Ultimate Guide to Genshin Impact Account Progression

Ultimate Guide to Genshin Impact Account Progression
Last updated:
March 22, 2024

Welcome to an in-depth guide aimed at crafting an overpowered Genshin Impact account from the ground up, designed for F2P players.

This guide is designed to navigate you through the complexities of resource management and strategic character development, ensuring you don't fall into common traps that halt progress.

Let's dive into a detailed, step-by-step strategy to maximize your account's potential.

Ultimate Guide to Account Progression: Do's and Don'ts

Initial Steps: AR 0 to AR 15

in game team setup in genshin impact

Choosing Your Character

Your initial focus should be on selecting a high DPS (Damage Per Second) character.

This choice will dictate your early game progression and how effectively you can clear content.

Choose a character that not only fits the DPS role but also aligns with your playstyle.

Consider elemental reactions and how they can complement your team later on.

Weapon Prioritization

As soon as you start, prioritize upgrading your main DPS character's weapon to level 20.

This provides the most significant early damage boost, making content clearing smoother.

Understand the weapon's stats and how they synergize with your character's abilities.

Even a 3-star weapon, when properly upgraded, can be potent in the early game.

Artifact Management

Early on, your focus should be on the Feather artifact, as it directly increases your ATK stat.

Leveling a 3-star Feather to +4 can give you a noticeable early boost.

As you explore, collect every artifact you come across.

Though the initial focus is on the Feather, you'll soon start building a more comprehensive artifact set.

Efficient Leveling

Level up your main DPS character to level 19, staying just below the cap to keep gaining experience from defeating enemies.

While your main DPS takes priority, don't neglect your support characters entirely.

Bringing them up to level 19 can make early content more manageable without spreading your resources too thin.

Resource Management

Initially, you'll feel like resources are plentiful. However, they become scarcer as you progress.

Always think ahead when spending experience books, Mora, and enhancement ores.

Use this time to explore Teyvat extensively. Open chests, complete quests, and gather resources.

This exploration not only levels up your AR but also stocks up on essential items for character development.

Progressing Further: AR 15 to AR 25

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Enhancing Your Main DPS

Continuing from AR 15, your priority remains to enhance your main DPS character's weapon.

Aim to ascend the weapon and level it up to 40 as soon as possible.

This significantly boosts your damage output and helps you clear content more efficiently.

Start focusing on rounding out a full set of artifacts with emphasis on offensive stats.

While the Feather artifact remains crucial for its ATK stat, begin to look for artifacts with ATK%, CRIT Rate, and CRIT DMG as main stats or sub-stats, suitable for your main DPS.

Character Development

Ascend your main DPS character at AR 20.

Ascension not only increases their level cap but also enhances their overall stats and sometimes unlocks new talents, which are vital for increasing your damage output and survivability in battles.

After ascension, prioritize leveling your main DPS character to the new cap, but aim for level 39 to continue gaining experience from enemies.

This ensures you're not wasting any potential experience gains.

Exploration and Resource Gathering

Continue to explore Teyvat with a focus on unlocking waypoints, domains, and collecting Anemoculus and Geoculus.

These activities not only provide AR experience but also essential resources for character ascension and talent upgrades.

Collect every resource you encounter, including ores, plants, and materials dropped by enemies.

These will be crucial for crafting, character ascension, and fulfilling future quest requirements.

Quest Completion and Story Progression

Follow the main story quests to progress the narrative, unlock new characters, and receive generous rewards.

Don’t ignore side quests and world quests, as they offer valuable rewards, including Mora, experience, and sometimes even Primogems.

Start completing daily commissions as soon as they are available. They are a consistent source of AR experience, Mora, Primogems, and character experience materials.

Team Composition and Synergy

Begin to consider the elemental synergy between your characters.

Aim to have a balanced team that can trigger powerful elemental reactions like Vaporize, Melt, or Electro-Charged.

While the main DPS is your priority, start to level and equip your support characters to enhance your team’s overall effectiveness.

