5 Critical Mistakes to Avoid in Reverse: 1999

5 Critical Mistakes to Avoid in Reverse: 1999
Last updated:
November 20, 2023
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Avoiding pitfalls is crucial in any gacha game, and Reverse: 1999 is no exception.

Here's a rundown of the top 5 mistakes you shouldn't make to keep your game progression strong.

Let's dive in!

5 Critical Mistakes to Avoid in Reverse 1999: A Comprehensive Guide

1. Over-Upgrading Characters

Reverse 1999 offers a ton of characters that can easily catch your eye. But don't let the shiny new banners distract you from focusing on a core team (two teams for late game content).

Limit your upgrades to a maximum of four or five characters. This ensures you allocate resources efficiently and keep your main team robust.

Why it matters?

Spreading your resources thin over many characters weakens your main team, making progress in the game slower and more frustrating.

Main Team Upgraded Characters Reverse: 1999

2. Ignoring the Wilderness Area

The Wilderness is a passive resource generation hub.

While managing it may feel like a chore (I personally dislike housing systems), it's a missed opportunity if you ignore it.

Quick Action Steps

  • Upgrade the area regularly
  • Collect passive resources to invest in your characters

You'll gain an edge in the game by consistently having more resources to allocate.

3. Neglecting the Artificial Somnambulism

Launch Main Content Reverse: 1999

Think of the Artificial Somnambulism as a goldmine for free gems. It's easy to overlook due to its interface, but it's essentially free income.

Why You Should Participate

The shop in this game mode resets bi-weekly and offers character upgrades and materials.

Aim to complete the stages in the Artificial Somnambulism every week, even if you can't max out the star ratings.

4. Skipping Daily Tasks

Dailies can be completed in less than 10 minutes. They're quick, easy, and reward you with summons and resources.

By completing daily tasks, you'll accumulate resources that would otherwise require spending real money.

5. Underestimating 3 and 4-Star Characters

Leilani 3-Star Character Reverse: 1999

Many players focus solely on 5 and 6-star characters, but 3-star and 4-star characters can be just as impactful.

Don't sleep on these lower-tier characters. Some of them have kits that can synergize well with your main team.

Using these characters can offer unique strategies and depth to your gameplay, making your overall experience more enriching.