Mastering the Art of Exploration in Genshin Impact

Mastering the Art of Exploration in Genshin Impact
Last updated:
March 11, 2024

Embarking on a journey to fully explore the vast world of Teyvat in Genshin Impact can be both daunting and challenging.

Whether you're aiming to uncover every secret the game has to offer or simply looking to enhance your exploration experience, this comprehensive guide offers essential tips and strategies to help you navigate through the game efficiently.

Here's a deeper dive into how to master the art of exploration in Genshin Impact, designed for both new players and veterans.

Mastering the Art of Exploration to Unlock 100% in Every Region

Preparing for Your Adventure

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Beating AR40

Reaching Adventure Rank 40 (AR40) is a crucial milestone for Genshin Impact players.

At this level, you are expected to have completed a significant portion of the game's Archon Quests.

These quests are not just narrative-driven experiences but gateways that unlock new areas, mechanics, and World Quests, serving as the backbone of the exploration journey.

Completing these quests is crucial as they guide you through Teyvat, introducing the game's lore, characters, and the mechanics of each region.

Major World Quests

In addition to the Archon Quests, certain Major World Quests act as keys to unlocking hidden areas of the map and are essential to complete world exploration.

These quests often introduce unique gameplay mechanics specific to their respective regions, making them indispensable for a thorough exploration.

If you're aiming to 100% your world exploration, completing these quests is a must, as they not only unlock new areas but also contribute significantly to the exploration percentage.

Statue of the Seven

Unlocking every Statue of the Seven is another preparatory step that cannot be overlooked.

These statues not only serve as fast travel points but also provide a way to fully reveal the map of each region, making navigation and exploration significantly easier.

Additionally, interacting with these statues can heal your characters and increase your stamina, enhancing your ability to explore more efficiently.

Strategic Exploration

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Optimizing Interactive Maps and Treasure Compasses

A cornerstone of strategic exploration is the usage of interactive maps and treasure compasses.

Interactive maps provide a detailed overlay of every point of interest, chest, and collectible, allowing you to mark off completed objectives systematically.

Treasure compasses complement this by pointing towards the nearest unclaimed treasure, ensuring no valuable is missed.

Unlocking the Compass

Focus on completing reputation tasks and bounties in the region of interest.

Each task brings you closer to unlocking the Treasure Compass.

Using the Treasure Compass

Once you've completed the preliminary quests and achieved about 30-40% exploration, the Treasure Compass becomes an essential tool.

Each region in Teyvat has its own Treasure Compass, which you can unlock by achieving the maximum reputation level in that region.

Layered Exploration

Teyvat's geography is complex, featuring multiple layers and verticalities in areas like The Chasm or the mountains of Dragonspine.

A key strategy is to tackle exploration one layer at a time, focusing on clearing all objectives on one level before moving to the next.

This methodical approach prevents overlooking hidden chests or puzzles that contribute significantly to the exploration percentage.

Navigating the Interactive Map: A Summary

Select a Single Map Platform: Commit to one interactive map to avoid confusion and ensure consistent progress tracking.

Mark Off Completed Objectives: Use the map's features to tick off explored areas, collected treasures, and completed challenges.

Use the Treasure Compass: Use the compass to uncover chests that might not be marked on the map, especially those hidden in plain sight.

Tackle One Layer at a Time: Focus on exploring one geographical layer before moving on to higher or lower elevations, ensuring thorough coverage of each area.

Best Units for Exploration

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Mobility Enhancers

  • Venti: His Elemental Skill can create wind currents that lift you high into the air, allowing for easy climbing and gliding over long distances.
  • Kazuha: Similar to Venti, Kazuha can use his Elemental Skill to launch himself and his teammates into the air, aiding in vertical exploration.
  • Sayu: Her Elemental Skill allows her to roll around the map at high speeds, making her great for quickly covering ground.
  • Wanderer: Introduces an aerial dimension to exploration, allowing access to previously unreachable areas.
  • Xianyun: With her ability to leap higher and travel faster, complements the team by enabling efficient traversal over different terrains and offering both combat support and healing.
  • Yelan: Enhances mobility with her Elemental Skill, enabling fast traversal over distances and improving exploration efficiency.

Environmental Manipulators

  • Klee: Klee's bombs can uncover hidden treasures buried underground, which are indicated by a soft glow on the ground.
  • Ningguang: Her Jade Screen can reveal the location of ore on the mini-map, invaluable for mining resources.
  • Zhongli: His Elemental Skill can break geo structures and ore with ease, saving time and weapon durability.

