained elsewhere, including event-specific weapons, artifacts, character outfits, and more.

Additionally, events often provide abundant resources like Mora, experience materials, and ascension items, essential for character development.

Besides the tangible rewards, events contribute to your Adventure Rank (AR) experience, facilitating your progression to higher AR levels and unlocking new game features and quests.

Experiencing New Gameplay Mechanics

Each event in Genshin Impact introduces unique gameplay mechanics or challenges, offering a fresh experience outside the standard questing and exploration.

These can range from festive mini-games and puzzles to combat challenges set in specially designed domains.

Deepening Lore and Character Insight

Events in Genshin Impact are not just standalone activities; they're rich sources of Teyvat's lore.

Many events are tied to significant occurrences in the world of Teyvat, offering deeper insights into its history, cultures, and its inhabitants' lives.

Events frequently feature beloved characters, presenting them in new lights or revealing facets of their personalities and backgrounds not explored in the main storyline.

Wise Resin Usage

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Understanding Resin's Role

Resin is required for claiming rewards from Ley Line Outcrops, Domains, and Bosses.

These rewards include Mora, character experience materials, Artifacts, and Ascension materials.

Your Resin replenishes over time, up to a maximum cap.

Strategies for Effective Resin Use

Prioritize Character Progression

Focus on using Resin for materials that directly contribute to leveling up your main DPS characters and their weapons.

Ensuring your primary damage dealers are well-equipped is essential for overcoming more challenging content.

Artifact Farming Efficiency

While tempting, it's advisable for newer players to hold off on heavy Artifact farming until reaching higher Adventure Ranks (AR 45+), where the drop rates for higher-tier Artifacts improve significantly.

Initially, focus on character ascensions and talent materials.

Balance Your Goals

Distribute your Resin usage across various needs — character ascensions, weapon upgrades, talent level-ups, and eventually, Artifact optimization.

A well-rounded approach ensures steady progression across all fronts.

Use ´Ç_Event Rewards

Many in-game events offer rewards that can be obtained without spending Resin.

Participate actively in these events to supplement your progression materials, saving your Resin for other priorities.

Consider Resin Refreshes Wisely

While the game allows for Resin to be replenished using Primogems or Fragile Resin, evaluate the cost versus benefits carefully.

Generally, saving Primogems for character wishes offers better long-term value, while Fragile Resin can be strategically used during limited-time events or when farming crucial materials.

Stay Informed About Future Updates

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Benefits of Keeping Up with Updates

Strategic Planning for Wishes

Knowing which characters or weapons will be featured in upcoming banners allows you to save Primogems and make informed decisions on where to spend your hard-earned resources.

Anticipating Gameplay Changes

Updates may bring adjustments to characters, elements, or the overall gameplay.

Staying informed helps you adapt to these changes fast, maintaining or even enhancing your gameplay efficiency.

Exploring New Content

Each update often introduces new regions, quests, or domains.

Being aware of these additions lets you dive straight into new adventures.

Participating in Time-Limited Events

Updates frequently include limited-time events offering unique rewards and experiences.

Knowing when these events take place ensures you don’t miss out on exclusive content and rewards.

Final Thoughts on These Genshin Tips

Whether you're embarking on your Genshin Impact journey for the first time or returning after a hiatus, these tips aim to streamline your experience and maximize your enjoyment.

Remember, Genshin Impact is a game meant to be savored. Explore at your own pace, experiment with different characters and team setups, and most importantly, have fun discovering all that Teyvat has to offer.