Early Gearing Guide for Honkai: Star Rail Newbies

Early Gearing Guide for Honkai: Star Rail Newbies
Last updated:
October 19, 2023

Navigating the world of Honkai: Star Rail can be a tad overwhelming, especially when trying to figure out your gear and relics.

But fear not!

This article simplifies the gearing process for newbies, ensuring that you get the most from the game.

If you want a comprehensive guide on relic farming, check out our detailed post on that topic.

Early Gearing Guide for Honkai: Star Rail Newbies

Prioritizing Your Relics

Why Main Stats Matter More than Sets

Break Effect Rope Honkai Star Rail

In many games, gear sets can drastically affect a character's performance. While this holds true for Honkai: Star Rail, an interesting twist is that in the early game, it's more beneficial to prioritize the Main stat over sets.

For instance, a Relic piece's Main stat, marked in yellow, can offer up to a whopping 43.2% ATK. Even though you might start with lower-rarity relics, the Main stat's consistent growth rate makes it an attractive choice.

In contrast, the substats, highlighted in white, are randomly generated, making them a gamble.

For every 3-level upgrade, it's a roll of the dice – both in terms of the stat you get and its value.

Deciphering Set Bonuses

Band of Sizzling Thunder Attributes Honkai Star Rail

Using the "Band of Sizzling Thunder" set as an example:

  • Equip 2 Relics: Increase Lightning DMG by 10%.
  • Equip 4 Relics: After using the Skill, increase ATK by 20% for 1 turn.

Now, if we put things in perspective, a +9 upgraded 3 star Relic alone can provide 17.2% ATK from its Main stat. Thus, in the early game, the Main stat clearly offers more immediate value.

Gear Rating and Usage Tips

As you journey through the game, here's a handy roadmap for gear:

  1. Initially, prioritize Relics with the desired Main stat.
  2. Once you're set with the Main stats, start hunting for Relics that also belong to your preferred set. Aim for 2-piece bonuses before moving to 4-piece sets.
  3. Eventually, you'll look for Relics that, apart from the Main stat and set, also have the desired substats.
Bailu Initial Build Honkai Star Rail

But that's not all! Rarity plays a pivotal role. Higher rarity equals better stats. But, there's a catch - upgrading costs increase. So, here's a quick breakdown:

  • 2 star Relics: Equip but skip the upgrades.
  • 3 star Relics: Upgrade to +6.
  • 4 star Relics: Upgrade to +6 or +9.
  • 5 star Relics: Upgrade to +9. Going beyond? Only if the substats are top-tier.

Gear Farming Tips

When to Start Farming

Considering the pivotal role of rarity, it's best to hold off on farming Relics until your Equilibrium Level is high enough for you.

Cavern of Corrosion Summary Honkai Star Rail

At first, the Cavern of Corrosion will mostly yield 3 star Relics with a sprinkle of 4 star ones. Aim to unlock Difficulty 3, which gives a shot at 5 star Relics. By Difficulty 4, 5 star Relics drop with 100% certainty.

However, the game does throw you some good early relics! Main Story rewards, treasure chests, and leveling rewards generously dish out 3 star and 4 star Relics.

So, the take-home message:

  • Below TL 40: Focus on farming Ascension/Traces materials and Character/Light Cone EXP.
  • Post TL 40: Start farming CoC and SU for the Gold rarity pieces.

Character Gear Preferences

Lastly, gearing isn't a one-size-fits-all.

Each character has distinct preferences.

Seele Build Honkai Star Rail

Classical DPS: Mainly need ATK % and Elemental DMG %. In the early game, focus on ATK% and Elemental DMG %.

Healer/Buffers: Prioritize HP and Speed. While HP boosts Healers, it also enhances Buffers' survivability.

Shielders: DEF and Speed are the key. Shielders' prowess is tied to their DEF.

  • Examples: March 7th, Fire MC, Gepard

With this guide in hand, you're well-equipped to navigate the intricate maze of Honkai: Star Rail gearing.

Start farming!