Ultimate Guide to Building Aventurine in Honkai: Star Rail

Ultimate Guide to Building Aventurine in Honkai: Star Rail
Last updated:
April 17, 2024

Building a solid character in Honkai: Star Rail can be the key to your success in the game.

Aventurine, known for his unique defensive skills, is a character worth investing in. So, should you pull for him?

This comprehensive guide will take you through everything you need to know about Aventurine, including his kit, optimal relics, and the best team compositions to maximize his potential.

How to Build Aventurine in Honkai Star Rail: A Complete Guide

Aventurine's Core Abilities

in game aventurine abilities preview in honkai star rail

Basic ATK: Straight Bet

Aventurine's basic attack, Straight Bet, deals Imaginary Damage (DMG) equal to 50% of his defense to a single enemy.

Although this might seem moderate, it's a consistent source of damage that benefits greatly from his high defense stats.

This attack is reliable for steady damage output, especially in prolonged battles where high defense is crucial.

Enhancing his defense through equipment and buffs can significantly increase the damage potential of Straight Bet.

Skill: Cornerstone Deluxe

Cornerstone Deluxe provides all allies with a Fortified Wager shield, blocking damage equal to 16% of Aventurine’s defense plus an additional 80 points.

This shield lasts for three turns and can stack up to 200% of the initial shield value when Fortified Wager is gained repeatedly.

This skill is central to Aventurine’s role as a protector.

By stacking the shield, Aventurine can safeguard his team against significant bursts of damage, making him ideal for facing opponents with strong area-of-effect attacks or high damage output.

Ultimate: Roulette Shark

Roulette Shark is a versatile ultimate ability that enhances Aventurine's strategic gameplay.

It randomly grants him between 1 to 7 points of Blind Bet, then targets an enemy with Unnerved status for three turns, increasing their susceptibility to critical damage by 9%.

Additionally, it deals Imaginary DMG equal to 162% of Aventurine’s defense to the target.

The ability to generate Blind Bet points rapidly is crucial for activating his powerful follow-up attacks sooner.

The added effect of unnerving the enemy not only increases the team's damage output through critical hits but also focuses on weakening key opponents.

Talent: Shot Loaded Right

This talent increases the Effect Resistance (RES) by 13% for a single ally under the effects of Fortified Wager.

Moreover, when Aventurine or the shielded ally is attacked, he gains 1 point of Blind Bet.

Additionally, this talent allows Aventurine to resist crowd control debuffs when he has Fortified Wager.

Shot Loaded Right complements his defensive strategy by enhancing survivability against control effects, crucial in maintaining team stability.

The accumulation of Blind Bet through defensive actions rather than offensive ensures that Aventurine remains a threat even when focusing on defense.

Technique: The Red or the Black

This technique offers a chance-based increase in defense, ranging from 24% to a substantial 60%.

Only the latest effect is retained, and after entering the next battle, it boosts all allies’ defense by the corresponding amount for three turns.

The variability in defense boost makes Aventurine adaptable to different situations, allowing him to be more resilient in battles against heavy hitters or provide a substantial defensive buff to his team at the start of the next encounter.

Major Traces

Trace 1: Leverage

This trace boosts Aventurine's Critical Rate (CRIT Rate) by 2% for every 100 points of defense he has over 1600, with a cap at a 48% increase.

The Leverage trace is particularly useful in transforming Aventurine from a purely defensive unit into a significant offensive threat.

By stacking defense, not only do his shielding and damage mitigation improve, but his ability to deal critical hits also increases, which can drastically enhance his damage output in prolonged fights.

Trace 2: Hot Hand

At the start of battle, Hot Hand grants all allies a Fortified Wager shield equivalent to 100% of the shield provided by Cornerstone Deluxe, lasting for three turns.

This trace is crucial for early battle survivability, especially against teams that can unleash powerful attacks early on.

By providing immediate shielding, Aventurine ensures that his team can withstand initial bursts, allowing them to set up their own strategies without significant health loss.

Trace 3: Bingo!

Bingo! allows Aventurine to accumulate 1 Blind Bet point whenever an ally with Fortified Wager launches a follow-up attack, with the ability to trigger up to three times per Aventurine's turn.

Additionally, after using his talent's follow-up attack, it provides all allies with a new layer of Fortified Wager shielding that blocks damage equivalent to 7% of Aventurine’s defense plus 96, and gives the same shield to the ally with the lowest existing shield effect, lasting for three turns.

This trace enhances Aventurine’s utility in teams that frequently perform follow-up attacks.

It not only accelerates the accumulation of Blind Bet points, essential for triggering his powerful multi-hit counterattacks but also reinforces the team's defenses after these counterattacks.

This ensures that Aventurine and his team remain cushioned against retaliation, particularly after expending Blind Bets, and supports sustained engagement by continuously refreshing defensive capabilities.

Trace Priorities


This skill is Aventurine’s core trace, providing strong shields that not only protect but also enhance the survivability of the entire team.

Upgrading this skill increases the shield’s potency and duration, making it a critical asset in both long and short battles.


