Maximizing Tatloch's Potential: A Comprehensive Guide

Maximizing Tatloch's Potential: A Comprehensive Guide
Last updated:
February 22, 2024

Tatloch is finally here!

The empress of Gro'ha is the new addition to Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent, and she is renowned for her ability to progressively strengthen allies through attacks.

This guide will go deep into Tatloch's strengths, weaknesses, compatible characters, and strategies to leverage her unique abilities and passives.

Let's dive in!

Maximizing Tatloch's Potential in Octopath CotC: A Comprehensive Guide

Basic Information

Tatloch Character Description Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent
  • Roles: Attacker (Tier 2), Support (Tier 1)
  • Job/Class: Dancer
  • Weakness: Sword, Spear, Axe, Fan, Wind
  • Rarity: 5 stars
  • Influence: Power
  • How to Obtain: Limited (Champions of Memories Banner)
  • Story: Memoirs

Tatloch's Combat Capabilities

While Tatloch's attacks are not her standout feature, her ability to target multiple weaknesses and shave a considerable number of shields with sword, spear, axe, fan and wind attacks makes her versatile.

She has a 5-hit random target Fan skill and a 4-hit AOE Wind skill, plus a few other 3-hit skills that can inflict enchant (same effect as paralyze).

However, the real game-changer lies in her passive skills.

Tatloch’s ability to sustain in prolonged battles, such as Elite battles, makes her a valuable asset. With 3 Life Points, she provides substantial survivability to the team.

Strategic Use of Tatloch's Passive

Tatloch Ultimate Skill The Lady of Grace's Delight Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent

Tatloch’s passive skill Lifesnatcher accrues Life Points each time she uses a skill (plus absorbing 5% damage dealt as HP), with her ultimate granting three points (plus doing an 8-hit random target fan attack and inflicting poising with every hit).

Based on her Life Points, she gains different front row passive effects thanks to her second passive Empress's Elation. These effects are stackable, so with 9+ Life Points she grants all of them:

  • 3+ Life Points: Raises PDef and MDef by 15%
  • 6+ Life Points: Raises PAtk and EAtk by 15%
  • 9+ Life Points: Grants HP/SP recovery

After reaching 6 Life Points (one ultimate rotation), Tatloch’s role in combat diminishes, allowing her to move to the back row.

Tactics and Team Positioning

Tatloch Enchanting Skill Captivating Step Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent

Team Positioning: Keeping Tatloch in the front row initially is essential for activating her passive as quickly as possible.

Role in Team: Best used in wind or fan-based teams, where her speed can contribute to breaking enemy defenses. Before using her ultimate in turn four, focus on either targeting enemy weaknesses or enchanting them.

Weaknesses of Tatloch

Understanding Tatloch's limitations is crucial for effective usage:

  • Dependence on Slow Battles: Passive skills are most effective in long battles engagements, less so in speedclear scenarios.
  • Life Points Reset: If incapacitated, Tatloch loses all accumulated Life Points, requiring to build them up again from scratch.
  • High SP Consumption: Managing her SP is essential due to high consumption relative to her maximum SP.

Best Equipment for Tatloch

Tatloch is a great fan DPS and an amazing support character.

You can build her by focusing either on a Fortune Weapon focused on HP for increased survivability or SP for better SP management.

If you want her as a fan DPS, you could use a PAtk-focused Fortune weapon for Orsterra content or even a fan that maximizes damage against hellfiends for Hell content. If you're aiming for this, Abyssal weapon series are the best for her.

Awakening Stone Priority

She is completely viable at A0 U9, but A3 with its +1000 HP is amazing for her survivability if you're going to pull hard for her.

Tatloch A4 Accessory Empress's Necklace Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent

Her A4 accessory, Empress's Necklace, provides a low chance to inflict 10% PDef/MDef down to all enemies for one turn at the start of each turn. At battle start, it lowers Fan and Wind Resistance by 15% for 3 turns. It also boosts PAtk by 50, EAtk by 50 and Speed by 40. While good, it's not a game changer.

Her ultimate is perfectly fine at U9. It's a great shield shaver but you shouldn't need another 3 Life Points from a second ultimate, so upgrading it to U10 won't make a huge impact in battle.

For the most efficient upgrade strategy, you should prioritize: A3 → A4 → U10

Should you Pull for Tatloch?

Tatloch Step UP Banner Champions of Memories Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent

Tatloch's unique blend of supportive and offensive skills makes her a valuable addition to any team.

She's much stronger than the previous 3 villains Auguste, Herminia and Tytos, but better support units are coming in a few months to Global version.

With Bargello on the horizon and a 200 pity, skipping her is a reasonable choice if you're hoarding rubies for the OP unit frenzy we'll be getting soon.

However, if you want Maa'fa as a keeper, you'll need to have Tatloch in your roster (unless you get the paid version).

Rating: 9.7/10