The Ultimate Guide to Artifact Farming in Genshin Impact

The Ultimate Guide to Artifact Farming in Genshin Impact
Last updated:
March 5, 2024

Artifact farming in Genshin Impact is a crucial part of character development.

Understanding the best ways to farm artifacts can save you time and resources, especially at Adventure Rank (AR) 45 and above.

Here's your comprehensive guide to efficient artifact farming.

The Ultimate Guide to Artifact Farming in Genshin Impact

Before You Start: Who is This For?

in game adventure rank and above rewards in genshin impact

Adventure Rank (AR) 45 and Above: This is the key threshold. At AR 45, the drop rates for high-quality artifacts increase significantly, making your resin (in-game energy resource) more effective.

Why AR 45 Matters: At this rank, domains start to guarantee at least one 5-star artifact per run. This means each resin you spend has a higher chance of yielding a valuable artifact.

For Players Below AR 45

Use What You Have: If you're not yet AR 45, the advice is simple – use the best artifacts you currently possess. At lower levels, the focus should be more on understanding game mechanics, character roles, and enjoying the storyline.

Avoid Intensive Farming: Prior to AR 45, refrain from heavily investing resin into artifact domains. The return on investment is significantly lower, and your resin could be better spent on other resources like character ascension materials or weapon enhancement materials.

Identifying Your Needs

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Assess Your Character Roster

Start by evaluating the characters you frequently use or plan to build.

Consider their roles (DPS, support, healer) and the types of teams they fit into (e.g., elemental reaction teams, physical damage teams).

Determine Specific Artifact Sets for Each Character

Non-Negotiable Sets

Some characters have specific sets that are crucial for their optimal performance.

For instance, Ayaka often needs the Blizzard Strayer set for her Cryo DPS build.

Flexible Set Options

Other characters can perform well with multiple artifact sets.

Example: Xingqiu can use the Noblesse Oblige set for burst support or Heart of Depth for Hydro DPS.

Prioritize Your Farming Order

Prioritize Characters with Specific Set Needs: Focus first on characters who need a particular set to excel.

Synergistic Farming: If multiple characters can benefit from the same set (like Emblem of Severed Fate for energy-recharge reliant characters), prioritize these domains to maximize efficiency.

Consider Upcoming Characters or Changes: Keep an eye on upcoming character releases or balance changes that might affect your artifact needs.

Practical Example

Building a Freeze Team

If you’re focusing on a freeze team with Ayaka as DPS, prioritize the Blizzard Strayer domain.

If another team member can also benefit from the artifacts in this domain, even better.

Balancing Artifact Stats

Aim for a good balance between Crit Rate, Crit Damage, and character-specific stats (like Energy Recharge for burst supports or Elemental Mastery for reaction-focused characters).

Artifact Leveling

Initially, level artifacts to 16 to assess their potential.

Only invest further into artifacts that significantly boost your character’s performance.

Choosing the Right Domain

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Understand Artifact Set Bonuses

Research the bonuses provided by different artifact sets and how they align with your characters’ roles.

For DPS characters, focus on sets that enhance their elemental damage, crit rate/damage, or attack.

For supports and healers, look for sets that boost their specific support abilities (e.g., increased healing, energy recharge).

Match Characters with Optimal Sets

Assign the most beneficial set to each character based on their role and elemental type.

Consider sets that are universally beneficial for multiple characters.

Prioritize Synergistic Farming

If multiple characters can benefit from a single set, prioritize farming that domain.

Example: If building both a Hydro DPS and a Cryo support, a domain offering both Heart of Depth and Blizzard Strayer sets is ideal.

Using the Strongbox Efficiently

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Understanding the Strongbox

The Strongbox allows you to trade three unwanted 5-star artifacts for a new one from a selected set.

It doesn't guarantee better stats or main stat, but it does ensure the artifact belongs to the chosen set.

Strategies for Efficient Use

Prioritize Specific Needs

Use the Strongbox primarily when you're targeting a particular set for a specific character.

Ideal for when you're just missing one or two pieces to complete an optimal set.

Resin Efficiency

Consider the Strongbox as a supplement to domain farming, especially if the domain doesn't exclusively drop the set you need.

This approach maximizes your resin usage.

Artifact XP Conservation

While it's tempting to use unwanted artifacts for leveling others, save those with undesirable main stats for the Strongbox.

