Team Building in Genshin Impact: Crafting Your Ideal Team

Team Building in Genshin Impact: Crafting Your Ideal Team
Last updated:
March 5, 2024

Building the perfect team in Genshin Impact can be challenging, especially if you don't have access to every character.

Understanding how to create a strong and synergistic team is key.

Here's a guide on how to do just that, whether for the Spiral Abyss or open-world exploration.

Team Building in Genshin Impact: Crafting Your Ideal Team

Team Synergy

in game elemental resonance for pyro and anemo in genshin impact

Elemental Resonance

Choose characters that trigger beneficial elemental resonances.

For instance, two Pyro characters increase attack power, while two Hydro characters boost max HP.

Align the resonance with your main damage dealer.

If your DPS is Pyro, having another Pyro character can significantly boost overall damage output.

Elemental Reactions

Reaction Types

Understand different elemental reactions and their effects.

For instance, Vaporize (Hydro + Pyro) multiplies damage, while Superconduct (Cryo + Electro) reduces physical resistance.

Team Composition

Choose characters whose elemental skills and bursts complement each other to trigger powerful reactions consistently.

Example: Pairing Fischl (Electro) with Xingqiu (Hydro) for frequent Electro-Charged reactions.

Character Abilities & Roles

Main DPS

Your primary damage dealer.

Build the team to support and amplify their strengths.


Characters who provide additional damage or buffs when swapped in.

Example: Beidou's counter-attack or Bennett’s attack boost.


Ensure survivability.

Diona can provide both healing and cryo shields, adding both protection and elemental reaction potential.

Example of Synergistic Team Composition

  • Main DPS: Tartaglia (Childe) for high Hydro damage.
  • Sub-DPS: Beidou for Electro-Charged reactions with Childe and counter-attack mechanics.
  • Support: Bennett for healing and his attack-boosting Elemental Burst.
  • Flex Slot: Sucrose for crowd control and Elemental Mastery sharing to boost reaction damage.

Spiral Abyss Team Building

in game party setup preparation for spiral abyss floor 10 in genshin impact

Understanding the Spiral Abyss Mechanics

Floor-Specific Requirements

Each floor may have different enemy types, environmental conditions, and Ley Line Disorders.

Adjust your team to these specific challenges.

Two-Team Requirement

From Floor 5 onwards, you need two separate teams.

Balance your characters so that both teams are strong and versatile.

Effective Spiral Abyss Teams

  • Main DPS: The cornerstone of each team, responsible for the bulk of damage. Characters like Ganyu, Hu Tao, or Diluc excel in this role.
  • Sub-DPS/Support: Enhance DPS output or provide utility. Fischl for Electro support, Xingqiu for Hydro application, or Albedo for consistent Geo damage.
  • Healer/Shielder: Essential for survivability. Diona, Bennett, or Zhongli are great choices.
  • Flex Slot: Adapt to specific floor challenges. Could be an additional DPS, crowd control (like Venti or Sucrose), or a character to counter specific enemy shields.

Synergy and Elemental Reactions

Prioritize reactions that maximize your main DPS's damage potential.

Vaporize and Melt are high multipliers for Pyro DPS, while Electro-Charged can be effective for AoE Electro damage.

Ensure each team can handle various shield types.

Having a Cryo character to counter Hydro shields, or a Pyro character for Cryo shields, is often crucial.

Floor-Specific Strategies

If a floor is heavy on a particular enemy type, bring counters.

Example: Floors with many Hydro enemies call for Cryo or Electro characters.

Ley Line Disorders

Some floors might boost certain elemental damages or have unique effects like increased cooldown times.

Adapt your team to take advantage or mitigate these effects.

Example Team Compositions

Team 1: Diluc (Main DPS), Xingqiu (Sub-DPS/Support), Bennett (Healer/Buffer), Sucrose (Crowd Control/Elemental Mastery buff).

Team 2: Ganyu (Main DPS), Mona (Sub-DPS/Utility), Diona (Healer/Shielder), Fischl (Electro Support/Energy Recharge).

