Serenitea Pot: Your Ultimate Guide to Free Resources

Serenitea Pot: Your Ultimate Guide to Free Resources
Last updated:
March 1, 2024

Unlock the full potential of your Serenitea Pot in Genshin Impact with our detailed guide.

From securing free resin and Primogems to maximizing your EXP and Mora, we cover everything you need to enhance your gameplay.

Dive into the mechanics of the Serenitea Pot and learn how to efficiently gather resources and level up your characters.

Your Ultimate Guide to Serenitea Pot: Free Genshin Impact Resources

Unlocking the Serenitea Pot

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The Serenitea Pot, often overlooked, is a powerful tool for acquiring extra resources.

To unlock it, you must reach Adventure Rank 35 and complete the Archon Quest in Liyue (Chapter 1, Act 3).

Afterward, a visit to Madame Ping in Liyue and completing the quest "A Teapot to Call Home" will grant you this magical item, opening doors to your personal realm.

Exploring the Realms

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The Floating Abode: An Adeptal Realm

This realm consists of a series of floating islands, reminiscent of the celestial homes of the Adepti.

Its unique vertical layout offers creative decorating possibilities.

Use the vertical space to place as many adornments as possible.

This can help maximize your Adeptal Energy without overcrowding the more navigable areas of the realm.

Emerald Peak: The Mountainous Vista

Echoing the rugged landscapes of Liyue, Emerald Peak features mountainous terrains and serene water bodies.

Its natural beauty is perfect if you appreciate a more organic and immersive environment.

Focus on integrating your furnishings with the natural landscape.

This realm is ideal for showcasing larger items and outdoor sets, which can blend seamlessly with the mountains and water, enhancing both aesthetics and Adeptal Energy.

The Cool Isle: A Summer Getaway

Inspired by the archipelagos around Mondstadt, the Cool Isle features sandy beaches and clear waters.

It's a perfect summer retreat within the game.

This realm is excellent for placing outdoor furniture, especially those that complement its beachy theme.

Using items that require less load but still contribute significantly to Adeptal Energy allows for an efficient and visually pleasing setup.

Silken Courtyard: Inazuma-Themed Area

Accessible through progression in Inazuma, this realm mirrors the aesthetic and atmosphere of the region, offering a unique cultural theme distinct from the other three realms.

As this area is themed, it presents a unique opportunity to create a cohesive and culturally rich environment.

Focus on Inazuma-inspired furnishings and sets to maximize both the thematic consistency and Adeptal Energy.

Sublime Spicewood: The Sumeru Realm

Drawing inspiration from Sumeru's dense rainforests, this realm mirrors the vibrant ecosystem of Vanarana and other areas explored during the Aranyaka world quest.

To make the most out of Sublime Spicewood, focus on incorporating furnishings and features that enhance its natural, verdant theme.

Use plant-based decorations and water features to reflect the biodiversity of Sumeru's rainforest.

Swirling Isles: The Fontaine Realm

The Swirling Isles realm is designed after the Fontaine Underwater Area, capturing the essence of the tranquil and beautiful underwater scenery of Fontaine.

This realm offers a unique backdrop, unlike anything seen in Genshin Impact so far.

Decorating the Swirling Isles calls for an imaginative approach that leverages the unique underwater aesthetic.

Select furnishings and decorations that mimic the ocean's tranquility and beauty.

Switching Between Realms

You can switch between realms at will, allowing for a dynamic and customizable experience.

Each realm exists independently, meaning furnishings and layouts do not transfer.

This feature enables to experiment with different themes and strategies without losing progress in any given realm.

Maximizing Adeptal Energy

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Understanding Adeptal Energy

Adeptal Energy is accumulated through placing furnishings within your Serenitea Pot's realms.

The energy level determines the speed at which you generate Realm Currency.

Levels range from Bare-Bones to Fit for a King, with higher tiers yielding more currency per hour.

Strategies for Boosting Adeptal Energy

Craft and Place High-Energy Furnishings

Some furnishings contribute more Adeptal Energy than others.

Prioritize crafting and placing items that offer high energy levels, such as four-star or higher furnishings.

This approach ensures a rapid increase in your Adeptal Energy.

Use Sets for Bonus Energy

Furniture sets, when completed and placed together, not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your realm but also provide bonus Adeptal Energy.

Check the handbook for set combinations and strive to complete these sets for an energy boost.

Balance Between Outdoor and Indoor Decorations

Both indoor and outdoor spaces contribute to your total Adeptal Energy.

Ensure you're maximizing the placement of furnishings in both areas.

Outdoor spaces often allow for larger items, which can significantly boost your energy levels.

Optimize Furnishing Placement

Placement efficiency is key.

You can place smaller items on tables or shelves, effectively using the space to boost energy without reaching the load limit.

This method allows for the addition of more furnishings, further increasing your Adeptal Energy.

Regularly Craft New Furnishings

New furnishings not only contribute to your Trust Rank with Tubby but also add to your Adeptal Energy.

Keep an eye out for new blueprints and materials to continuously expand your collection and energy levels.

Manage Realm Layouts for Energy Efficiency

With the introduction of new realms like Sublime Spicewood and Swirling Isles, managing your layout becomes crucial.

Each realm operates independently in terms of decoration but shares the highest Adeptal Energy level across all realms.

Strategically plan each realm to maximize your overall energy.

Upgrade Your Trust Rank

Higher Trust Ranks unlock more furnishings and decoration options.

Each new furnishing placed for the first time contributes to your Trust Rank, which in turn, can increase your Adeptal Energy potential by unlocking more efficient furnishings and sets.

