Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes in Genshin Impact

Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes in Genshin Impact
Last updated:
March 22, 2024

Genshin Impact still captivates players with its engaging gameplay and complex mechanics.

However, even the most experienced ones can find themselves stumbling over common pitfalls.

Whether you're a complete beginner, at an intermediate level, or a veteran, understanding and avoiding these common mistakes can improve your experience.

Here's a guide to navigate these challenges effectively.

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid while Playing Genshin Impact

1) Underestimating Artifacts, Talents, and Weapons

in game artifacts details in genshin impact


Artifacts provide a substantial boost to your characters’ stats, impacting their damage output, survivability, and utility.

However, their complexity often leads to underutilization by many players.

Choosing the right artifacts for your character involves more than picking the ones with the highest rarity.

It requires matching artifact set bonuses with your character’s role and abilities, as well as prioritizing main stats and desirable sub-stats like Crit Rate, Crit Damage, ATK%, and specific Elemental DMG bonuses.

Due to the significant investment required to level artifacts, it’s recommended to focus on artifacts with the most potential first.

Remember, the primary stat increases with every level, but sub-stats are RNG-reliant. Use lower-tier artifacts as enhancement fodder and be strategic about which pieces you invest in.


Talents determine the effectiveness of your characters’ skills and their role within the team.

They can drastically alter how a character performs in combat.

Not all talents are created equal. Depending on your character’s role (DPS, support, healer), certain talents will offer more utility or damage potential.

For DPS characters, focus on leveling talents that maximize damage output. For supports or healers, enhance talents that boost their utility.

Talent materials are among the scarcest resources. Planning your farming days according to the domains' schedules and prioritizing which characters to upgrade can help manage these resources efficiently.


Weapons are as crucial as characters themselves, offering unique abilities and stats that can complement or enhance a character's skills.

The right weapon can synergize with a character's kit, amplifying their strengths or mitigating weaknesses.

For instance, a weapon that enhances Elemental Burst damage is perfect for characters who rely on their burst as their primary source of damage.

Weapon ascension requires materials from domains and world bosses. Leveling and refining weapons increase their base attack and secondary stats, significantly boosting a character's performance.

We've compiled a list of the best 5-star weapons and 4-star weapons to help you focus your efforts.

2) Overloading on Main DPS Characters

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Understanding Team Dynamics

Genshin Impact's combat system is built around elemental reactions and synergies between characters.

A balanced team typically consists of a main DPS, a sub-DPS/support, and two supports/utility characters.

This setup allows for different elemental reactions, enhances survivability, and provides continuous damage output.

Elemental Reactions: Key to maximizing damage and controlling the fight. Relying only on main DPS units often means missing out on the potential for powerful elemental combos.

Survivability: Supports and healers can significantly increase a team's longevity in battle with healing, shields, and crowd control.

The Drawbacks of DPS Overload

This game requires substantial resources to level up characters, talents, and artifacts.

Spreading these resources across multiple main DPS characters can leave them all underpowered compared to focusing on a single DPS and supporting characters.

Main DPS characters are designed to stay on the field and deal damage, leaving little room for support skills or elemental reactions if the team is overloaded with them.

This setup can struggle in high-level content where versatility and sustained elemental reactions are crucial.

Building a Cohesive Team

To maximize your team's effectiveness, consider the following tips for creating a balanced composition:

  • Diversify Roles: Invest in characters that can fill multiple roles (e.g., sub-DPS, support, healer) to ensure your team can handle several combat situations. Characters like Bennett or Jean can provide both healing and additional damage, making them valuable units in any team.
  • Elemental Synergy: Choose characters whose elements complement each other to create powerful reactions. For instance, pairing a Hydro character with an Electro character can lead to consistent Electro-Charged reactions.
  • Utility Over Raw Power: Sometimes, a character's utility (such as crowd control or elemental resonance) can be more beneficial than additional DPS. Characters like Venti or Sucrose can gather enemies together, making it easier for your main DPS to deal damage efficiently.

Strategic Character Selection

When wishing on banners, it's essential to consider your team's needs rather than just aiming for main DPS characters.

Focusing on pulling characters that fill gaps in your team's composition or enhance its elemental synergy can lead to greater overall effectiveness.

Units that can adapt to multiple roles or fit into various team compositions due to their abilities or elemental type are particularly valuable.

Supports and utility characters often require less resource investment to become effective, allowing you to concentrate resources on your main DPS while still enhancing your team's overall performance.

3) Spreading Resources Too Thinly

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Understanding Resource Allocation

The game's design around character leveling, talent upgrades, artifact optimization, and weapon enhancement requires a significant investment of several resources.

These include but are not limited to Mora, experience books, talent materials, ascension materials, and artifacts.

Resources are finite, with replenishment tied to daily commissions, limited resin regeneration, and time-limited events.

This scarcity makes prioritization in resource allocation extremely important.

Avoid leveling characters you do not plan to use immediately and be strategic about which domains and bosses you farm on any given day based on your team’s needs.