Aventurine’s ultimate ability is crucial for applying debuffs and stacking Blind Bet points quickly, which are crucial for triggering his powerful follow-up attacks.

Upgrading this ability enhances its effectiveness in debuffing enemies and increasing critical damage dealt by allies.


While this talent significantly increases Aventurine’s utility by boosting effect resistance and providing Blind Bet points, it should generally be upgraded after the skill and ultimate.

This is because the direct combat benefits from higher shield strength and more potent debuffs tend to outweigh the passive benefits provided by the talent in most scenarios.

Basic Attack

Aventurine’s basic attack, while useful for consistent damage output, does not impact his core role as much as his other abilities.

Therefore, it should be upgraded last, focusing resources on abilities that enhance his shielding and utility first.

Optimal Light Cones

in game aventurine signature light cone in honkai star rail

Inherently Unjust Destiny

This signature Light Cone increases Aventurine's defense by 40% and enhances critical damage output by 40% for two turns whenever he provides a shield to an ally.

Additionally, it increases the damage taken by an enemy hit by his follow-up attack by 10% for two turns.

As Aventurine's signature Light Cone, Inherently Unjust Destiny is designed to enhance his unique abilities.

The significant increase in defense directly boosts his damage output for abilities scaling off defense and his shielding capacity.

The additional effects on critical damage and increasing enemy damage taken make this cone particularly potent for a more aggressive playstyle where Aventurine's role includes triggering frequent follow-up attacks.

Trend of the Universal Market

This cone is geared towards offense, providing debuffs to the enemy, which can synergize well with team compositions focused on debuffing and control.

If Aventurine is used in a team that benefits from or capitalizes on enemy debuffs—such as teams including characters that trigger additional effects against debuffed enemies—Trend of Universal Market can be a game-changer.

This cone enhances Aventurine's ability to fit into and support debuff-centric teams, making it ideal for strategic setups that require softening up opponents for massive follow-up damages.

Destiny’s Threads Forewoven

Increases the wearer's effect resistance by 12% and boosts damage dealt based on the wearer’s defense, up to a maximum of 32%.

This cone is particularly effective in defensive builds where maximizing Aventurine's survivability and damage output through his defensive stats is crucial.

The boost in effect resistance makes Aventurine more resilient against debuffs and crowd control, maintaining his effectiveness throughout the battle.

This Is Me!

Available on the battle pass, this cone significantly increases the wearer's defense and enhances the damage of their ultimate ability based on their defense stat.

This Is Me is an excellent choice for players who can access the battle pass and want to enhance Aventurine’s ultimate ability specifically.

By increasing defense and the damage of his ultimate, this cone makes Aventurine a more formidable presence on the battlefield, especially in scenarios where unleashing powerful ultimates at critical moments can turn the tide of battle.

Best Relic and Planar Ornament Sets

in game aventurine relics in honkai star rail


Knight of Purity Palace (4-piece)

This set is ideal for maximizing Aventurine's shield strength.

It boosts his defense, which directly benefits his shield and his passive crit rate increase.

The Ashblazing Grand Duke (2-piece) and Pioneer Diver of Dead Waters (2-piece)

A mix of these sets can be a strong choice for a balance of follow-up damage and debuffs.

The Grand Duke enhances follow-up attack damage, while Pioneer increases damage against debuffed enemies, synergizing well with his ultimate that applies critical damage debuffs.

The Ashblazing Grand Duke (2-piece) and Knight of Purity Palace (2-piece)

This combination offers a good mix of defensive and offensive potential. Ash Blazing provides a bonus to imaginary damage, enhancing Aventurine’s overall damage output, while the Knight of Purity Palace continues to support his defensive role.

Planar Ornaments

Broken Keel

Increases effect resistance by 10% and boosts all allies' critical damage by 10% if the wearer's effect resistance is 30% or higher.

This ornament enhances Aventurine’s ability to resist debuffs and simultaneously boosts team damage output, making it invaluable in team compositions that rely on critical hits.

Inert Salsotto

Boosts wearer's critical rate by 8% and increases ultimate and follow-up attack damage by 15% when the wearer’s critical rate is 50% or higher.

For a more offensive build, this ornament enhances Aventurine’s damage potential, particularly useful in scenarios where his attacks need to pack a bigger punch.

Main Stats Priority

  • Defense: This is the core stat for Aventurine as it directly enhances both his shield strength and the damage output of his abilities. Aiming for a high defense stat not only boosts his survivability but also increases his effectiveness in combat by leveraging his unique ability to convert defense into crit rate.
  • Critical Damage: Once you have a solid defense foundation, focusing on critical damage can significantly increase his potential to deal damage during combat. Since his crit rate can be boosted by his defense, investing in critical damage becomes a viable strategy to enhance his overall damage output.
  • Speed: The value of speed in Aventurine’s build depends on your team composition and battle strategy. Faster speed allows him to act more frequently, refreshing shields and applying debuffs, which can be crucial in fast-paced battles or against quick opponents.