Characters like Bennett for healing and ATK boost, Xiangling for Pyro support, or Barbara for healing can significantly impact your success in battles.

Preparation for Higher AR Levels

As you approach AR 25, start planning for the next phase of the game.

This includes preparing for your next character ascension, talent level upgrades, and further weapon enhancements.

Begin to use your resin more strategically, focusing on domains and bosses that drop materials required for your main and support characters' ascension and talent upgrades.

Transition Phase: AR 25 to AR 35

in game artifacts domain details in genshin impact

Character Ascension and Leveling

Prioritize ascending your main DPS character immediately upon reaching the required AR, but don't neglect your support characters.

Ascensions increase stat ceilings and often unlock new talents, which are crucial for tackling tougher content.

Post-ascension, level your main DPS as close to the new cap as possible, ideally stopping just shy at level 39 or 49 depending on the ascension phase, to continue gaining experience from enemies.

Start bringing your support characters up to speed, focusing on those that contribute significantly to elemental reactions and team synergy.

Weapon Prioritization

Continue to invest in your main DPS's weapon by ascending it and leveling it up to match your character's progression.

A strong weapon is one of the most straightforward ways to boost your damage output significantly.

Artifact Optimization

As you approach AR 30, you'll start encountering more 4-star artifacts.

Begin to collect and invest in these, focusing on artifacts that enhance your main DPS's damage output through ATK%, CRIT Rate, CRIT DMG, and elemental damage bonuses.

For support characters, look for artifacts that amplify their utility, such as energy recharge or specific elemental bonuses.

Start to pay attention to artifact set bonuses that complement your characters' roles within your team.

For DPS characters, sets that increase their damage output, and for support characters, sets that enhance their healing or elemental mastery, can be particularly valuable.

Talent Upgrades

As your characters ascend, their talent levels can also be increased.

Prioritize leveling up the talents that your characters rely on most, typically their elemental skill and burst for DPS characters, and whichever talents enhance their support capabilities for others.

Exploration and Resource Farming

Continue to explore the vast world of Teyvat, unlocking waypoints, seeking out chests, and collecting oculi to enhance statues.

Exploration not only provides valuable resources but also AR experience to propel you towards higher AR levels.

Collect ascension and talent materials specific to your characters by targeting bosses and domains that drop what you need.

Plan your resin expenditure to maximize the return on these essential resources.

Preparing for Higher-Level Content

Start forming a second team for the Spiral Abyss, if you haven't already.

The Spiral Abyss requires two fully functional teams from Floor 5 onwards, making it crucial to have a balanced and leveled roster.

Engage in limited-time events that offer unique rewards, including Primogems, talent materials, and sometimes even characters.

Events can provide a significant boost to your account's growth without costing resin.

Advanced Stages: AR 35 to AR 45

in game character ascension in genshin impact

World Level Ascension Quest

Upon reaching AR 35, you're required to complete a World Level Ascension Quest to progress further.

This quest increases your World Level, enhancing the challenge and rewards from all in-game activities.

It's a test of your team's strength and your command of game mechanics.

Character and Team Optimization

Solidify your main team composition, focusing on building a balanced team that covers essential roles: Main DPS, Sub DPS, Support, and Healer.

Evaluate your roster and decide if any new characters you've acquired could enhance your team's synergy and overall performance.

Ascend your main team members to unlock their full potential.

However, instead of rushing to increase their level to the new cap, consider the resource expenditure and potential benefits.

Leveling up characters from 60 to 70 offers diminishing returns compared to other investments like talents and weapons.

Talent Prioritization

Focus on leveling up talents that significantly impact your gameplay.

For DPS characters, prioritize their normal attack and elemental skill or burst, depending on their role in combat.

For support characters, enhance the talents that boost their utility, such as healing effectiveness or elemental mastery.

Weapon Ascension and Enhancement

Continue to prioritize your main DPS's weapon, ensuring it is ascended and leveled up to match your progression.

A well-upgraded weapon is a significant factor in your damage output, making it a vital area of investment.