Open World Team Building

in game team setup with wanderer jean bennett and zhongli for exploration in genshin impact

Key Aspects of Open World Team Composition

Choose characters that can handle various enemy types and scenarios.

A well-rounded team often includes a mix of DPS, support, and utility.

Characters with abilities to traverse terrain quickly or access hard-to-reach areas are advantageous.

For instance, Kazuha and Venti for vertical mobility, or characters with sprint stamina reduction for faster ground movement.

Some characters have passive talents for increased efficiency in gathering resources, like Qiqi for locating Liyue specialties.

Ideal Open World Team

  • Main DPS: A character with quick and efficient damage output for regular enemy encounters. For example, Klee or Razor.
  • Sub-DPS/Utility: Characters who can quickly swap in to deal AoE damage or provide crowd control, such as Fischl or Sucrose.
  • Healer/Shielder: While not as crucial as in Abyss, having a healer like Barbara or a shielder like Noelle can still be helpful for sustained exploration.
  • Explorer/Utility Slot: A character that aids in exploration, like Albedo for easy platform creation or Mona for faster water traversal.

Balancing Elements and Reactions

Ensure your team can handle various elemental shields or obstacles found in the open world.

Consider resonances that benefit exploration, like double Anemo for reduced stamina consumption.

Example Team Compositions for Open World

Exploration-Focused Team: Klee (Main DPS/Resource Gathering), Venti (Mobility/Crowd Control), Qiqi (Healer/Specialty Tracking), Fischl (Sub-DPS/Electro Support).

General Purpose Team: Xiao (Main DPS/Mobility), Xingqiu (Sub-DPS/Utility), Bennett (Healer/Buff), Zhongli (Shielder/Resource Gathering).

Flexibility in Team Choices

in game team setup character selection in genshin impact

Team Flexibility

Choose a main DPS character who can efficiently handle various enemy types, or easily switch between DPS characters based on the situation.

Characters who can fulfill multiple roles (like Albedo or Jean, who can deal damage and heal) add adaptability.

A team with a variety of elements can tackle different enemy shields and trigger various elemental reactions.

Characters like Beidou or Xingqiu, who can provide off-field support or burst damage, are valuable for their switch-in utility.

Elements of a Flexible Team

Include characters that can create strong elemental reactions like Melt, Vaporize, or Electro-Charged.

Be ready to swap in characters for specific tasks, such as using a Geo character for shield generation in tougher fights.

Characters like Venti for climbing and gliding efficiency, or Klee for mining, add practical exploration value.

Example of Flexible Team Compositions

All-Rounder Team: Diluc (Main DPS), Fischl (Sub-DPS/Support), Barbara (Healer/Hydro Support), Zhongli (Shielder/Geo Support).

Exploration & Combat Team: Ayaka (Main DPS), Sucrose (Crowd Control/Anemo Support), Diona (Healer/Shielder), Razor (Alternate DPS).

Practical Application

in game team setup with xiangling sucrose bennett and xingqiu in genshin impact

Rotation Efficiency

Develop a rotation that maximizes each character’s strengths.

E.g., use Xiangling’s Pyronado followed by Barbara’s Hydro application for continuous Vaporize reactions.

Addressing Elemental Shields

Bring specific elements to counter shields efficiently, like Cryo for Electro shields or Pyro for Cryo shields.

Practice quick character swapping to break shields promptly, vital in higher Spiral Abyss floors.

Example Scenarios

Against Geo Hypostasis: Use a character like Noelle or Ningguang for more effective shield breaking.

Oceanid Battle: Include Electro characters for faster water illusion clearance and a healer to mitigate continuous damage.

Final Thoughts on Team Building

Team building in Genshin Impact isn’t just about assembling the strongest characters; it's about creating a group that works well together based on the content you're tackling.

It involves understanding synergies, elemental reactions, and the strengths of each character you have.

Remember, the best team is not only about power but also how much you enjoy playing with them.