Substats Focus

  • Defense %: This should be prioritized in substats to consistently bolster his main defense stat, enhancing all related abilities and conversions.
  • HP %: As a character frequently targeted due to his role, increasing HP ensures he can withstand more damage, maintaining his presence and utility on the battlefield.
  • Critical Rate: To maximize damage output, particularly when Aventurine's defense is already high, adding critical rate helps ensure that his hits not only land but also do meaningful damage.
  • Effect Resistance: This substat helps Aventurine resist debuffs, maintaining his effectiveness throughout the battle without interruptions.

Team Compositions and Synergy

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Understanding Aventurine's Role in Team Synergy

Aventurine’s primary role revolves around shielding and providing buffs to his teammates.

His shields not only protect but also empower, giving him a crucial role in both defensive and offensive team setups.

Key Synergistic Traits
  • Shield Durability: His ability to stack shields makes him essential in maintaining high defense for the team.
  • Debuff Application: His ultimate increases crit damage against enemies, which is particularly beneficial in teams focused on critical hits.
  • Stack Generation: He gains stacks when his shields absorb hits, which can be strategically used to trigger more powerful follow-up attacks.

Ideal Team Synergies

Teams with Follow-Up Attack Dynamics

Teams that include characters with follow-up attack abilities can help Aventurine quickly accumulate points necessary for his own powerful follow-up attacks.

Example Composition: Pairing Aventurine with characters like Topaz, who rely on or enhance follow-up attacks, creates a loop that maximizes the frequency of Aventurine’s shielding and damage output.

Critical Damage-Oriented Teams

Aventurine’s ability to buff critical damage through his ultimate makes him a great ally for characters that have high critical hit rates or damage multipliers.

Example Composition: Aventurine combined with characters like Acheron or Dr. Ratio, who can benefit from or contribute to critical damage increases, ensures a high damage output from the team.

Defensive Coordination Teams

For teams that benefit from prolonged engagement, Aventurine’s strong shields and defensive buffs make him a cornerstone for survival and consistent damage mitigation.

Example Composition: Integrating Aventurine with other defensive characters who provide healing or additional buffs, such as characters with healing over time or damage reduction abilities like Lynx and Luocha, can create nearly unbreakable defensive setups.

Eidolons Overview

in game aventurine eidolons details in honkai star rail

E1: Prisoner’s Dilemma

Increases Critical Damage for allies with Fortified Wager by 20% and provides a Fortified Wager Shield to the entire team, equaling 100% of that provided by Aventurine’s skill, lasting for three turns.

This Eidolon is ideal for teams that rely on critical hits to deal massive damage.

It not only enhances Aventurine’s shielding ability but also boosts the team's damage output, making it a top priority in offensive team builds.

E2: Bounded Rationality

When using his basic attack, Aventurine reduces the target’s All-Type Resistance by 12% for three turns.

This Eidolon is particularly effective in debuff-heavy team compositions.

By reducing enemy resistance, Aventurine helps his teammates inflict additional debuffs or damage, making it a valuable choice for controlling or weakening opponents.

E4: Unexpected Hanging Paradox

When triggering Aventurine’s talent’s follow-up attacks, his defense first increases by 40% for two turns.

The follow-up attack’s Hits Per Action triggered by his talent also increases by three.

This Eidolon turns Aventurine into a more formidable tank and damage dealer, as it not only boosts his defense dramatically but also enhances the impact of his follow-up attacks.

It’s particularly effective in prolonged fights where follow-up attacks can turn the tide of battle.

E6: Stag Hunt Game

For each ally with a shield, the damage dealt by Aventurine increases by 50%, up to a maximum increase of 150%.

This Eidolon is a powerhouse in shield-heavy compositions, dramatically increasing Aventurine’s damage output based on the number of shielded allies.

It synergizes exceptionally well with his E1 and any team strategy that emphasizes widespread shielding.

Strategic Tips

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Positioning Aventurine in Your Team

Aventurine is most effective when positioned in the second or third slot in your team lineup.

This positioning maximizes his potential to gain energy from hits received by multiple teammates, as his shields are robust enough to prevent significant damage.

By strategically placing Aventurine where he can optimize his shielding effect (considering enemy attack patterns that target multiple characters), you ensure that your team remains protected while also benefiting from any energy-gaining mechanics tied to taking hits.

Skill Rotation

  • Shield Prioritization: Always prioritize using Aventurine’s shielding ability at the start of combat or when it expires to maintain high defense levels for your team.
  • Debuff Application: Use his ultimate strategically to debuff enemies before your team unleashes high-damage attacks, maximizing the impact of these hits.
  • Energy Management: Manage Aventurine’s energy carefully to ensure that his abilities are available when most needed, especially his shield and ultimate.

Adapting to Different Scenarios

Adapt your strategy based on enemy types.

For instance, increase effect resistance when facing enemies with strong debuff abilities, ensuring Aventurine can continue to perform his role.

In longer battles, focus more on sustaining your team with consistent shields and debuffs, while in shorter skirmishes, prioritize immediate damage output and quick debuffing.