Maximize Your 300 Gacha Pulls: Top 5-Star Picks Guide

Maximize Your 300 Gacha Pulls: Top 5-Star Picks Guide
Last updated:
March 18, 2024

This guide is here to help you make the most of your 300 standard banner pulls, a milestone that everyone looks forward to.

The decision of which 5-star unit to invest in can significantly impact your gameplay, so let's dive into who are the most valuable picks.

Which Limited Character Should You Get at 300 Pulls?

Understanding the Basics

in game warp rate details in honkai star rail

The Pity System

The pity system is a safety net, ensuring that everyone has a fair chance of obtaining 5-star characters, regardless of their luck.

Here’s how it typically works:

  • Guaranteed Pulls: After 80 pulls without securing a 5-star character or light cone, the game guarantees one on the next attempt.
  • Counter Reset: Once a 5-star character is obtained, the pity counter resets. This is crucial for planning when to continue pulling on a banner and when to save resources for future ones.

Maximizing Free Pulls

Free pulls are a valuable resource in gacha games like Honkai Star Rail.

Rather than dispersing your free pulls across various banners, concentrate them where they count.

Identifying banners that contribute towards your next guaranteed 5-star can significantly impact your game progress.

Understanding when to stop pulling on specific banners can save you resources.

If you secure a 5-star early in the beginner warp, it's wise to redirect your efforts towards the main banner to start accumulating pity for another 5-star character.

Planning Your Pulls

Strategic pull planning involves a few key considerations:

  • Early Wins: Securing a 5-star character early in the game can provide a significant boost. By stopping pulls after such a win, you can save resources for banners that offer higher value or complement your team composition.
  • Event and Shop Pulls: Take full advantage of free pulls from the game's shop and events. These are opportunities to advance to your next 5-star without dipping into your resources.

Prioritizing Characters: Who to Choose?

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Choosing the right 5-star character from your 300 standard pulls is more than just selecting the strongest option available; it's about understanding your team's needs, synergy, and the overall meta of the game.

We'll help you make an informed decision that aligns with your strategic goals and enhances your gameplay experience.

in game bronya headshot in honkai star rail


Bronya isn't just a strong character; she's a game-changer support unit.

Her value lies in her versatility and the significant impact she has on overall team DPS.

Bronya’s ability to grant additional turns, boosting damage and cleansing debuffs gives your main carry a huge advantage.

Unlike characters who may fall out as the game evolves, Bronya's unique skill set will always be relevant, providing long-term value to your team.

in game welt headshot in honkai star rail


Welt's specialization in applying imprisonment debuffs makes him a niche choice for specific team comps that benefit from debuffed enemies.

Welt pairs exceptionally well with characters like Dr. Ratio, amplifying their abilities and making them even more effective in battle.

in game gepard headshot in honkai star rail


While Gepard's shielding abilities are impressive, his role is more situational due to other top-tier sustain units.

The game offers several ways to sustain your team without relying on Gepard, making him a less priority addition unless your strategy specifically requires his unique shielding mechanics.

Secondary Choices: Niche Picks for Your Roster

in game yanqing headshot in honkai star rail


Yangqing might not be the first name that comes to mind for a 5-star pick, and that's for a good reason.

He's been outclassed by almost all other 5-star DPS units in the game and by a few 4-star ones.

in game himeko headshot in honkai star rail


Himeko has been pretty underwhelming for a while, but new game modes like Pure Fiction have made her a top-tier choice in AOE scenarios.

in game clara headshot in honkai star rail


Clara may not be a super top-tier character, but her counterattack mechanics offer a unique approach to dealing with enemies.

She works well as a sub-DPS and on team compositions that rely on follow-up attacks.

in game bailu headshot in honkai star rail


Bailu's proficiency in healing once made her the best healer for many teams.

However, with the arrival of free characters like Lynx and other top-tier healers and sustain units who offer similar benefits, Bailu's value has decreased.

Making the Decision

team setup with gepard welt himeko and yanqing in honkai star rail

Assessing Your Team’s Current State

Start by checking your roster's strengths and weaknesses

Identify any gaps where your team lacks versatility.

How well do your characters work together? Look for potential synergies that could be enhanced by the addition of a specific 5-star character.

Consider the types of challenges or content you aim to tackle. Does your current roster equip you for success in these areas?

Understanding Character Potentials

Deep dive into the potential impact of each character you're considering.

Some characters might shine in the late game or require specific setups to unlock their full potential.

A character that is highly effective now may not maintain that status, so consider how shifts in the meta could affect your choice.

Optimize community resources like forums, guides, and tier lists.

These can provide valuable insights into a character's performance in various aspects of the game.

The Decision Process

Making the final decision involves balancing analytical reasoning with your intuition and personal preferences.

It’s not just about choosing the strongest character but selecting one that will enhance your overall gameplay experience and satisfaction.

  • Personal Connection: Sometimes, the best choice is a character you’re genuinely excited about or feel a strong connection to, even if they’re not the top meta pick.
  • Risk vs. Reward: Weigh the potential risks and rewards. While it’s important to make an informed choice, taking calculated risks on characters that you believe will add value to your roster can be rewarding.

Personal Note: I picked Bronya on my account.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the character you choose should reflect your personal gameplay strategy and the composition of your team.

While guidance and recommendations can help, assessing your roster and play style is crucial in making the most of your 300 standard pulls.

Remember, the right character can improve your HSR gaming experience.