Decoding the Best 3-Star and 4-Star Units in Reverse: 1999

Decoding the Best 3-Star and 4-Star Units in Reverse: 1999
Last updated:
November 20, 2023
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Picking the right characters to invest in is crucial in Reverse: 1999.

While everyone's discussing about five and six-star units, let's not ignore the three and four-star characters available. Some of these characters can offer incredible value, especially for new players.

In this guide, we'll go deeper into the best ones based on insights from the Chinese version.

Deep Dive into the Best 3-Star and 4-Star Characters in Reverse: 1999

Understanding Early Game vs. Late Game

Early Game Combat Reverse: 1999

First off, it's essential to distinguish between early game and late game.

Early game is generally considered to be chapters 1-4 of the story mode and unlocking Limbo.

Let's go over which three and four-star characters give the most bang for your buck during this phase.

The Niche 2-Star Units: Door and Ms. Radio

While they can be used for specific fights, these characters aren't generally recommended for long-term investment.

The 3-Star Wonders

The Standouts: La Source and Leilani

Leilani Free Costume Reverse: 1999

  • La Source: Incredible early-game healing. Comes with an enemy target Moxie reduction skill, making it easier to manage boss fights.
  • Leilani: Offers Moxie boost for allies. Good for early game but falls off later.

Why Most 3-Stars Aren't Worth It

Let's be honest, most three-star characters in Reverse: 1999 don't offer enough value.

If you've got nothing better to do, sure, level them up—but don't make them your priority.

The 4-Star Underdogs

The Best Picks: Eagle and Erick

Eagle in Home Screen Reverse: 1999

  • Eagle: High crit rate, strong damage multipliers. A powerhouse for the early game.
  • Erick: Provides various debuffs, including disarming enemies and reducing their critical resistance.

Honorable Mentions: APPle and Oliver Fog

  • APPle: Offers some healing, but not a top-tier choice.
  • Oliver Fog: Functions as a tank but can be risky due to self-inflicted HP loss.

The Not-So-Great: Pavia, Cristallo, Nick Bottom

They can fulfill the role if you're missing 5 star and 6 star units, but avoid investing heavily in these characters.

They simply don't measure up.

The rest of 4-star characters aren't worth it either, so won't bother going through them.

Final Words: To Build or Not to Build

When you're just starting out, having a strong 3-star or 4-star unit can make a big difference.

But keep in mind that these characters should ideally serve as placeholders until you can recruit more potent heroes.

Invest wisely, and don't sink too many resources into them.

Note: You should still level up APPLe, Leilani, and Eagle to Insight 1 (i1) because you'll get back your resources.