Beginner's Guide to Genshin Impact: Mastering the Game

Genshin Impact Beginner's Guide: Mastering the Game
Last updated:
March 18, 2024

Welcome to our first guide on the world of Genshin Impact, a game that's captivated the hearts of anime enthusiasts and RPG fans alike.

Here's a complete guide to kickstart your adventure, with tips on leveling, character selection, and more.

Let's dive in!

Genshin Impact Beginner's Guide: Mastering the Game

Starting Your Adventure: The Basics

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Account Creation and Benefits

Your first step is to create an account.

Experienced players often recreate their accounts to start with stronger characters.

This method increases your chances of obtaining a Legendary character from the get-go, setting a strong foundation for your adventure.

Using Initial Resources

Maximizing Start-Up Bonuses

Make the most of the start-up bonuses.

Using these wisely can significantly enhance your early game experience and provide a considerable advantage in your initial quests and battles.

Understanding Genshin Impact

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Game Overview

Genre and Style

Genshin Impact is a solo RPG anime gacha game.

Its anime-style graphics, engaging storyline, and character-driven plot set it apart from traditional RPGs.

Open World Exploration

The game offers an extensive open world called Teyvat, filled with diverse landscapes, hidden secrets, and numerous challenges.

This world is continuously expanding with updates and new content.

Interactive Environment

The game world is highly interactive.

You can engage in various activities like cooking, crafting, and puzzle-solving, adding depth beyond combat and exploration.

Gacha System Explained

Gacha Mechanics

At its core, Genshin Impact employs a gacha system for acquiring new characters and weapons.

This system, akin to loot boxes, allows players to receive random items and characters through “wishes.”

Character Variety

The game features a vast array of characters, each with unique abilities, backstories, and elements.

This diversity allows for countless team combinations and strategies.

Gameplay Elements

Combat System

The game features an elemental combat system where characters use specific elemental powers.

Combining different elements can lead to powerful reactions and strategies in battles.

Quests and Storyline

Players embark on various quests, each contributing to the overarching narrative.

The storyline is rich and multi-layered, offering both main quests and side stories that dive into character development and world-building.

Adventure and Challenges

World Exploration

Teyvat is divided into several regions, each with distinct environments and cultures.

Exploration is rewarded with discoveries, resources, and encounters with both friendly NPCs and enemies.

Dungeons and Bosses

You can explore dungeons and face challenging bosses, providing opportunities for acquiring rare items and resources.

Events and Updates

Regular events and updates keep the game fresh and engaging, offering new content, characters, and storylines.

Community and Culture

Genshin Impact boasts a strong, global community.

Forums, social media groups, and online platforms are abuzz with discussions, fan art, and shared experiences.

The game has influenced pop culture, evident in its widespread fanbase, cosplay, and fan-created content.

It resonates particularly well with fans of anime and fantasy genres.

Effective Leveling Tips

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Following the Storyline for Rewards

Quest Completion

Prioritize completing the main storyline quests.

They provide significant experience points (XP), essential for leveling up your Adventure Rank (AR).

Side Quests

Don’t overlook side quests.

They often offer valuable rewards like character experience, Mora (in-game currency), and items useful for character progression.

Narrative Engagement

Engaging with the story isn’t just about leveling.

It also deepens your understanding of the game's lore and characters, enriching the overall experience.

Exploration and Resource Gathering

Chest Hunting

Explore Teyvat to find chests.

These chests contain experience, Mora, and sometimes even rare items.

Enemy Camps

Clearing enemy camps is not only a good source of loot but also provides character and Adventure Rank experience.

Resource Management

Gather resources like fruits, ores, and plants during your exploration.

These are crucial for cooking, crafting, and ascension materials.

Efficient Use of Experience Resources

Experience Books

Use character experience books wisely.

Prioritize leveling your main DPS characters first to maximize combat efficiency.

Balanced Team Leveling

Ensure that your entire team levels up evenly.

A well-balanced team is essential for tackling various game challenges.

Daily Commissions and Resin Management

Daily Commissions

Complete daily commissions for quick and easy experience points and Primogems (premium currency).

Resin Usage

Spend your Resin (energy/stamina system) efficiently.

Focus on ley line outcrops for experience and Mora or on domains for talent materials and artifacts, depending on your current needs.

Adventurer’s Handbook: A Roadmap for Leveling

The Adventurer’s Handbook provides specific tasks that yield generous rewards upon completion.

Focus on completing these chapters as they guide you through essential game mechanics and provide substantial leveling benefits.

Regularly engage in Boss fights and Domains as suggested by the handbook.

They are excellent sources of character ascension materials and artifacts, vital for character strengthening.

