Maximizing Your Oneiric Shop Currency in Reverse: 1999

Maximizing Your Oneiric Shop Currency in Reverse: 1999
Last updated:
February 12, 2024
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Navigating the Oneiric Shop in Reverse: 1999 can be a daunting task.

This guide offers insights into how you can prioritize materials in the Oneiric Shop effectively, ensuring that you don't waste this precious resource.

Let's dive in!

Best Strategy for the Oneiric Shop in Reverse: 1999

Oneiric Shop in Reverse 1999

Understanding the Oneiric Shop

The Oneiric Shop is a unique feature in Reverse: 1999, fueled by a currency obtained from clearing Artificial Somnambulism and Limbo stages.

With an average weekly earning of 360 shards for completing all stars in Surface stages and additional shards from Limbo, it's crucial to spend wisely.

Prioritization Strategy in the Oneiric Shop

Material Prioritization

Best Purchase Oneiric Shop Crystal Casket Reverse 1999

  1. Avoid Blue Materials: These are farmable, especially during events, making them an inefficient use of shards.
  2. Crystal Casket: This should be your top priority due to its monthly limit and ability to boost characters significantly.
  3. Sonorous Knell: Purchase after Crystal Caskets, considering both permanent and monthly limits.
  4. Brief Cacophony and Moment of Dissonance: Buy these after exhausting the above options. They're crucial for character enhancement but less scarce.
  5. Extra Shards? Save them for the next monthly reset.

Crafting Strategy Using Oneiric Shop Materials

Sonorous Knell in Oneiric Shop in Reverse 1999

  • Crafting Resonate Materials: Use Brief Cacophony from crafting and events to create Sonorous Knell.
  • Optimizing Resonance: This approach is vital for end-game scenarios, especially when upgrading new characters instantly to higher resonate levels.
  • Wishing Spring Crafting: Convert excess Brief Cacophony into necessary materials at the Wishing Spring for efficient resource management.

Final Tips

  • Do not waste shards on easily farmable blue materials.
  • Focus primarily on Crystal Caskets, as they are scarce and highly beneficial for R10 and above.
  • Be strategic and forward-thinking in your purchases to maximize character development.


The Oneiric Shop in Reverse: 1999 requires a strategic approach to resource management.

By prioritizing essential materials and understanding the best ways to use your Oneiric fluid, you can avoid common mistakes and maximize the benefits for your team.

Remember, each decision should align with your current needs and future goals in the game.

Embark on your journey in Reverse: 1999 with confidence, knowing you're making the most out of every Oneiric Shop visit!