Reviewing the Best NIKKE Units: A Tier List Breakdown

Reviewing the Best NIKKE Units: A Tier List Breakdown
Last updated:
March 12, 2024

The world of NIKKE is vast and complex, and with the game celebrating its first anniversary in late 2023, there's a lot to unpack in terms of unit tier lists, with several sites creating their own (Prydwen, Loot & Waifus,,...)

This comprehensive breakdown looks into the must-have and best units you should be focusing on.

Remember, opinions on units can vary, and community feedback is always welcome to improve these breakdowns.

Unveiling the Best NIKKE Goddess of Victory Units: An In-Depth Tier List Breakdown

Must-Have and Best Units Overview

Celebrating the first anniversary of NIKKE, it's time to dive into the updated tier list of must-have and top-tier units.

Whether you're just starting or looking to optimize your squad, this guide breaks down the essentials for each burst category.

Alongside the 'must-haves', we've provided alternatives to broaden your strategic choices.

Units are classified into Burst 1, 2, and 3 categories, each with its standout characters.

Must-Have Burst 1 Units

liter in game wallpaper on NIKKE

Burst 1 units are crucial in Nikke, often providing essential support, healing, or damage boosts.

Here's a deeper dive into the must-have Burst 1 units as of the first anniversary.

D: Killer Wife

Role: Support unit.

Strengths: Cooldown reduction (CDR) and damage boosting skills, plus extra piercing for snipers.

Usage: Top-tier unit in almost any team comp due to her universal buffing kit.


Role: Primarily a support unit.

Strengths: Offers significant cooldown reduction (CDR), enhancing the team's ability to use skills more frequently.

Usage: Ideal in almost any team composition, especially those relying on skill usage.


Role: Damage dealer and support hybrid.

Strengths: High damage output combined with team buffs.

Usage: Versatile for various team builds, excelling in both PvE and PvP scenarios.

Summer Mary (Bay Goddess Mary)

Role: Healer and support.

Strengths: Excellent healing capabilities, essential for sustaining teams in prolonged battles.

Usage: A go-to healer for challenging content where sustain is key.


Role: Healer.

Strengths: Strong healing power, with some utility aspects.

Drawbacks: Slightly overshadowed by Summer Mary but still a top pick for a healer.

Usage: Fits well in teams needing reliable healing.

Pepper & Volume

Role: Situational support/damage dealers.

Strengths: Shine in specific team setups, offering unique buffs and damage.

Usage: Best used in teams suitable to their specific strengths and synergies.

Great Burst 2 Units

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Burst 2 units offer a mix of support and damage, essential for balanced teams.

Red Hood (Burst I-III)

Role: Support/Damage Dealer

Strengths: Adapts to various battle scenarios seamlessly and excels in inflicting high damage, particularly against bosses with multiple parts. Proves to be an exceptional asset in campaign progression and Pilgrim Tower challenges.

Usage: Red Hood is a must-have unit, delivering outstanding performance in various game aspects. Ideal for Free-to-Play Players, even a single copy of her can significantly boost a F2P player's lineup.


Role: Support/Damage dealer.

Strengths: Provides team buffs and considerable damage.

Synergy: Especially powerful when paired with Noir.

Usage: A staple in many team compositions for her versatile skill set.

Dolla & Centi

Role: Core units for specific strategies.

Strengths: Bring unique abilities that can define a team's playstyle.

Usage: Best used in teams built around their specific strengths.


Role: Damage dealer with synergy-focused abilities.

Strengths: Excels in teams with specific unit combinations.

Usage: Her full potential is unleashed in well-synergized teams.


Role: Part of the Liberation characters, offering unique utility.

Strengths: Stands out for her versatility and utility in various situations.

Usage: A solid choice for players looking for a unit that can adapt to different team setups.

Novel & Quency

Role: Specialized support/damage dealers.

Strengths: Offer unique benefits that can be crucial in certain strategies.

Usage: Ideal for players looking to explore specific team dynamics.

Burst 3 Game Changers

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Burst 3 units are often the pillars of high-performing teams.

They typically offer powerful abilities that can drastically alter the course of a battle.


Role: Primary damage dealer.

Strengths: Exceptional damage output, capable of shredding through enemy defenses.

Usage: A must-have for any team focused on raw damage output.

Synergy: Works best with units that can support or amplify her damage.


Role: Support/Damage dealer.

Strengths: Provides critical buffs to the team while dealing considerable damage.

Synergy: Exceptionally powerful when paired with Blanc.

Usage: A core unit in teams that emphasize synergy and combo plays.


Role: Specialized support.

Strengths: Offers unique buffs and healing, essential for certain team strategies.

Usage: Best used in teams that need her specific support capabilities.

Noteworthy Mentions: A2, Modernia, and Privaty are also highly recommended for their unique abilities and contributions to team dynamics.

Conclusion and Community Feedback

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This tier list provides a solid foundation for players looking to enhance their gameplay in NIKKE.

However, it's important to remember that the game's meta is dynamic, and player experiences may vary. Community feedback and ongoing testing are crucial for maintaining the relevance of this tier list.

As always, remember that no list is absolute. Experimentation and personal playstyle greatly influence the effectiveness of these units.

The game's first anniversary brings new opportunities to explore these characters and their synergies, so dive in and discover the combinations that work best for you!