Crafting and Trust Rank

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Understanding Trust Rank

Trust Rank is essentially a measure of your relationship with Tubby, the teapot spirit, and an indicator of your progress within the Serenitea Pot.

Increasing your Trust Rank unlocks additional features, blueprints, and increases the cap on Adeptal Energy, boosting your Realm Currency generation rate.

Increasing Trust Rank

Craft New Furnishings: Each new furnishing crafted for the first time contributes to your Trust Rank. It's essential to continuously craft new items to steadily increase your rank.

Complete Furnishing Sets: Certain achievements related to completing and placing complete sets of furnishings in your realm also contribute to increasing your Trust Rank.

Interact with Tubby: Regular interactions and transactions with Tubby can sometimes yield small increases in Trust Rank, highlighting the importance of daily engagement with your Serenitea Pot.

Crafting Furnishings

Crafting in the Serenitea Pot involves using blueprints, which can be obtained through quests, exploration, or purchasing from Tubby.

Materials needed for crafting can range from common to rare, sourced from various locations across Teyvat.

Efficient Crafting Strategies

Blueprint Acquisition

Keep an eye out for new blueprints during your adventures.

Events, quests, and even specific vendors outside the Serenitea Pot can provide unique blueprints that expand your crafting options.

Material Management

Efficiently gather and manage your crafting materials.

Wood, fabric, dye, and other resources are essential for crafting a wide range of furnishings.

Regularly harvesting resources and organizing them can streamline your crafting process.

Prioritize High-Impact Furnishings

Some furnishings contribute more significantly to Adeptal Energy and Trust Rank.

Prioritize these items to maximize the benefits of your crafting efforts.

Use Crafting Boosts

Items like the Vial of Adeptal Speed can boost the crafting process, allowing you to quickly craft furnishings and boost your Trust Rank.

These are especially useful for high-value items that take longer to craft.

Efficient Resource Gathering

Establish a routine for gathering materials needed for crafting, focusing on efficient routes in Teyvat to collect wood, ores, and other essentials.

Participate in events and complete quests that offer materials or blueprints as rewards, supplementing your resource pool without spending Realm Currency.

The Realm Depot: What to Buy and Avoid

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Essential Purchases

Transient Resin: A top priority for anyone, Transient Resin instantly replenishes 60 Original Resin. Given its utility in farming artifacts, talent materials, and more, it's a must-buy. However, remember it has an expiration date, so plan your usage accordingly.

Hero's Wit and Mystic Enhancement Ore: These items are fundamental for leveling up characters and weapons. Purchasing these can save a lot of time and effort that would otherwise be spent on farming.

Blueprints for Unique Furnishings: Unique blueprints not found elsewhere can be a good investment, especially if they contribute significantly to Adeptal Energy or complete specific aesthetic themes within your Serenitea Pot.

Vials of Adeptal Speed: These items speed up the crafting process for furnishings, making them invaluable if you're looking to quickly increase their Trust Rank or Adeptal Energy.

Items Worth Considering

Materials for Crafting: Occasionally, the Realm Depot might offer materials that are either hard to find or require a significant amount of time to gather. Purchasing these can be a good investment if they're needed for high-priority furnishings or decorations.

Special Furnishings: Some furnishings available in the Realm Depot can offer unique visual enhancements to your Serenitea Pot without requiring crafting. These can be worthwhile if you're aiming to beautify your realm quickly.

What to Avoid

Wanderer's Advice: This character experience material offers minimal EXP compared to Hero's Wit and is not cost-effective. Your Realm Currency is better spent on more efficient experience materials.

Common Ascension Materials: While tempting, common ascension materials that can be easily farmed in the world might not be the best use of Realm Currency. It's generally more resource-efficient to farm these materials outside the Serenitea Pot.

Excess Furnishing: Buying furnishings just because they're available can lead to unnecessary expenditure of Realm Currency, especially if these items don't align with your current goals or aesthetic themes.

Further Opportunities

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Gardening for Character Ascension Materials

Once you've advanced your Serenitea Pot's capabilities, focus on unlocking the gardening feature.

This allows for the cultivation of various plants, including those needed for character ascension materials.

Choose plants based on your current or future character ascension needs, ensuring a steady supply of essential materials.

Maintain a routine of planting and harvesting to maximize your yield, keeping your stockpile of ascension materials replenished.

Crafting Special Furniture Sets for Rewards

Collect blueprints for special furniture sets through exploration, quests, and events.

These sets not only beautify your realm but also offer rewards upon completion.

Assembling complete furniture sets can unlock Primogems, Mora, and other valuable rewards, contributing to your overall progression in the game.

Increasing Character Friendship Levels

Placing characters in your Serenitea Pot can increase their Friendship Levels over time, unlocking character stories and special voice lines.

Rotate characters in your Serenitea Pot to evenly distribute friendship experience, focusing on those whose stories and bonuses you wish to unlock first.

Adding Pets to Your Serenitea Pot

Pets can be obtained through various means, including events and specific achievements.

Placing pets in your Serenitea Pot adds life and vibrancy to your realm.

Some pets offer interactive elements, providing a more immersive experience in your Serenitea Pot.

Experiment with different pet placements to find amusing and delightful interactions.

Final Thoughts

The Serenitea Pot is more than just an in-game housing system; it's a crucial resource for enhancing your Genshin Impact journey.

By following these strategies, you can maximize your gains, ensuring a wealth of resources for character development and progression.

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks to navigate the vast world of Teyvat successfully.