Comprehensive Guide to Eltrix in Octopath Traveler CotC

Comprehensive Guide to Eltrix in Octopath Traveler CotC
Last updated:
January 18, 2024

Welcome to our complete guide on Eltrix, the Grandport ruler from Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent.

In this article, we'll go deep into Eltrix's strengths, weaknesses, and her best abilities and synergies.

Let's jump right in!

Comprehensive Guide to Eltrix, the Ruler of Grandport

Eltrix Character Description Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent

Basic Information

  • Role: Attacker (Tier 2), Tank/Support (Tier 2)
  • Job: Warrior
  • Influence: Wealth
  • Weakness: Sword, Axe, Dark
  • Rarity: 5 stars
  • How to Obtain: Limited (Memory Travelers Banner)
  • Story: Memoirs

Battle Abilities and Special Moves

Eltrix Passive Skill Details Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent

Eltrix has a mix of offensive, supportive and tank abilities in her arsenal.

Some of them are:

  • Take Command: Provokes enemies while boosting allies' physical attack for 2-5 turns
  • Summon Wappa: 4-hit random axe attack, always breaks shields
  • Summon Gakko: 1-hit AOE sword attack that restores 2 BP at full HP
  • Dispelling Shadow Reaver: AOE Dark damage that also imparts EAtk down by 15%
  • Darkmoon: Her best nuke, a 1-hit sword attack that also hits Dark weakness. At full HP, potency goes up by 20%
  • Summon Ivri (Passive): When max boosting any skill (3 BP), gains HP barrier (75% of her max HP)
  • Prestige of the Stormy Seas (Passive): Buffs 15% EAtk and PAtk + 20% SP reduction to the entire front row when she is in front row and at full HP
  • Grandport's Fury (Ultimate): 2-hit axe (always shaves shields) and 3-hit sword attack

Recommended Abilities

For end-game content, the recommended kit would be:

  1. Summon Wappa (54 SP reduced to 43): A 4-hit shield-shaving ability is great for most situations
  2. Take Command (18 SP): A key ability to make Eltrix a tank and buff physical attackers
  3. Darkmoon (43 SP, at lvl 100 potency up to 260): Her nuke ability, key for dealing huge amounts of damage to enemies weak to sword or dark
  4. Summon Gakko (42 SP): Key ability to max boost every 2 turns in order to keep her HP barrier up

If you don't have Eltrix's A2, you could drop either Darkmoon if you're using her as a tank/support unit or Summon Wappa if you have enough shield shaving.

Eltrix's Strengths

  • Eltrix shines when her HP is full, offering attack buffs, shield reduction, and SP consumption reduction. However, she needs to be in front row to maximize her passive buffs, unlike Richard.
  • Always gets an HP barrier when max boosting, so you can taunt all enemies and get a barrier to keep her at full HP even after getting hit. Her skill Summon Gakko is amazing for keeping her max boosting every 2 turns, maximizing barrier uptime.
  • Like Rondo, her nukes also hit an elemental weakness, in this case, Dark. The damage calculation is based on sword physical attacks, so dark or EAtk buffs won't boost her damage.
  • Axe and sword damaging ultimate, can shave up to 5 shields and deals a decent amount of damage.

Eltrix's Weaknesses

Eltrix Nuke Skills Details Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent
  • Eltrix's performance dips when his HP is not full, and you'll need to plan carefully to maintain her HP at max. Her low speed could be an issue because if she acts after the enemy hits her, she'll need burst healing to maximize her potential.
  • Low firepower for a warrior, current units already powercreep her and will be more powercrept by future warrior units.
  • Not the best tank in Global for neglecting damage, as we already have EX Fiore. However, she still sees some use in tanking while buffing allies.

Synergies with Other Characters

Eltrix pairs well with most attackers due to her buffs and tankiness, especially physical DPS.

She also pairs well with dark-focused units like Primrose, Stead or Auguste.

Best Equipment for Eltrix

As a hybrid tank/support/attacker, there are several options for equipping Eltrix.

For Orsterra content, you can equip her with a Sword of Fortune focused on PAtk to be a DPS in Arena fights and Tower challenges. You can also focus on an HP/DEF/Speed Sword of Fortune for a more tanky build.

For Hell content, you can equip him with a Stalwart Hellblade to raise her 1-hit damage cap. If you're not using her as a DPS, stick with Fortune Weapons for a more supportive build.

Awakening Stone Priority

Eltrix A4 Accessory Grandport Lord's Crest Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent

If you're pulling for her awakening stones, A3 is the most beneficial for the extra 1000 HP to improve her HP Barrier.

Eltrix's A4 accessory complements her kit by providing an HP barrier at battle start and boosting her PAtk by 10% at max HP. It also gives a flat 60 PAtk and 800 HP.

U10 is the least important awakening for her, so don't bother upgrading it.

Should you Pull for Eltrix?

Eltrix Step Up Banner Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent

Eltrix is a mid sword attacker who is a nice addition to any sword and dark-focused team.

When used as a supportive tank, she becomes a decent unit that could fit most team compositions.

Eltrix is an MT character, which means you can still pull her when the banner reappears once per month, but keep in mind her pity is 4500 rubies now and will be 6000 rubies in later banners.

Better Memory Traveler and sword units are coming, but if you're lacking a tank (EX Fiore, Gilderoy,...) she could still be useful in your roster.

Rating: 9.4/10