Impact on Progression

Spreading resources too thinly across a wide roster can have several negative impacts on your gameplay:

  • Underpowered Characters: Without sufficient investment, characters may not reach their potential, struggling in higher-level domains, the Spiral Abyss, and against world bosses.
  • Inefficient Team Composition: A team of moderately leveled characters without fully developed talents or optimized artifacts will perform poorly compared to a well-focused team with synergized roles and strengths.
  • Stalled Progress: As the game progresses, content becomes increasingly difficult. An inability to clear this content due to underinvestment can halt progression, limiting access to higher-tier rewards and materials.

4) Rushing World Level Ascension

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The Implications of Rushing World Level

Increased Enemy Difficulty

Enemies across Teyvat, including those in domains, ley line outcrops, and the open world, scale with your World Level.

Ascending too quickly can leave you facing enemies that outmatch your characters in strength.

Resource Acquisition Stalls

Higher World Levels require stronger teams to efficiently farm materials, artifacts, and Mora.

If your team isn't good or leveled enough, acquiring these essential resources becomes more time-consuming and difficult.

Impact on Exploration and Questing

A key aspect of Genshin Impact is exploring its vast world.

Going too fast increasing World Level can make exploration frustrating rather than enjoyable, as even minor enemies can become hard to defeat.

Strategies for Controlled Ascension

To mitigate the risks associated with premature World Level ascension, consider following these tips:

Strengthen Your Core Team

Focus on building a versatile and robust core team.

Ensure your main DPS character is fully leveled with optimized artifacts and talents.

Support characters should not be neglected, as they play crucial roles in healing, buffing, and enabling elemental reactions.

Artifacts and Equipment Optimization

Before advancing your World Level, take the time to farm and optimize artifacts that complement your team’s build.

Having the right set bonuses and main/sub-stats can significantly enhance your characters' performance.

Talent Upgrades

Prioritize upgrading your main DPS character's talents, followed by those of your support characters that contribute significantly to your damage output or survival.

This ensures you're maximizing your team's potential.

Weapon Ascension

Ensure your characters’ weapons are ascended to their current maximum levels.

Weapons greatly contribute to a character's overall damage output, so this can make a substantial difference in your ability to handle tougher enemies.

Master Elemental Synergies

Understanding and using elemental reactions effectively can be game-changing, even if your characters are not fully optimized.

Building teams that can consistently trigger powerful reactions like Vaporize, Melt, or Overloaded is key to beat higher-level bosses.

Play Co-Op Mode

If you find yourself struggling after ascending, consider teaming up with friends or other players.

Co-Op mode can make farming for materials and completing difficult content more manageable.

Managing Ascension Quests

World Level ascensions are tied to Ascension Quests that become available at certain Adventure Ranks.

You have the option to delay these quests, allowing you more time to prepare.

It’s a strategic decision to either take on the quest immediately or wait until your team is better equipped.

5) Neglecting Energy Recharge

in game energy recharge details in genshin impact

Understanding Energy Recharge

Energy recharge affects how quickly a character can accumulate the energy needed to use their elemental burst.

A higher energy recharge rate means faster energy gain, enabling more frequent use of elemental bursts.

These bursts are often key for a character's utility, whether it's dealing massive damage, healing, or providing support.

Consequences of Neglecting Energy Recharge

Delayed Elemental Bursts: Without enough energy recharge, characters may struggle to use their bursts when needed. This delay can be detrimental in long fights or against high-level enemies where bursts could be decisive.

Reduced Combat Efficiency: Elemental bursts often is the character's strongest ability. Not using them frequently can significantly lower your team's overall damage output or its ability to sustain through hard fights.

Inefficient Elemental Reactions: For teams reliant on triggering elemental reactions for damage or utility, the infrequent use of elemental bursts due to low energy recharge can make it hard to trigger them at the right time.

Balancing Energy Recharge

To ensure your characters can use their elemental bursts optimally, consider the following tips:

Adjust to Character Needs

Each character has unique energy requirements based on their burst cost and role within the team.

DPS characters might need less energy recharge if their playstyle revolves around regular attacks and skills, where support characters who rely on their bursts for healing or buffs will require a higher energy recharge rate.

Artifacts and Weapon Choices

Select artifacts and weapons that enhance energy recharge without sacrificing too much of other critical stats like ATK, CRIT Rate, or CRIT DMG.

For example, the Exile and Scholar artifact sets provide energy recharge bonuses, and weapons like Sacrificial Bow or Favonius Warbow have passive abilities that help with energy regeneration.

Optimize Sub-stats

When choosing artifacts, pay attention to sub-stats that offer energy recharge.

Even if your main focus is on damage-dealing stats, incorporating some pieces with high energy recharge can balance your needs effectively.

Team Composition and Strategy

Build teams that can generate energy efficiently through their abilities and elemental reactions.

Characters with skills that produce a lot of energy particles or orbs can help compensate for lower individual energy recharge rates.

Elemental Resonance

Using elemental resonance that boosts energy regeneration, like having two Anemo characters for the Impetuous Winds resonance, can significantly help in maintaining high uptime on elemental bursts.

Final Thoughts

Avoiding these common mistakes not only enhances your Genshin Impact gameplay but also makes your journey through Teyvat more enjoyable and rewarding.

Remember, building a balanced team, prioritizing upgrades wisely, and managing your World Level progression are key to unlocking your characters' full potential.

Keep going, adapt your strategies, and you'll find yourself overcoming hard challenges pretty easily.