Artifact Management

By AR 35, you should start having a collection of 4-star artifacts.

Begin to equip your main characters with these, focusing on optimizing main stats and set bonuses that complement their roles.

While tempting, it's more resin-efficient to wait until AR 40 or even AR 45 to farm artifacts aggressively in domains.

Until then, make the best of the artifacts you obtain through exploration and bosses.

Resource and Resin Management

Manage your resin and resources carefully, balancing character development with the need to gather ascension materials, talent books, and Mora.

Consider using resin refreshes sparingly, if at all, and focus on the most impactful upgrades.

AR 45: A Critical Juncture

in game replenish resin details in genshin impact

Resin Management

With artifact farming becoming a priority, use your resin wisely.

Consider saving fragile resin for artifact domains or events offering substantial rewards.

Balancing artifact farming with talent and weapon ascension material farming is key to overall progression.

Character and Weapon Progression

While artifact farming is strong, continue investing in character and weapon ascensions.

Ascend your main DPS characters and their weapons to maximize their potential, followed by critical support characters.

Continue upgrading talents for your most used characters, focusing on abilities that significantly impact your combat effectiveness.

Team Composition and Strategy

Start solidifying your team compositions, keeping in mind the elemental synergies and reactions crucial for higher difficulty content.

Preparing multiple teams with well-thought-out synergies is essential for tackling the Spiral Abyss.

Exploration and Side Activities

Continue exploring every corner in Teyvat for chests, oculi, and other resources.

Exploration not only provides valuable materials but also contributes to Adventure Rank progression.

Stay engaged with side quests and limited-time events. These often offer unique rewards, including Primogems, experience materials, and even exclusive items or weapons.

Beyond AR 45

in game spiral abyss floor selection details in genshin impact

Artifact Optimization

Continue refining your characters' artifact sets for optimal main and sub-stats.

Focus on enhancing your main DPS and key support characters with 5-star artifacts that complement their skills and playstyle.

Prioritize farming artifacts for characters who will benefit most immediately.

Remember, the goal is to balance your team's overall strength, focusing on DPS characters and critical supports.

Character and Weapon Ascension

Gradually ascend and level up your main characters to 90, focusing first on your primary DPS.

While the resource cost is high, the full potential of your characters is unlocked at max level.

Ascend your characters' weapons to level 90. Weapons are a significant source of damage, and maximizing them is essential for endgame content.

Talent Leveling

Continue to level up your characters' talents, focusing on those that contribute most to your combat strategy.

Use Crown of Insight and talent books wisely, as these resources are scarce.

Strategic Resin Use

Allocate your resin efficiently between artifact domains, talent material domains, and weekly bosses.

Consider your team's immediate needs and plan your resin use accordingly.

Exploration and Completion

Ensure you've explored all available regions thoroughly.

Completing puzzles, finding hidden chests, and unlocking all waypoints and domains are crucial for gathering resources.

Complete achievements and in-game challenges for Primogems and other rewards.

These often overlooked objectives can offer significant resources.

Spiral Abyss Mastery

The Spiral Abyss is the ultimate test of strategy and team composition.

Focus on building two balanced teams capable of handling the varied challenges of the Abyss.

Adjust your strategy and team composition as needed based on the current Abyssal Moon Spire's blessings and enemy lineups.

Preparing for New Content

Save resources such as Primogems, Mora, and experience materials for upcoming characters and weapons.

Staying informed about future updates can help you plan your resource allocation effectively.

Participate in character test runs to experience new characters before committing resources to them.

This can help you make informed decisions about which characters to integrate into your teams.

Final Thoughts on Account Progression

Building a strong Genshin Impact account is a marathon, not a sprint.

Focus on strategic resource allocation, prioritize character and weapon development, and don't rush your progression.

By following this guide, you'll create a top account capable of tackling the toughest challenges Teyvat has to offer, all without the need to spend a dime.

Remember, patience and strategy are your best tools in Genshin Impact.