The World of Teyvat: Diverse Biomes and Cities

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Mondstadt: The City of Wind

Nestled among rolling hills and open plains, Mondstadt is known for its lush landscapes and wind-swept vistas.

The city reflects a medieval European aesthetic, with cobblestone streets and towering cathedrals.

As the home of the Anemo Archon, wind is a central theme, influencing everything from local folklore to the city's design.

Places like the Knights of Favonius headquarters and the Windwail Highland are pivotal to the region's story.

Liyue: The Harbor of Stone and Contracts

Liyue is an absolute contrast to Mondstadt, featuring rugged mountains, serene lakes, and a bustling harbor.

The region draws heavily from East Asian designs, particularly Chinese cultural and architectural elements.

The region is deeply influenced by the Geo Archon, with a focus on commerce, contracts, and earthly elements.

Liyue Harbor, the bustling economic hub, and locations like the Qixing and the Adepti, add depth to the region's lore.

Dragonspine: The Frigid Mountain

A snow-covered mountainous area that poses a constant cold threat to players, requiring special preparations to explore.

The sheer cold mechanic in Dragonspine makes survival a key aspect, along with puzzles and quests specific to the area.

This region hosts unique wildlife and plants, providing exclusive materials for crafting and cooking.

Inazuma: The Land of Eternity

Inazuma consists of a series of islands, each with its distinct environment and cultural influences.

Heavily inspired by Japanese culture, Inazuma's storylines delve into themes of eternity, change, and rebellion.

The presence of the Electro Archon adds a layer of political intrigue and power struggles, deeply integrated into the region's quests.

Sumeru: The Center of Wisdom

Sumeru is a region focused on knowledge, wisdom, and possibly lush rainforests and academic institutions.

Sumeru draw inspiration from South Asian and Middle Eastern cultures, and is associated with the Dendro element.

Fontaine: The Region of Justice

Fontaine, associated with the Hydro element, embodies themes revolving around justice and law, aligning with its Archon's domain.

While specific details are scarce, Fontaine draw inspiration from real-world Western European architecture, possibly with elements reminiscent of France or Venice, given its Hydro association.

As a region governed by legal principles, Fontaine feature intricate storylines centered around order, justice, and the rule of law.

Exploring Teyvat's Vastness

Each region offers unique world quests that introduce players to local stories, characters, and traditions.

Interacting with the environment, such as using elemental powers to solve puzzles or unlock areas, is a key aspect of exploration.

Teyvat's immersive experience is enhanced by dynamic weather systems and a day/night cycle, affecting gameplay and exploration.

Exploration Mechanics and Rewards

Each region is filled with puzzles, hidden chests, and secret quests that reward curious explorers.

Gather unique materials in each region for cooking, crafting, and character ascension.

Unlocking these statues not only reveals portions of the map but also provides bonuses and serves as waypoints.

Diverse Ecosystems and Resources

Each biome provides unique resources necessary for character ascension, weapon upgrades, and crafting.

The diverse ecosystems host a variety of wildlife and monsters, each presenting unique challenges and rewards.

Building Your Team: Elemental Combinations

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Understanding Elemental Reactions

The game features seven elements: Anemo (Wind), Geo (Earth), Electro (Thunder), Hydro (Water), Pyro (Fire), Cryo (Ice), and Dendro (Nature).

Combining different elements triggers unique reactions, like Vaporize (Hydro + Pyro) or Freeze (Hydro + Cryo), each with distinct effects in combat.

Strategic Elemental Pairings

Certain reactions, like Melt (Cryo + Pyro) and Vaporize, amplify damage, crucial for dealing high damage to tougher enemies.

Reactions like Freeze (Hydro + Cryo) or Electro-Charged (Electro + Hydro) offer crowd control, immobilizing or continuously damaging multiple enemies.

Crystallize (Geo + any elemental status) creates shields, while Swirl (Anemo + any element) spreads elemental effects, useful for defensive and area-of-effect strategies.

Team Composition and Roles

  • Main DPS: Your primary damage dealer, who should be on the field most of the time. Choose an element that allows for frequent and effective reactions.
  • Sub DPS and Support: These characters intermittently swap in to trigger elemental reactions or provide buffs/healing. Their elements should complement the Main DPS for optimal reaction setups.
  • Flexibility in Roles: Some characters can fit multiple roles depending on their build and the team’s needs. Understanding each character's strengths and elemental abilities is key.

Elemental Resonance for Added Bonuses

Fielding certain elemental combinations in your team grants additional bonuses, like increased attack power or resistance to certain elements.

Consider the current challenge or domain when choosing your team's elemental resonance for a tactical advantage.

Maximizing Elemental Burst and Skill Synergy

Learn the optimal sequence to use your characters' Elemental Skills and Bursts. Proper rotation ensures maximum elemental reaction output.

