Guide to the Best Talents to Crown in Genshin Impact

Ultimate Guide: Best Talents to Crown in Genshin Impact
Last updated:
March 22, 2024

Crowning a character in Genshin Impact means boosting their abilities to their fullest potential, but with crowns being such a scarce resource, deciding which talents to level up can be challenging.

This comprehensive guide is designed to help you navigate through the best talents to crown, ensuring that your investment gives the highest returns.

The Best Talents to Crown in Genshin Impact

What Are Crowns and How to Use Them Wisely?

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Crowns of Insight, often simply referred to as crowns, are rare items that allow to improve a character's talent beyond the usual maximum level.

Under normal circumstances, talents can only be leveled up to 9, but with crowns, you can level up a talent to level 10, unlocking even more power.

For characters with unlocked constellations, talents can reach up to level 13.

The Rarity of Crowns

What makes crowns so valuable is their scarcity.

Crowns can be obtained through a limited number of sources, including:

  • Seasonal events, which typically offer one crown per event.
  • Significant achievements in world exploration, such as leveling the Frostbearing Tree in Dragonspine or the Sacred Sakura in Inazuma.
  • Special in-game celebrations or anniversaries may also provide crowns as rewards.

Given their limited availability, deciding which talents to crown requires thoughtful consideration.

How to Use Crowns Wisely

The first step in deciding to use a crown is to evaluate the character's role within your team and how frequently you use them in your gameplay.

Priority typically goes to:

  • Main DPS characters, as enhancing their talents directly translates to higher damage output.
  • Key support characters whose talents significantly boost the team's performance.

Talent Impact Analysis

Not all talents are created equal.

Some talents, particularly Elemental Bursts or key skills that define a character's playstyle, offer more significant benefits when crowned.

Analyze the scaling of the talent and its contribution to the character's overall effectiveness.

Universally Good Talents to Crown

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When considering which talents to crown, universally good talents often meet the following criteria:

  • High Scaling and Impact: These talents have high damage scaling or provide effects that significantly impact gameplay, such as substantial healing, damage buffs, or debuffs on enemies.
  • Core to Character’s Kit: The talent is central to the character's role in a team, often being the primary source of damage or utility.
  • Frequent Usage: The talent is used often, either due to a short cooldown or because it's crucial in the character's playstyle.

Examples of Universally Good Talents to Crown

Below are examples of talents that are widely considered worth the investment of a crown:

Bennett's Elemental Burst: Fantastic Voyage

Bennett's burst not only heals teammates but also provides a substantial attack buff within its radius.

Crowning this talent maximizes the attack increase, making it incredibly valuable for almost any team composition, especially those focused on DPS output.

Xingqiu's Elemental Burst: Guhua Sword - Raincutter

Xingqiu's Elemental Burst offers both hydro application for reactions and damage mitigation through damage reduction.

Its ability to enable and enhance a wide array of elemental reactions, while also providing defensive utility, makes it a top candidate for crowning.

Kazuha's Elemental Skill or Burst

Kazuha can significantly boost the team's elemental damage with his Swirl reactions and passive talent that increases elemental damage bonus based on his Elemental Mastery.

Crowning either his skill or burst boosts his ability to buff the team's overall damage, thanks to his utility and AoE damage.

Ganyu's Elemental Burst: Celestial Shower

Ganyu's Elemental Burst lays down an AoE Cryo field, dealing consistent Cryo damage to all enemies within.

This ability's high damage output, especially when combined with its crowd control, makes it crucial for Cryo-reaction teams and worth the crown investment.

When to Crown a Talent

Deciding to crown a talent should be based on both the character's utility in your most commonly used teams and your personal playstyle.

Even if a talent is universally recognized as powerful, it's most beneficial to crown talents on characters you frequently use and enjoy playing.

The investment in a crown is significant, so make sure it improves your gameplay experience.

When Not to Crown?

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Characters Rarely Used in Your Roster

Investing a crown in characters you barely use or who don't fit into your main team compositions can feel wasteful.

Characters frequently benched or used only for niche purposes might not justify the investment, as the crown's impact would be minimal in your overall gameplay.

Healers or Support Characters Whose Main Contribution Isn't Damage

For characters whose primary role is healing or providing utility that doesn't scale significantly with talent levels, crowning might not offer a substantial boost. For example:

  • Barbara's Healing Abilities: While enhancing her healing can be beneficial, the incremental increase might not justify a crown, especially if your team finds itself in need of more potent healing.

Talents With Minimal Impact on Gameplay

Some talents, despite being part of a character's kit, have a minimal impact on gameplay or contribute less to a character's overall effectiveness.

Crowning such talents might not offer significant benefits.

For instance:

  • Traveler’s Geo Constellation Talents: Some of their Geo talents might not dramatically change their effectiveness in your team, making them lower priority for crowning.

Suboptimal Elemental Reactions

Characters whose primary contribution involves triggering elemental reactions that don't necessarily benefit from higher talent levels may not be ideal candidates.

For example:

  • Characters Primarily Used for Swirl Reactions: Since Swirl's damage scales with level and Elemental Mastery rather than the specific talent level, crowning the talents of characters like Sucrose or Venti for their Swirl-triggering abilities might not provide as much benefit as focusing on their other talents or crowning talents of characters with more directly scalable damage or utility.

Making the Decision

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Ultimately, the choice to crown a talent comes down to a combination of efficiency, character utility, and personal preference.

Whether it’s a character you love or a talent that significantly enhances your team, the right choice is very different from player to player.

Long-term Strategy

The evolving nature of Genshin Impact, with its continuous introduction of new characters and content, means that today's optimal choices might shift tomorrow.

However, some characters have proven to have lasting value due to their versatile kits or unique abilities.

Investing in these characters can offer provide long lasting returns on your investment.