Elemental Skill Utility

  • Nahida: Uses Elemental Skill for AOE material gathering and unique NPC interactions, easing item collection.
  • Mona: Her Illusory Torrent increases movement speed in water and can even walk on water surfaces, which is helpful for crossing rivers and lakes.
  • Ayaka: Similar to Mona, Ayaka's Kamisato Art: Senho allows her to move quickly over water by creating a path of frost beneath her feet.
  • Razor: With his passive skill, Razor decreases the stamina consumption of sprinting for the entire party, which is great for long-distance travel.

Special Abilities

  • Albedo: His Elemental Skill creates a platform that can lift you high off the ground, reaching places that are otherwise hard to climb.
  • Keqing: Her Elemental Skill can teleport her short distances, even vertically, making it easier to reach high places without climbing.
  • Xiao: Although primarily used for combat, Xiao's high plunge from his Elemental Burst can be useful for descending quickly from great heights without damage.
  • Furina: Uses Pneuma and Ousia Arkhe for versatility in puzzle solving and chest opening, both on land and underwater. Capable of walking on water indefinitely with her Elemental Skill's permanent uptime.

Resource Gatherers

  • Qiqi: Her passive talent marks the location of Liyue's resources on the mini-map, making her great for gathering specific regional materials.
  • Tighnari: His passive talent reveals locations of Sumeru-specific resources on the mini-map.
  • Klee: Not only does she excel in finding buried treasures, but Klee also loves to fish, making her a fun companion for those looking to relax by Teyvat's many bodies of water.

Important Considerations

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Navigating Daily Commissions

Setting your daily commissions to target a specific region is a clever tactic to ensure you're constantly making progress in areas you wish to explore further.

These commissions can:

  • Lead to New Discoveries: Daily tasks may direct you to parts of the map you haven't fully explored, inadvertently boosting your exploration percentage.
  • Encourage Revisits: Revisiting areas for commissions can reveal previously missed chests or puzzles, especially in regions you thought were thoroughly explored.

Prioritizing Exploration Targets

While the temptation to uncover every corner of the map is strong, prioritize areas that are likely to yield the highest exploration rewards:

  • Dense Areas: Regions packed with landmarks, puzzles, and enemy camps often have higher concentrations of chests.
  • High Altitude and Underground: Areas that require climbing or descending into the depths are frequently overlooked and can be treasure troves of unclaimed chests.
  • Borderlands: The edges of the map and areas near region borders can hide secrets and chests that are easy to miss during casual exploration.

Maximizing Shrine of Depths Keys

The Shrines of Depths are scattered across Teyvat, each holding precious resources including Primogems, Adventure EXP, and valuable artifacts.

Prioritizing these shrines early in your exploration can provide a significant boost to your resources and progress.

Keep an eye out for keys obtained through Archon Quests, World Quests, and Adventure Rank rewards.

Efficiently using these keys not only enhances your exploration percentage but also strengthens your characters for the journey ahead.

The Significance of Mora Boxes

Mora boxes, particularly prevalent in regions like Inazuma, are not just sources of Mora but also crucial in increasing your exploration percentage.

These boxes are often found in less visible areas, encouraging thorough exploration.

Prioritizing Mora boxes can quickly boost your exploration progress, making them an essential target for efficient explorers.

Understanding Exploration Percentage Mechanics

It's crucial to recognize that reaching a 100% exploration status on the map doesn't necessarily mean uncovering every single detail.

The game's exploration percentage is more forgiving, allowing some margin for overlooked elements.

Concentrate on major exploration tasks such as unlocking waypoints, completing significant World Quests, and gathering collectibles.

This approach ensures a balanced exploration strategy, focusing on impactful activities without the pressure of absolute completion.

Using the Right Team Composition

The composition of your adventuring team plays a crucial role.

Ensuring your team includes characters with various elemental abilities and traversal skills like gliding or climbing efficiency can be the difference between reaching a hidden treasure and missing it entirely.

Characters with specific elemental affinities can also unlock certain puzzles and barriers, making them invaluable for comprehensive exploration.

Final Tips

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Quests and Exploration Percentage

Remember that quests themselves don't contribute to exploration percentage, but the chests and rewards obtained from completing them do.

Prioritize quests that unlock new areas or contain numerous chests.

Exploration Strategy

Start from the outer edges of the map and work your way inwards, systematically covering each area to ensure you explore every corner.

Time Investment

Fully exploring the world of Teyvat is a lengthy process that can take upwards of 75 hours.

Break down your exploration goals into manageable sessions to prevent burnout.

By following these guidelines and embracing the spirit of adventure, you'll not only enrich your Genshin Impact experience but also uncover every secret and treasure hidden throughout Teyvat.

Remember, exploration is as much about the journey as it is about the destination. Happy exploring!