Reroll Guide and Starters Tier List in Octopath CotC

Reroll Guide and Starters Tier List in Octopath CotC
Last updated:
February 27, 2024

Welcome to this comprehensive guide and reroll tier list for Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent.

We're going to dive into the analysis of the best 5-star starter units to reroll for in the game.

The analysis will focus on each character's viability and their usefulness down the line as future content and characters get added to the game.

This guide also highlights some great lower-rarity units that you can pair with these high-tier characters to maximize their effectiveness.

Note: If you're in SEA, the game is finally available since Dec 7th 2023. Please enjoy it at your own pace!

Reroll Guide and the 8 Starters Tier List

Fiore: The Reliable Attacker

Fiore Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent

Fiore is an exceptional physical attacker. With a high physical attack stat and two passives boosting her physical strength, Fiore can dish out heavy damage, especially at the start of fights. Her sword skills are top-tier, offering 3x shield shaving, 2x AOE, and nuke capabilities.

However, she lacks good dark attacking options, and her best skills are locked behind her fifth star. Despite these shortcomings, Fiore's reliability as a sword attacker makes her a high-tier character, even in the long run.

Pairing Fiore with Sigrid, one of the best 4-star warriors, can help boost Fiore's already impressive damage due to Sigrid's passive that gives all enemies a 15% sword defense down debuff at the start of every fight (for 3 turns).

Gilderoy: The Reliable Tank

Gilderoy Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent

Gilderoy shines as a reliable tank. His high HP and defenses, coupled with his taunt skill, enable him to absorb a lot of damage. He has a unique AOE taunt skill that also increases his physical and magic defense, which you can pair with his counter buff to automatically counter attack any physical hits.

Although Gilderoy's offensive capabilities are limited, he can paralyze enemies and recover HP, making him a great asset, especially in early-game fights.

Pairing Gilderoy with Meena or Mabel, who can cast defensive buffs, can turn him into a formidable tank that can withstand any enemy attacks.

Viola: The Utility Thief

Viola Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent

Viola stands out as one of the strongest utility units.

With her Anti-Attack II and Debilitate II skills, she can debuff enemies and keep them weakened for entire fights. Viola's lightning-fast speed stat also allows her to debuff and break enemies before they can even act.

However, as a 4.5-star character, she lacks some powerful skills. Even so, Viola's debuffing capabilities make her a valuable addition to any team.

Theo: The Regen Healer

Theo Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent

Theo's main asset is his party-wide regen skill. This allows Theo to cast the skill once and then spend the subsequent turns on other tasks instead of healing.

Theo also has a powerful single target lightning nuke and a 2-hit AOE axe attack, making him a solid choice for a regen healer.

Scarecrow: The AOE Powerhouse

Scarecrow Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent

Scarecrow has a significant improvement in skills after reaching 5 stars, unlocking a massive 4-hit AOE bow attack and 4-hit wind random target. His two passives also boost his damage output, making him a strong attacking unit.

However, Scarecrow's most potent abilities are locked behind his 5-star version and are unlocked late for a new account.

Therefore, it's better to prioritize other 5-stars and settle for decent lower-rarity hunters.

Millard: The Support Healer

Millard Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent

Millard is the epitome of a support unit. With an array of healing and buffing abilities, Millard can keep your team in good shape.

His main asset is his strong full party heals, which get a 20% boost from his passive. However, Millard lacks multi-hit attacks and a regen skill, making him less versatile compared to other healers.

Sofia: The Ice Expert

Sofia Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent

Sofia has a variety of ice options, with her main offensive options being her ice defense down debuff skills and a 3x ST Ice attack.

These skills can stack, allowing her to debuff for 30% ice defense down all by herself. Sofia is a strong character in the ice element and can slot into powerful ice compositions later on (looking at you, Largo).

Lynette: The Superb Buffer

Lynette Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent

Lynette has two extremely strong buffs that boost your entire team's damage for several turns.

Her high speed stat allows her to act before most of your other allies, applying her buffs right as your other characters come in swinging.

Lynette is a very useful unit, even at 4.5 stars, due to the potency of her buffs and has one of the best ultimates in the game.

Reroll Starters Priority Tier List

  1. Top Tier: Viola and Lynette - These units offer high utility and will remain relevant throughout the game's lifespan.
  2. Second Tier: Sofia and Fiore - These characters serve different roles but are equally useful in their own ways (sword and ice comps).
  3. Third Tier: Scarecrow - His powerful abilities are locked behind his 5-star version.
  4. Bottom Tier: Theo, Millard and Gilderoy - Millard lacks a regen skill, Gilderoy's defensive prowess will eventually fall off as your roster becomes stronger, and Theo regen falls short to other apothecaries like Alfyn or Soleil.

Best Units to Reroll For in Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent

OCTO Banner Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent

The Original Octopath Characters

Those of you familiar with the original Octopath Traveler game will recognize the first eight characters we recommend. These characters are not only iconic but are also extremely valuable in the game.

Tressa is a highly versatile unit, known for taunt actions and evasion skills. Her signature move, Donate BP, allows her to transfer her BP to another unit, while her ultimate attack, Call for Help, hits four different weaknesses of a single enemy. This makes her an excellent choice for buffing allies, tanking damage and evading enemy attacks. Still, she is not a great choice for rerolling.

