A Complete Guide to Nephti, The Nameless Town Architect

A Complete Guide to Nephti, The Nameless Town Architect
Last updated:
February 27, 2024

A new addition has come to Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent global: Nephti, the Nameless Town architect.

With the global buffs, Nephti has become a top-tier unit, especially known for her Cheer On points mechanic and versatility.

This guide will go deep into her strengths, skills, equipment choices, and optimal units to pair with.

Let's dive in!

A Complete Guide to Nephti: Should You Pull for Her?

Nephti Character Description Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent

Basic Information

  • Roles: Attacker (Tier 1), Support (Tier 1), Healer (Tier 2)
  • Job/Class: Apothecary
  • Weakness: Axe, Staff, Tome
  • Rarity: 5 stars
  • Influence: Fame
  • How to Obtain: Limited (Memory Travelers Banner)
  • Story: Memoirs

Nephti's Strength: Cheer On Points

Nephti Ultimate Cheerful Construction Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent

Cheer On points is Nephti's cornerstone mechanic. Her whole kit revolves around it:

How To Get Them: She grants herself 1 Cheer On point at the end of every turn via her passive Frontier Axe (while filling her ultimate gauge by 50%). When Nephti uses her ultimate, she grants herself an extra 2 Cheer On points.

Passive Front Row Effects: Depending on how many Cheer On points she has accumulated, Nephti will passively boost the front row. With 3+ stacks she grants automatic HP recovery, with 5+ stacks automatic SP recovery, and with 7+ stacks the ability to trigger critical hits with elemental attacks (which is the first unit capable to do so in global version)

Best Skills

Nephti Axe AOE Skill Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent

Architect’s Insight: Her only debuff skill, lowers axe, staff and tome resistance by 15% of a single enemy.

HP Nuts: Heals and grants automatic HP recovery. With 2+ Cheer On points she cures some status ailments, and with 8+ points also grants immunity to them. This ability is great for bosses that can paralyze your units.

Issue Instructions: Her best buffing ability. At 5+ Cheer On points it raises PAtk, EAtk, and Crit by 30% (reaching the cap by herself) AND raises damage dealt by 15%.

Cheerful Bash: Axe skill that can become a 6-hit AOE axe/staff/tome shield shaver at 5+ Cheer On points. (Damage calculation always based on her physical axe attack)

Cheerful Tampting: Axe skill that can become a 7-hit single target axe/staff/tome shield shaver at 6+ Cheer On points.

Cheerful Scrapping: Her nuke skill. At 8+ Cheer On points it will be a triple-cast axe/staff/tome nuke that also inflicts 20% PDef down. It's the first unit in global that can cast the same ability three times, making it a game-changer.

Cheerful Construction: Her ultimate ability. At 9+ Cheer On points it buffs all allies PAtk, EAtk and Crit by 15%. This ultimate can be used up to 10 times, so if you pair her with another ult buffer like Lynette or Primrose EX, you can keep a 30% ultimate buff indefinitely (and even easier if you have Hasumi's or Prim Ex's A4 accessory).

Nephti's Weaknesses

Low Physical Attack: If you're bringing her as a DPS, you'll notice her PAtk stat is quite low (355) compared to other DPS units. For instance, Krauser's PAtk stat is 444.

Low Elemental Attack: Despite not having elemental attacks, her HP recovery abilities and passives scale with her EAtk. Bringing her as the only healer/regen unit won't be enough for harder fights.

Characters Who Shine Alongside Nephti

Previously known for supporting PAtk and axe-focused teams, she now can buff any team with her 30% buff to PAtk, EAtk, and Crit skill that also boosts damage dealt by 15% (with 5+ Cheer On points).

Apart from being a universal buffer, her passive can stack with Tatloch's and Rinyuu's. If you manage to have the 3 of them in the same team, you will continuously recover HP and drastically reduce your SP consumption for the whole battle.

Best Equipment for Nephti

Nephti can work as an axe/staff/tome DPS.

If you want her as a DPS, you should focus on a PAtk Fortune Weapon for Orsterra content.

For Hell content, you should focus on an axe that maximizes damage against hellfiends and increases her damage cap.

Awakening Stone Priority

Solon A4 Accessory Apprentice Architect's Toolbox Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent

Nephti's low PAtk stat means that her A1 gains significant value to improve her DPS capabilities.

Her A4 accessory, Apprentice Architect's Toolbox, has also been buffed and now grants guaranteed crits and automatic SP recovery. It also boosts PAtk by 70 and SP by 70. It's a nice stat stick and definitely worth getting for the Dead Aim passive.

However, her U10 upgrade doesn't add much value compared to her other awakening upgrades. At U9 you already have 10 ultimate uses and you'll be recharging your ult every 2 turns thanks to her passive. At U10 you'll be able to use her ultimate on turn 1 instead of turn 2.

For the most efficient upgrade strategy, you should prioritize: A1 → A4 → U10

Should you Pull for Nephti?

Nephti Step Up Banner Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent

Nephti is a valuable addition to most team compositions thanks to her buffed skills and passives.

She shares pity (4.5k rubies) with Solon, a top-tier buffer that doubles an ally's skill potency by 100% via his ultimate.

Both units are hard to skip, and if you have a decent ruby stash, you should aim for both while we wait for Elrica/Alaune EX.

Rating: 9.8/10