Characters that generate more elemental energy can feed into each other's bursts, allowing for frequent skill usage.

Acquiring Characters and Resources

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Acquiring Characters: The Gacha System

Wishes and Banners

Characters are primarily acquired through a gacha system known as Wishes.

Banners, which are limited-time events, offer increased chances to obtain specific characters.

Types of Banners

You should understand the difference between Event, Weapon, and Standard banners.

Event banners typically feature exclusive characters, while Weapon banners focus on high-tier weapons.

Pity System

Genshin Impact's gacha system includes a pity mechanism, making sure you get a 5-star character or weapon at a certain number of wishes.

Keep track of your pity count to maximize your chances of obtaining desired characters.

Using Promo Codes

Use promo codes for free wishes and in-game resources. These can significantly boost your early game progress.

New players often receive starter bonuses, including free characters and resources, to help kickstart their journey in Teyvat.

Character Unlocking Beyond Wishes

Some characters are unlocked through storyline or event quests.

Pay attention to ongoing events for opportunities to acquire new characters.

Use the Starglitter and Stardust earned from wishes to purchase characters and resources from Paimon's Shop.

Resource Management: Primogems, Mora, and More

  • Primogems: The premium currency used for purchasing wishes. Earn primogems through daily commissions, achievements, and certain quests.
  • Mora: The primary in-game currency used for various upgrades and transactions. Obtain Mora from quests, defeating enemies, and opening chests.
  • Resin: A resource used for claiming rewards from bosses, domains, and ley lines. Manage your Resin efficiently as it regenerates over time or can be replenished using fragile resin or primogems.

Enhancing Characters: EXP Materials and Ascension

  • Character Experience: Use experience materials like Hero's Wit and Adventurer's Experience to level up your characters.
  • Ascension Materials: Collect specific materials required for character ascension, which raises their level cap and unlocks new abilities. These materials can be obtained from bosses, domains, and exploration.

Adventure Rank (AR) and Its Importance

Your Adventure Rank dictates the availability of new quests, domains, and game features. Increase your AR by completing quests, daily commissions, and discovering waypoints.

Higher AR levels grant access to better rewards and more challenging content, making it an essential aspect of progression.

Character Leveling and Equipment

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Character Leveling: Maximizing Potential

Characters gain experience primarily through using Character EXP Materials like Hero's Wit and Adventurer's Experience.

Concentrate on leveling up your main DPS characters first, as they are your primary damage source in battles.

Characters have level caps which can be raised through Ascension.

Ascension requires specific materials found in the game world, such as boss drops, local specialties, and domain rewards.

Importance of Character Ascension

Ascending characters unlocks new talents and increases their stats significantly, making them much more powerful.

Plan ahead to gather the necessary materials for Ascension, as some are only available on certain days of the week or from specific bosses.

Weapons: Selection and Enhancement

Each character is compatible with a specific type of weapon (Sword, Claymore, Polearm, Bow, or Catalyst).

Select weapons that complement the character's role and abilities.

Upgrade weapons using Enhancement Ores.

Remember, higher rarity weapons generally have better stats and passive abilities.

Duplicate weapons can be used to refine a weapon, enhancing its unique passive ability.

Artifact System: Boosting Stats and Abilities

Artifacts are equipment items that provide significant stat boosts and unique effects.

Each character has five artifact slots: Flower, Plume, Sands, Goblet, and Circlet.

Equipping a set of artifacts from the same set can grant powerful set bonuses, which can dramatically enhance a character's performance.

Focus on the main stat of each artifact according to your character's role (e.g., ATK% for DPS characters) and desirable substats like Crit Rate, Crit Damage, Elemental Mastery.

Managing and Upgrading Talents

Talents are character-specific abilities, including their normal attack, elemental skill, and elemental burst.

Upgrade talents to increase their effectiveness.

This requires specific books and materials obtained from domains and bosses.

While it might be tempting to upgrade only the elemental burst, a balanced approach to all talents usually yields better results in combat.

Constellations: Unlocking Character Potential

Each character has a unique constellation that can be unlocked using specific items, typically obtained when you receive duplicates of a character.

Prioritize unlocking constellations that significantly enhance your character's role in the team or improve their elemental reactions.

Equipment Management: A Continuous Process

As you progress, continually reassess and upgrade your characters' equipment to match the increasing challenges.

Balance the use of resources across your main team, ensuring that your primary characters are adequately equipped and leveled.

Final Thoughts

Genshin Impact offers a vast, beautiful world teeming with life, stories, and endless possibilities.

As players, we have the opportunity to grow, explore, and experience this world in our unique way, continually looking forward to the new adventures that await in the ever-expanding world of Teyvat.