Primrose shares Tressa's versatility, with an impressive range of dark and buffing abilities at her disposal. She can hit four times with her fan, boost physical attack of the front row, debuff the enemies' physical and elemental defense, and her ultimate ability regenerates BP for the front row for two turns.

Alfyn is the BP regeneration god of speed clears. His ability to grant BP to the front row, cast a powerful regen ability, attack four times with his axe and four times with ice, and his ultimate ability, which gets stronger the lower his HP is, makes him an essential part of any team.

Cyrus, with his unrivaled focus on elemental attacks, he is a powerhouse in battle. He can attack with fire, lightning, and ice, with a multi-hitting and a nuke move for each element. His ultimate combines all these elements into three powerful attacks on all enemies.

Therion is an exceptional thief character, standing out due to his versatility and unique skillset. He's only rivalled by A2. Therion can deal impressive damage using skills like Triple Bite, and can also debuff enemies' physical attack. His 3★ Passive, Divine Feat, allows to activate a skill twice with max boost, making him a must have in almost any team.

Olberic is a formidable character known for his potent physical attacks and robust defense. With a range of abilities like Thousand Spear and Unbending Blade, Olberic can deal significant damage to both sword and polearm enemy weaknesses. His Defend skill boost his defenses, reducing damage taken and making him an effective damage sponge for the whole team.

Ophilia is a versatile support character equipped with a mix of healing abilities, defensive skills, and potent light-based attacks. Ophilia's Veil of Atonement offers unique defense against magic attacks, and her Preservation ability can revive allies. The Blessing of Life passive further amplifies her role as a savior by providing her a one-time self-revival. Her ultimate, Aelfric's Affection, can restore HP for all allies and revive ateammate, making it a potential game-changer in

H'aanit is a powerful and balanced bow damage dealer. Crippling Shot, her best ability, guarantee critical hits, leading to massive damage output when timed correctly. She has been powercrept by units like Z'aanta, so I wouldn't advice to reroll for her.

PATH Banner Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent

My reroll tier list for these 8 characters would be:

  1. Cyrus
  2. Therion
  3. Alfyn
  4. Ophilia
  5. Olberic
  6. Primrose
  7. Tressa
  8. H'aanit

Best General Pool Units

Lars is recognized as one of the best sword units. He is known for his powerful sword multi-hits and BP recovery. His ultimate has priority, enabling him to act before all other units and enemies, which is ideal for breaking foes. He also inflicts Physical defense down with that move.

W'ludai wields both Spear and Dark type attacks, which can be beneficial when facing foes with different vulnerabilities. Her ultimate, Hydra Pierce, is a high damage multi-hit spear attack which can be devastating in the right situations. Her other signature move is Javelin Rush, which gives from the turn after using this skill, 1-hit AoE Spear once for 2 turns.

Z'aanta is a versatile character known for his powerful bow attacks, high crit stat and his 5 random target With the Tide bow nuke. It has been the best hunter in the game for a long time, but the new addition, Herminia, will outclass him.

Z'aanta Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent

Hasumi stands out in the gen pool because of her ability to raise the physical and elemental defense of the full front row, a skill that is quite rare. Her other skills include hitting three times with a light attack and healing the full front row.

Chloe's unique skill, Charming Allure, allows her to boost the defense of the front row after attacking two times on all enemies. With her powerful bow attack that also heals the front row, she is a versatile hunter that can serve as an effective alternative to Cardona.

Cardona is a spear unit that stands out because of her ability to act first, heal, and provoke enemies. She can also recover BP, inflict ice damage, and increase a unit's speed when positioned behind them.

Soleil is a valuable healer in any team who can also boost the elemental attack of a unit. She can hit three times with a light attack and an axe attack. Her ultimate ability hits four times on a single enemy with light and increases the light damage of the whole front row, making her a solid addition to any light team.

Soleil Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent

Stead's skill set makes her a formidable dark nuker in battle. She can heal the front row and grant them regen for two turns, counter when attacked, and inflict bleeding with her staff attack. Her signature move, Dusk Fall IV, is a powerful dark nuke that becomes even more potent when the enemy is inflicted with bleeding.

Primrose EX's is one of the newest addition to the gen pool. This unit rivals Lynette in buffing capabilities and Rinyuu (one of the top tier limited units) in healing capabilities. She's definitely the best unit to reroll for when added to the general pool banner.

H'aanit EX is the other new gen pool addition. She's a top tier dancer unit that can debuff PAtk, PDef, EAtk, EDef, Crit and Spd all by herself through her skills and ultimate. She can also dodge enemy attacks thanks to her passive, making her and Primrose EX the 2 best gen pool units so far.

Memory Travelers and Sacred Blaze

These are the most overpowered units we currently have in the game.

Rerolling when one of those units gets released is an excellent way to get yourself a great start.

So far, the top tier units in these banners include Richard, Rinyuu, Krauser, Rondo, Eltrix, Bargello, Sonia, Solon, Nephti, Tithi, Leon, and Odette, but we'll eventually get more powerful unites like Elrica and Alaune EX.

Richard Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent

Closing Thoughts

Remember, every unit has its strengths and weaknesses, and the best units for you will depend on your specific playstyle and strategy.

Whether you're just starting out or looking to optimize your team, this guide should give you a clear idea of which units to aim for.