A Comprehensive Guide to the Fortune Board Game and Fortune Weapons

A Comprehensive Guide to the Fortune Board Game and Fortune Weapons
Last updated:
February 27, 2024

With the 1st anniversary, we've seen the arrival of the Fortune Board Game in Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent (CotC), a much anticipated addition by players.

Often compared to a Mario Party-like setup, this mini-game involves battling enemies for amazing rewards.

One such prize is the Fortune Weapon, considered one of the game's top-tier items.

How does the Fortune Gameboard and Fortune Weapons Work?

Understanding the Fortune Gameboard

The Fortune Gameboard is a special in-game mode that needs tickets to play.

Fortune Board Game Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent

While you can play without a ticket, doing so drastically reduces the rewards you receive.

The game offers various ways to earn these tickets, such as daily login rewards and through the exchange. The more tickets you use, the greater the rewards, with a maximum of eight tickets per playthrough.

The game has numerous board levels, each corresponding to a different difficulty level.

It's advisable to play the highest level you can consistently conquer to maximize your rewards. If you're an end-game player, save your tickets for Champion boards.

Types of Boards

Board Types Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent

There are several types of boards in the game, but the best ones to farm are:

  1. Ebony Dragon Board: Ideal for farming medals, and it's already available in the Global version. It's also quite challenging, so keep in mind you won't probably defeat +10 just now.
  2. Wealth Board: The best to farm Wealth medals.
  3. Power Board: The best to farm Power medals.
  4. Fame Board: The best to farm Fame medals.

Each board has a unique set of weapons as rewards, including the sought-after Fortune Weapon.

The difficulty of the board can be increased for more challenging enemies and greater rewards. This multiplier does not affect enemy level, but enemies increase their stats and can one-shot your characters if you don't deal with them quickly.

They shouldn't be a problem for players in end-game though.

Gameplay Mechanics

The game is simple: you roll a dice and move around the board based on the number you roll. Each turn, you accumulate boost points similar to a regular battle. These can be spent to gain extra dice, allowing you to roll up to four dice in one go.

Board's Gameplay Mechanics Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent

The goal of the game is to collect as many medals as possible before reaching the finish line. These medals are exchanged for Fortune Weapons and other rewards. A higher medal count means more powerful weapons, so gather as many as you can!

However, note that you have a limited number of dice rolls. If you roll all your dice and haven't made it to the finish line, your rewards will be significantly less.

Squares on the Board

The board is made with different squares, each with varying effects. Some squares grant you medals, while others might make you lose medals or even move backward or forward on the board.

There are also squares that can either harm or heal your team, change the game's difficulty, and initiate battles with enemies.

Reaching the 'checkpoint squares' is important. If you don't reach a checkpoint, you lose all your medals.

However, if you reach a checkpoint, you retain all the medals collected up to that point, even if you lose later.

Understanding Fortune Weapons

The Fortune Weapon is a powerful weapon that you can acquire as a reward from the Fortune Board Game.

Fortune Weapon Exchange Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent

It remains the best weapon for Orsterra content, even in the Japanese version of the game, demonstrating its lasting value.

Since the introduction of BoA Chapter 4, we can enhance them to Fortune Weapon II. The required polishstones to upgrade them can be found in the medal exchange. You need 72 Dice Polishstones of each medal type to enhance one Fortune Weapon of each type to II, so you'll need to spend 36,000 Power, Wealth and Fame medals respectively to get all of them.

You can only exchange for a Fortune Weapon if you've reached the "Bestower of All" storyline.

The medals you collect are not universal and are split into three categories: Wealth, Power, and Fame. The type of board you play determines the kind of medals you get. For example, if you play the Power Board, you will mainly receive Power Medals.

Soul Types in Detail

Fortune Weapons are customized using different types of Souls than Soul Weapons.

Each Fortune weapon can be customized with a Rainbow Dice Soul (or lower), 2 Gold Dice Souls (or lower) and one Rainbow Star Soul.

Dagger Fortune Weapon Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent

These dice souls can modify the weapon's base stats and are categorized by three influences: Wealth, Power, and Fame. Here's more about each type:

  1. Wealth Souls: When applied to a weapon, Wealth Souls grant an increase in certain stats, such as attack or speed, but also impose a negative attribute, typically to HP or defense. The negative attributes from Wealth Souls are generally considered less detrimental than those from Power Souls, making Wealth Souls more desirable for many players.
  2. Power Souls: Power Souls function similarly to Wealth Souls, providing a boost to certain stats while inflicting a negative attribute. However, the negative attributes from Power Souls often affect critical stats like speed or SP, which can be more harmful to a character's performance in battle.
  3. Fame Souls: Fame Souls are unique in that they do not impose a negative attribute. However, to balance this advantage, the stats they provide are typically half of what Wealth and Power Souls grant. This makes Fame Souls less appealing for many players, with the exception of SP-focused builds where Fame Souls provide the highest bonus.

The Dice Souls can be categorized into Rainbow Souls and Gold Souls:

Rainbow Souls

These are high-rarity Souls that grant substantial stat boosts, up to 300 of a single stat (either EAtk or PAtk).

However, there's only 1 slot for them in a Fortune Weapon. Rainbow Souls are particularly valuable for specialized builds focusing on maximized physical attack or elemental attack stats.

So, where do we get these Rainbow Souls?

The gameboard exchange.

They cost 3000 medals each (beware that Power, Wealth and Fame rainbow souls have different stats)

Gold Souls

Gold Souls are versatile and can grant up to 150 stats to most attributes.

They don't offer as high a stat boost as Rainbow Souls, but their ability to enhance two stats in each Fortune weapon makes them useful for more balanced builds.

So, where do we get these Gold Souls?

The gameboard exchange.

There's a box that costs 1000 medals, and gives a random Dice Gold Soul (beware that Power, Wealth and Fame gold souls have different stats)

Remember, the specific Souls you choose to use will depend on your overall strategy, the characters you're building, and the opponents you're facing.

It's worth spending time to understand the trade-offs of each type of Soul and how they can best serve your team.

Here's a showcase of Tikilen, Odette and Yan Long potential with the new Fortune Weapons:


While the Fortune Board Game is an entertaining addition to the Octopath Traveler: CotC, the thrill may wane as players grind for Fortune Weapons.

However, the weapon's power makes the grind worthwhile for those aiming for stronger characters.

Remember, your choices in this game mode can greatly affect your overall rewards. So, choose wisely, and may the dice roll in your favor!