Genshin Impact Reroll Guide 2024: Optimizing Your Start

Genshin Impact Reroll Guide 2024: Optimizing Your Start
Last updated:
March 1, 2024

Embark on an adventure in the enchanting world of Genshin Impact with a strategic edge.

This comprehensive guide goes into the nuances of rerolling, a popular technique among players aiming to maximize their initial Genshin experience in this visually stunning game.

Let's dive in!

The Ultimate Genshin Impact Reroll Guide for 2024

Introduction to Rerolling

in game navia banner in genshin impact

Rerolling in Genshin Impact is a method used by players to start their journey with a top-tier character, especially when financial constraints limit the option of purchasing in-game items.

It involves creating multiple accounts to get desired characters from the initial summons.

Efficient Account Creation

in game login user interface in genshin impact

Creating multiple accounts efficiently is crucial in the rerolling process in Genshin Impact.

This section of the guide focuses on streamlining account creation to save time and effort.

Using a Single Email Address

Gmail allows the creation of multiple unique email addresses by varying the placement of dots within the email.

This feature can be exploited to register several Genshin Impact accounts under a single Gmail account.

With a 32-character limit, including dots, you can create numerous variations of your email address, each considered unique by the game's registration system.

For example, if your email is "", you can create variations like "" or "".

Time Management During Account Setup

While the game's cutscenes are running, use this time to set up new accounts or manage existing ones.

Keep a snack handy and use the time to relax or attend to quick tasks, ensuring you're ready for the next phase of account setup.

Game Setup for Efficiency

in game graphics display mode settings in genshin impact

To enhance the rerolling process in Genshin Impact, it's essential to tailor the game setup for maximum efficiency.

This part of the guide focuses on optimizing game settings and system performance to streamline the rerolling experience.

Adjusting Game Settings

Window Mode

Playing in window mode allows you to easily switch between the game and other tasks, like managing email accounts or watching tutorials.

It also reduces the mouse travel distance, speeding up in-game actions.

Lowest Graphics Settings

Set the game to the lowest possible graphics settings.

This minimizes load times and enhances game performance, crucial for quickly navigating through the initial stages of the game.

System Optimization for Performance

SSD Usage

If you're using an SSD, ensure that at least 40% of its capacity is free.

This ensures that the SSD is performing optimally, which is vital for faster game loading times.

Closing Background Applications

Close unnecessary programs running in the background to allocate more system resources to Genshin Impact, improving its performance.

Efficient Account Management

Pre-Filled Forms

Have your login information pre-filled on the registration website.

This reduces the time spent typing out details during each account creation.

Email Organization

Organize your email addresses in a document for easy access.

Using the 'cut and paste' method helps you keep track of which emails have been used.

Keybinds and Hotkeys

Set up keybinds for repetitive actions like confirming dialogues or opening menus.

This reduces the number of keystrokes and speeds up navigation through the game's interface.

Tailor the game’s control settings to your preferences.

This can include binding certain actions to more accessible keys or mouse buttons, enabling faster and more efficient gameplay.

Maximizing In-Game Efficiency

in game teleport waypoint details in genshin impact

Achieving maximum in-game efficiency is crucial for speeding up the rerolling process in Genshin Impact.

This segment focuses on strategies to optimize in-game actions and reduce time spent on each reroll attempt.

Efficient Navigation and Movement

Familiarize yourself with the activation range of teleport waypoints.

Understanding these ranges can save precious seconds in each reroll attempt.

Master efficient movement techniques like Bunny Hopping to traverse the game world faster.

Practice and perfect these techniques to save time.

In-Game Action Optimization

Skipping Non-Essential Activities

Focus solely on actions that lead to the summoning stage.

Avoid unnecessary battles, explorations, or dialogues that don't contribute to reaching this stage.

Quick Interaction with NPCs

Learn the fastest routes to NPCs and optimize interactions.

Use shortcuts and memorize dialogue options to speed up these processes.

Advanced Tips

in game account options in genshin impact

Leveraging Multiple Devices

Use a combination of PC and smartphone for rerolling.

While the PC handles the main gameplay, use the smartphone to run parallel tasks like initiating cutscenes or managing additional accounts.

Sync your gameplay between devices.

Start with cutscenes on one device while progressing on another, effectively leapfrogging in-game tasks to save time.

Managing Mental and Physical Strain

Rerolling for extended periods can be mentally and physically taxing.

Regularly take breaks and engage in physical activity to stay sharp and healthy.

Ensure your gaming setup is user-friendly to prevent strain or injury.

Comfortable seating, proper screen height, and good lighting can significantly reduce physical discomfort during long gaming sessions.

Record-Keeping and Organization

Maintain a comprehensive record of all accounts, including details like email addresses used, passwords, and the characters obtained.

This organization is crucial for efficiently managing multiple accounts.

Final Stages of Rerolling

in game exchange primogems in genshin impact

Summoning Phase

Using Acquired Resources

After completing the preliminary stages, use the resources and currencies you've collected (like Primogems) to summon characters.

Strategy for Summoning

Aim to summon on banners that offer the characters you desire.

Be aware of the featured characters on each banner to maximize your chances of getting a preferred character.

Maximizing Summons

Use all available summoning opportunities, including beginner’s banners if applicable, to increase your chances of obtaining high-tier characters.

Assessing Summon Results

Immediate Evaluation

Quickly assess the characters or items you've obtained from the summons.

Determine if the results align with your rerolling goals.

Deciding to Keep or Reroll

If the summons yield desired characters or items, consider keeping the account.

If not, prepare to start the reroll process again with a new account.

Post-Summon Actions

Claiming Additional Rewards: Don't forget to claim any additional rewards from the in-game mail, achievements, and Adventure Rank rewards that might provide more resources for summoning.

Redeeming Codes: Check for any redeemable codes that Genshin Impact periodically releases, which can offer extra Primogems or other valuable items.

Next Steps after Successful Rerolls

Further Account Development

If you decide to keep an account, plan your next steps for developing the account further, including character leveling, gear acquisition, and progression through the game's story and quests.

Backup and Security

Ensure the account's security by setting up strong passwords and backup methods.

Link the account to a reliable email address for recovery purposes.


While rerolling is time-consuming, it’s a free method to potentially start the game with a strong character, enhancing the overall Genshin Impact experience.

It’s important to take breaks and care for one’s health during this repetitive process.

This guide aims to provide a comprehensive approach to rerolling in Genshin Impact, ensuring new players can maximize their chances of a favorable start without financial investment.