This way, you're not entirely losing the artifact XP potential.

Balancing Risk and Reward

Remember, the Strongbox is a gamble.

You're trading three artifacts for one, so use it judiciously, especially if you're low on artifact XP materials.

Farming the Most Efficient Domains

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Maximizing Efficiency

Farming in co-op mode can make domain runs faster and easier, especially at higher world levels.

Use Condensed Resin for double rewards.

This is particularly useful when you have limited playtime.

Use lower-tier or unwanted artifacts from your farming to level up your best pieces.

Advanced Considerations

Keep an eye on upcoming character releases and their potential artifact requirements.

Ensure you're not only focusing on one character; spread your farming efforts to build balanced teams for different game modes like Spiral Abyss.

Artifact Assessment - Good vs. Bad

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Main Stats Prioritization

Key Main Stats

Focus on artifacts with main stats that align with your character's role.

For DPS, prioritize ATK%, CRIT Rate/Damage, and Elemental DMG Bonus.

For support, look for HP%, DEF%, Elemental Mastery, or Energy Recharge.

Goblet Main Stat

The Goblet's Elemental DMG Bonus is often more valuable than ATK% for most DPS characters.

Sub Stats Evaluation

Ideal Sub Stats

CRIT Rate, CRIT Damage, ATK%, and Elemental Mastery are universally valuable.

Energy Recharge is key for characters with high energy demands.

Aim for a 1:2 ratio of CRIT Rate to CRIT Damage.

Excessive flat HP and DEF stats are generally less desirable, especially for DPS characters.

Rolling and Leveling

At lower levels (4 or 8), assess if the artifact gains favorable sub stats.

Remember, artifact leveling involves RNG.

Not every piece will roll perfectly.

Set Bonuses vs. Individual Strength

Set Bonuses: Sometimes a weaker artifact stat-wise may complete a crucial set bonus, making it worthwhile.

Off-Piece Flexibility: The Goblet is often used as an off-piece due to the rarity of specific Elemental DMG Bonuses.

Artifact Recycling

Use lower-quality artifacts to level up better ones.

Regularly clear out artifacts with poor stats to manage inventory space.

When to Stop Leveling Artifacts

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Level 16 Checkpoint

Level 16 is a critical point.

It's where you've seen all but one of the possible sub-stat upgrades.

Leveling from 16 to 20 is resource-intensive.

It's advisable to reserve this for only your best artifacts.

Assessing Sub-Stat Rolls

Favorable Rolls: If the sub-stat rolls are aligning well with your character's needs (e.g., high CRIT Rate/Damage for DPS), consider leveling further.

Unfavorable Rolls: Stop if the artifact consistently rolls into less desirable stats like flat HP/DEF.

Balancing Crit Stats

CRIT Ratio: For DPS characters, if the artifact helps maintain a healthy CRIT Rate to CRIT Damage ratio (ideally 1:2), it might be worth maxing.

Diminishing Returns: If you're already at an optimal CRIT ratio, additional CRIT stats may offer less value compared to other stats like ATK%.

Set Bonus Considerations

Sometimes, an artifact is worth leveling to complete a crucial 4-piece set bonus, even if it's not perfect.

Additional Tips for Artifact Farming

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Plan According to Your Roster

Focus on your main DPS characters first.

Their artifacts will have the most impact on your gameplay.

Some artifacts can be swapped between characters.

Identifying such versatile pieces can save resources.

Artifact Star Ratings

5-Star Focus

Primarily focus on 5-star artifacts post AR45.

The stat increases from 5-star artifacts significantly outweigh those from lower tiers.

Daily Artifact Routes

There are numerous artifact spawn locations across Teyvat.

Collecting these daily provides a steady supply of artifact XP fodder.

Managing Resin Usage

Be mindful of your resin usage.

Prioritize artifact domains that offer the most utility across your roster.

For artifact domains, using Condensed Resin gives double the rewards, saving time and effort.

Final Thoughts on Artifact Farming

Artifact farming in Genshin Impact can be a strategic and rewarding process.

By understanding the needs of your characters, choosing the right domains, and setting appropriate standards, you can optimize your farming sessions.

Remember, patience and a methodical approach can turn this difficult task into an exciting part of your Genshin Impact adventure.